Review: Four Seasons in Lakeside Centre

Maybe it’s a bad idea to review a lesser restaurant after going to a great one the night before.
Sunday four of us went to the new Four Seasons in Lakeside Centre, on the south side of Glades Road just west of Boca Rio and the Turnpike. The menu focuses on a prix fixe three course meal for about $25. There’s an early bird option at $22 if you order before 6 pm and pay cash. We arrived at 6 and the place was more than half-full with an older crowd.
It feels small inside but not crowded overall. When you walk in the front door you’re practically on top of the first table. It also seemed a bit noisy due to the acoustics.
For the first course we had the split pea soup (not pictured) and the Caesar Salad.
For entrees the author had a seafood linguine dish with white sauce (oil and garlic). It was a lot of food.
One companion had the Chicken Parmesan.
Another had the Tilapia.
For desserts we had chocolate cake and cheesecake.
The food mostly photographed well. It’s a pretty good deal considering the amount of food you get for the price. However it’s not for foodies or anyone who just ate at a place that costs twice as much.

Four Seasons Restaurant Opens Today in Lakeside Centre

We just happened to be in Lakeside Centre yesterday and were told that the new Four Seasons restaurant will open today. I had a nice chat with the chef (Ahmed if my spelling is accurate) who used to work at The Breakers in Palm Beach, as well as at a restaurant off Powerline some years ago.
The best plaza entrance is across from the International Jewelery Exchange.
The plaza is on the southwest corner of Glades and Boca Rio:

It’s the same plaza that has the new Casa Tequila Mexican restaurant, Off-Broadway Shoes, a gym, a Honey Baked Ham, and more. It’s right next door to the newly opened Creative Heart Dance Studio.
Ahmed described a “continental” menu with French, Italian and other dishes, and maybe an Egyptian night once a month. If I understood correctly, entrees will be priced in the mid to high teens with a 3-course prix-fixe menu around $25. Lunch will also be available soon with pricing near $10.

Chef Ahmed, standing, with friend sitting
Chef Ahmed, standing, with friend sitting

It’s neither small nor huge inside, with roughly 60 seats.
We look forward to giving it a try sometime in the next few weeks. In the meantime we wish them the best.

New Dance Studio – Creative Heart

We’re pleased to see that a friend of West Boca News is opening a new business in West Boca. Gina Nespoli is starting up the Creative Heart Dance Studio. It will be in Lakeside Centre, the plaza on the southwest corner of Glades and Boca Rio. As you can see from the picture above it will be next to Shape Shop, a store with shoes and clothes for dance, ballet and fitness. You can also see the location on the map below.

We met Ms. Nespoli at Bravo Academy on Powerline. She is a warm and wonderful teacher. We’ve seen her work with children and she’s exceptional.

Gina Nespoli
Gina Nespoli

As we understand it, she is already working with students at other locations. The new studio will open on August 25th. Below are a couple of images from the brochure:
The web address listed on the cover is not up and running at this writing.