Olympic Heights' Matt Klotz Arrested – Bomb Threat?

matthewklotzThe Palm Beach Sheriff’s blotter shows that Matthew Klotz was booked early this morning, after being arrested by Boca Raton PD. Court records indicate the arrest happened the night before. He’s accused under the Florida statute regarding: “False reports concerning planting a bomb, explosive, or weapon of mass destruction in, or committing arson against, state-owned property.” The blotter entry itself says “Threat to Bomb.”

Update: Our legal analysis of the case.

Klotz, 22, played football when he was at Olympic Heights High School, and he has studied at Palm Beach State. His reported address is off New England Boulevard near Lyons Road and north of the Southwinds golf course.
Court records show he’s had a few traffic tickets and a few minor criminal cases from 2010 (marijuana and trespassing) and 2013 (marijuana), but nothing more serious before this.
The city police blotter has not been updated in a few days and we do not have the probable cause affidavit yet, so we can’t provide more details at this time. We hope to update soon, and of course we hope for Mr. Klotz and his family that the case turns out to be nothing.

Arrests: Olympic Heights Teen Flees

All defendants are innocent at this stage of the process.

We have several incidents to report his week. We broke them up into two stories. This is the first. For the second please see: A Questionable Assault.
Perhaps the most notable is Nick Lieske (left, 19), arrested Monday by Boca PD for “Felony Fleeing and Eluding.” As the officer described it, he saw a red motorcycle with no plate. When he attempted to pull it over the rider made a few U-turns to avoid him. On the third U-turn the bike went down and Lieske, an Olympic Heights graduate, was apprehended. He was also charged with a few traffic tickets. Lieske’s reported address is in Saddlebrook, just east of 441 and south of Boca Gardens.

Valeria Urbina
Valeria Urbina

On the right in the top set of mugshots is Stephen D’Angelo (47), accused of marijuana possession on Monday evening. He had a prior marijuana arrest in 2010. We’ve met Mr. D’Angelo and like him. We’ve said many times in the past that the drug war is a failure and a waste of time. This is a great example.
Kenneth Plevy (above left, 60) was arrested Wednesday for DUI. A business consultant, his reported address is in the Polo Club development northeast of Jog and Clint Moore.
Above center is Emmanuel Padilla (27), accused of DUI on and booked Tuesday morning. He has had a couple felony cases in the court system from incidents in 2008 and 2010 involving grand theft and burglary. Back then he allegedly burglarized one of the high-end homes (8 beds, 11.5 baths, 18,000 square feet on 6 ½ acres) in the Boca Grande development behind Target. At least he went big. He wasn’t caught for that one until later when his DNA (from a subsequent arrest) matched blood found at the scene. Padilla’s reported address is in the Sandalfoot trailers.
Darren Melendez (above right, 22) was arrested last night in Lake Worth. Allegedly he was speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, and nearly caused a crash before being stopped by a deputy. While being placed in custody for DUI, the deputy allegedly found cocaine and a Xanax on him. Melendez is reported to live off Dixie near Yamato.
We have more cases to report but we’ll cover them in a separate story.

Olympic Heights Spring Fling: May 30th

Olympic Heights High School is having a “Spring Fling” event next Friday from 6-10 pm.

Update: See comment at bottom for more details.

We’re not completely sure we understand how the event works, but here’s a video about it from a guy named Nate Horowitz. We haven’t figured out his connection to OH, but maybe he’s a dad.

The event came to our attention when we were in Somerset Shoppes and saw a flyer in a store window.
If anyone at OH wants to give us more details, we’ll be happy to update this article.

Olympic Heights Fights Cancer: Student Article

This article was submitted by Olympic Heights student Jeff Ruben. Thanks Jeff! We added some pictures.

Jeff Ruben (from Facebook)
Jeff Ruben (from Facebook)
Hey, Olympic Heights recently (last week) hosted St. Baldricks… raised over 30K! Here is an article I wrote, let me know if you’d like to post it…
Olympic Heights High School students are supporting childhood cancer research in a much more unique way than donating money – they are shaving their heads.
On Thursday, Olympic Heights hosted their tenth annual St Baldricks shave-a-thon event. To participate in the head-shaving extravaganza, students were asked to raise a minimum of 100 dollars for the St. Baldricks Foundation. Commendably, many students raised above and beyond, as the amount raised totaled over $33,000.
For those not familiar, the St. Baldrick’s foundation is a volunteer-driven charity committed to funding the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancers and give survivors long, healthy lives.
This year, Olympic Heights had over 200 student volunteers.
“This is an overall great thing,” said senior Ian Wagner. “Raising money to cure childhood cancer is an extremely important cause and seeing high school students raise this much money is an outstanding thing.”
In the past ten years, Olympic Heights have raised over $500,000 in total. What’s truly remarkable about that number is the fact that each event has been entirely student run under the guidance of few faculty.
Gianna Damian (Facebook)
Gianna Damian (Facebook)
“As a high school student, it’s such a great feeling to be able to make a difference like this. When you walk into the gymnasium and see a sea of green shirts, wigs, headbands and shoes, you get really excited for what was accomplished,” said junior Gianna Damian. “It’s important to spread the word.”
At the event, 60 students shaved their heads, including 12 female students.
Senior Elizabeth Siegal is a four year veteran of the head-shaving process. When asked why she shaves her head, Siegal responded “it’s really important for girls to shave their hair. It makes such an impact in these kids’ lives and it makes them feel like they don’t have to go through it alone. They have someone who knows what it feels like to not have any hair on their heads.”
Elizabeth Siegel (Facebook)
Elizabeth Siegel (Facebook)

“36 children are diagnosed with cancer every day. That is 36 families every day in turmoil and grief,” stated Lauren Benedeky, a stage IV neuroblastoma survivor and St. Baldrick’s national ambassador.
It is truly spectacular the amount of money that has been raised for this fantastic cause. This proves that at no matter what age, people can make a difference. As Elizabeth Siegal acutely expressed, “It’s only hair. It will grow back.”
See more at: Olympic Heights St. Baldrick.