Loggers' Run Teacher Arrested: Grand Theft

Loggers’ Run Middle School teacher Sheena Studstill was arrested Saturday by Palm Beach Gardens police and charged with Grand Theft. Booked late at night, she was released Sunday just before noon.
We attempted to contact the school and the school district but were unable to reach anyone who could comment. The principal and vice-principals were in a meeting, and the person answering the phone at the school district communications office did not seem to understand the English language, nor how to operate their phone system.
Ms. Studstill, whose reported address is in Riviera Beach, has had quite a few cases in Palm Beach County. Court records show felony drug court from back in 2003, a 2004 domestic battery charge that was dropped, criminal traffic charges from 2009 and 2012, and several other traffic cases. All of the criminal charges against her in the past were dropped by prosecutors.
The 2003 and 2004 incidents led to state discipline in 2007 (yes, they move that slow) regarding her teacher’s license, including a letter of reprimand and 2 years probation. It is our understanding that she teaches Civics, Social Studies and/or History, and she is not in school today.
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New Sushi Thai in Loggers' Run Plaza: Nikuya

We previously reported that Marcus Kosher Chinese closed. Thanks to a neighbor, we learned that a new place is opening in the same spot. They’re selling it as a Sushi Thai Bistro, named Nikuya.
We got a quick look at the interior:
We also got a quick look at the menu. They’re doing a soft opening and it’s not the final menu. One of our favorites is the Tom Kha Khai chicken-coconut-milk soup, and that’s only four bucks. The Thai entrees look reasonable ranging from $12-16. On the other hand the sushi seems expensive with simple sushi and sashimi appetizers at $15.
We have a hunch there will be lower cost options on a lunch menu or specials, but that will have to wait for the full opening sometime next month.

Professional Journalism, Dead Bodies and West Boca News

Every once in a while we write an article that touches a nerve and we get angry criticism. Recently it was over the dead body found in Logger’s Run.
One of the criticisms that irritates the most is the accusation that it’s unprofessional to show the body or anything close to it. Of course we’re not professional journalists. We’re still learning and we will make mistakes. This wasn’t a mistake.
Two recent incidents show how major “professional” media handle similar situations. They don’t hesitate to show dead bodies.
The New York Times, which is often perceived as the elite of all news media, showed the video of Kevin Ward being killed by Tony Stewart’s car.

The video shows the collision and Ward’s body laying on the track afterward. We’ve seen this video countless times now on all major media including the network news, ESPN and more.
The other prominent incident was in Ferguson, Missouri. Various media showed the body of Michael Brown laying in the street after he was shot, such as Reason Magazine. The local Fox News affiliate there showed the body covered with a sheet, but with blood clearly visible.

Update: In late 2014 the Associated Press ran the below image of a dead body floating after the Asian Airlines crash:

The Robin Williams suicide was also covered in great depth, with major media (including the LA Times) reporting how he did it. There have been other suicides over the past several months that we were notified of but did not report. We chose to report the one in Logger’s Run because it closed a road. The public had a right to know what caused the road closure.
While we disagree with the complaints, we did take the criticism seriously. The discussion led us to research the issue and in particular we carefully read guidelines for reporting on suicide from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.
We will continue to use our own judgment in deciding what stories to report and what pictures and/or video to use. If we think there’s a concern, we will include a warning. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. We certainly welcome polite and constructive criticism. But stop telling us it’s unprofessional. If it tells the story more effectively, we will use it. That’s what professional news media do.

Body Found in Loggers' Run

Warning: The content of this story and some of the photos may be disturbing.

We reported earlier today that Ponderosa Drive was closed around 11 am today with Sheriff’s Deputies and Fire Rescue on scene. You can see that in the photo above. It was blocked from Woodchuck on the north side roughly to Chipmunk. The good news is that the road is now open. We were there as deputies cleared it around 3:40 pm.
The bad news is that it appears there was a suicide. This is the second body found in West Boca in the past couple months – a body was found in Sandalfoot in June.
The area deputies were focusing on was in the hedge between Ponderosa and the cul-de-sac of New Village Place. You can see it on the map below, and in the photo above – there are utility boxes and one of them is just to the right of the beige car.

Here’s a view of the boxes from New Village Place:
Detectives were on the scene but due to policy in the Sheriff’s office, and probably for good reason, they wouldn’t tell us anything.
We spoke with a neighbor who reports it was a suicide with a gunshot to the head. The gun was in the lap of the deceased.
If you are suffering from depression or suicidual thoughts, then know that you have places to turn to. There are a number of hotlines that can be found online for those who need someone to talk to. Please find the courage to speak to friends, family and whoever else about how you are feeling. If you know somebody who is struggling, regularly check in on them and offer support. Do they need to speak to a trained professional? Perhaps they need to try CBD oil to try and alleviate the symptoms of depression? Please be aware of those around you.

Warning – The photo below may be particularly upsetting for some readers.

We weren’t able to get very close. From a distance it appeared to be a male, perhaps in his 20s, wearing dark shorts, sandals, and no shirt. However, in looking at our best photo, it does look like he was wearing a shirt with a color somewhat close to skin tone.

Sheriffs and Fire Rescue on Ponderosa – Loggers Run

Several readers report activity on Ponderosa in Loggers Run, with both Sheriff’s deputies and Fire Rescue on scene.

6 cop cars, fire truck, police taped off area behind my house on Ponderosa in West Boca. Any ideas what happened? … Ponderosa between Little Bear & Woodchuck traffic closed down. Police still here.
A body found, think suicide in country landings 1.
My dog & I were sitting in backyard & I heard pop thought it was a car back firing. My dog freaked out & wanted to go inside. A few minutes later cops there.

Another reader wrote:

Police activity and ambulance again Loggers Run in West Boca It’s on Pondorosa Drive in front of Schimmer. Cars are being rerouted anyone knows what happened?

A third reader sent us this:

Not sure what is going on, but Sheriff and Fire Rescue have a portion of Ponderosa Drive shut down. It is just south of Country Landings 1.

Country Landing I is a little north of Palmetto Park Road:

We will update our story if and when we learn more.