Olympic Heights Autism Fundraiser at Packy's

Packy’s Bar & Grill will host a fundraiser for the autism unit at Olympic Heights High School. The event takes place on Tuesday, October 21st from 5-8 pm. Packy’s will donate 20% of the event’s proceeds to the unit’s “community-based instruction budget.”
In addition:

The teachers [Sharon Dix-Stark and Kelly Brown] started a non-profit business, Pawsability, to teach the kids job skills and to raise money for the classes. They hope that Pawsability will become big enough to give students paying jobs. They are looking for a store or stores that would be generous enough to put their dog treats in their stores. They can only get so far by word of mouth & flyers.

For more details on the October 21st fundraiser, please click on the image below:
We encourage area businesses and individuals to help this effort.

Olympic Heights or Olympic Heat?

It’s getting hot at Olympic Heights High School. We’ve been getting complaints from a few students and parents about the air conditioning failing repeatedly.

Yes it’s every building we are sweating and people are calling home because of heat exhaustion my name is Alexia Rodgers I am in grade 12 this problem had been going on for the past year and I’m ready to take a stand on this issue. The school doesn’t act on it. It’s about 89 in the buildings.
Yes please quote me and I have others named Gabby Dowzall and Ally Berstein whose phone switched to the temperature sign and died because of the extreme heat. It is very hard for us because we have to stay in dress code and we can’t take our sweaters off because of our tank tops.

A parent contacted us as well:

My daughter called me from Olympic Heights saying the AC is out … I guess its a good thing she has senior privileged, but the others are sweating … She has called me many times saying the AC is out. … My daughter had classes in the 6000, 8000, 1000 buildings and ALL rooms were HOT.

We tried to call the school and were unable to get through. We then called and e-mailed the school district’s media office. So far we have not had any response.
This follows on previous complaints about school buses being very late and leaving kids out in the heat at the bus pickup line.

Spanish River Football Wins

Thanks to a reader tip we’ve learned that the Spanish River High School football team, the Sharks, won their first game this year. Our reader tells us this is their first win since 2011, and sent us this photo, below:
The Sharks defeated Pope John Paul II High School by the score of 32-13. We were also able to track down a celebration video:

The Sharks’ next game is against West Boca rival Olympic Heights with new coach Berger.
You can see more photos from the game (400 of them) on their Facebook photo album for the game.
We do not have any statistics from the game yet, but will add them below if they come in.

Senior Shooter: Aggravated Assault Near Town Center

Friday night got heated in the Estada townhomes near Town Center mall. Irving Feingold was arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon. Multiple sources have provided details on the incident.
It all started, according to 18-year-old Eric King, with an incident on nearby roads where Feingold allegedly cut King off. Feingold then followed to King’s home – both live in Estada – and a confrontation ensued. During that confrontation Feingold drew a low-caliber pistol from its holster. Sources differ on whether he pointed the gun at King or merely unholstered it, but that doesn’t seem like much of a difference.
From the alleged victim:

If you want a story look up 81 year old man points gun at teen. It was Friday night and I was the victim.
I just wanna make it clear to everyone that if he “felt threatened for his life” then why did he follow me to my house and wait for me to come back outside just so he could point a gun at me?
And that’s besides the fact that I live on the other side of the neighborhood from him and he [drove] past his house to go to mine to point a gun at me in front of my family.
Thanks for reading this. Please let me know if you can make a story. Thanks.

From what we can tell, King is a recent grad of Olympic Heights with a sense of humor and friends.
The story reminds us of a recent case where retired dentist Wayne Tover was acquitted by a jury after a “road rage” incident where he actually shot into a car with teens. Feingold’s defense that he was in fear of his life may be undercut if King is correct that Feingold followed him to his home.
Estada is southwest of Glades and St. Andrews.

Olympic Heights Grad Julian Maura Arrested Again

Julian Maura was arrested on Friday by Florida Highway Patrol and charged with Grand Theft of a Motor Vehicle. Despite being only 19 years old, this is not the first felony case the Olympic Heights High School graduate has faced. Back in December he was arrested for the same thing by Boca Raton Police, as covered by our friends at Boca News Now.
Police then wrote:

On Thursday, December 19, members of the Boca Raton Police Department’s Special Investigations Unit located a stolen Dodge Charger in the area of 1400 West Glades Road. The driver of the vehicle was Julian Maura. Inside the car, officers located an iPod that showed the auto burglary victim’s name on the screen, along with a credit card belonging to another resident of 1401 South Federal Hwy.
Maura admitted to stealing the Charger Friday night when he was at a party. Maura also admitted to breaking into several cars at 1401 S. Federal Hwy. He also confessed to breaking into cars on Monday night in another jurisdiction.

Mr. Maura was sentenced in that case to 147 days in county jail and 2 years probation. He now faces a violation of probation charge for the new offense, along with the new charges. At this writing he remains in custody.
He was apparently not a happy camper in the days leading up to his arrest.
Mr. Maura’s reported address is in the Boca Park townhouses off Palmetto Circle.