Boca Winds Homes Sold 2017: $270K to $620K

Over 70 homes sold in Boca Winds during 2017. Prices ranged from $270,000 in Ashley Park to $619,900 for a large 5-bedroom in Carlyle Estates. The average home sold for $410,000 and took five weeks to sell.

Boca Winds has several subdivisions of single family homes including Ashley Park, Baybury, Carlyle Estates, Hampton Park, Heritage Square, Monterey Bay, Regency Place, Waters Edge Enclave (aka Baywinds), Waters Edge Estates, and Waterways.

Ashley Park

Fourteen homes sold in the largest subdivision with prices from $270,000 for a bank-owned 1800 square foot 3-bedroom on Blue Fin Trail to $420,000 for the same size house with a fourth bedroom on Swordfish Drive. Two smaller homes, just under 1400 square feet, in Ashley Park were the only other homes in Boca Winds selling for under $300,000. The average price for Ashley Park was $340,000. Some 2400 square foot models tended to sell for over $350,000. Most homes sold in a month or less, but a few homes lingered on the market driving the average up close to two months.

Six homes sold on Aqua Court and Baywind Court with prices from $385,000 for a 2000 square foot 3 bedroom to $449,000 for a 2200 square foot 4-bedroom.
Carlyle Estates

Carlyle Estates had the highest average price for 2017 at $529,280 and the biggest transaction with a 4000 square foot 5-bedroom on Siesta Key Drive selling for $619,900 in just 3 days. That works out to just over $150 per square foot. The other sales in Carlyle Estates, all on Vista Lago Drive, were over $180 per square foot. All between 2400 and 2800 square feet, the 4-bedrooms sold from $480,000 to $509,000 while the 5-bedroom went for $543,000.
Hampton Park

Nine homes sold in Hampton Park, all in less than three months. Only one house sold for under $400,000, an 1800 square foot 3-bedroom on Flower Drive for $335K. The other transactions went from $400,000 for a 4-bedroom with under 2200 square feet on Collington Drive up to $490,000 for a 2900 square foot 5-bedroom on Cranbrook Road.
Heritage Square

All but two of the nine Heritage Square homes sold in less than a month. Four homes at 2000 square feet or less sold for under $400,000 with prices from $352K to $381K. Four larger 4-bedroom homes over 2200 square feet went from $413K to $475K.

12141 Quilting Lane sold twice, with the lowest price at $330,000 in April (bankruptcy sale), and then for the highest price at $475,000 in September. From the photos there was not a lot of work done so it looks like a very successful flip for a flipper who lives in Loggers’ Run. This just shows how profitable house flipping can be for those who do it well – and with companies like We buy houses Indianapolis, it’s easier than ever to make a quick sale on a house!
Monterey Bay

Ten homes sold in Monterey Bay all built between 1994 and 1996. Four models on Philmont Court at 1800 square feet and smaller sold between $315K and $383K. Six 2200 square foot 4-bedrooms sold from $406K to $435K mostly on Altona Drive.
The average price for Monterey Bay was $395,000. A 1600 square foot 3-bedroom that sold for $315K brought the average down below $400K. All of the homes sold in less than three months, most in less than five weeks.
Regency Place

Regency Place homes sold fast and cheap. Six of them sold in 2017 with five selling in 15 days or less. Five of the houses were 3-bedrooms under 2000 square feet and all of them sold for $370,000 or less, including a 1600 square footer for $300K. One somewhat larger home, a 4-bedroom with 2100 square feet, sold for $410,000.
Waters Edge Enclave

Three homes sold on Saint Simon Drive. The smallest at 2300 square feet sold for $425,000 after three months on the market. The largest at 3300 square feet sold in just over one month for $480,000. Both of those have four bedrooms. A 5-bedroom with 2800 square feet sold for $498,000 in three weeks.
Waters Edge Estates
All three homes that sold in Waters Edge Estates were $500K and up. 12680 Little Palm Lane was the bottom at $500K even, with 4 bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths in 3250 square feet. It sat on the market for over six months. The highest price was 22459 Tiki Drive at $546,000 for the same model. 12601 Little Palm Lane sold for $512K with 5 bedrooms in 2800 square feet.
Both Waters Edge Estates and Enclave are among the newest homes in Boca Winds, mostly built in 1998 and 1999.

Last but really not least, nine homes sold in Waterways for an average of $447K, all of them $400K or higher. Two 3-bedrooms around 2150 square feet sold for $400K even. Two 5-bedrooms with 2900 square feet broke the $500K threshold selling at $510K and $523K.