Loggers' Run Homes Sold 2017 – $198K to $1.1M

11351 Timberlodge in Loggers’ Run sold for $1.1 million; image by Google.

Loggers’ Run is a large community in West Boca. There are several subdivisions including the Timberwalk townhomes and single family homes in Cimarron, Country Landing, Indianhead, Crystal Cove Estates, Island Lakes, Winding Lakes, Tamarron and Ponderosa. Timberwalk in particular has seen substantial gains in home values over the past few years – see bottom of the article.
Loggers’ Run map with its neighboring communities. Image and map data by Google with development names added by West Boca News.

Single Family Homes Sold
The average price per square foot across the single family subdivisions was $187 for all of Loggers’ Run. Island Lakes had the lowest prices on a per square foot basis, coming in just below $180/sq.ft. Indianhead and Crystal Cove Estates were $185/sq.ft. and the others were all about $190/sq.ft. The houses typically sell in two months or less.
The highest overall price for 2017 was an outlier at 11351 Timberlodge Terrace in the Ponderosa subdivision. The 7200 square foot home sold near the corner of Winikoff and Palmetto for $1.1 million. Two smaller Ponderosa homes sold for $600,000 (3000 square feet) and $680,000 (3300 square feet).
Winding Lakes
Eight homes sold in the Winding Lakes subdivisions. One 2900 square foot model sold for $500,000. The rest sold for prices of $615K or higher. The highest price and most per square foot was 21387 Sweetwater Lane, a 3450 square foot house with four bedrooms and three baths that sold for $760,000.

Crystal Cove Estates
Crystal Cove Estates is a small gated subdivision just north of Loggers’ Run Plaza. Three homes sold in 2017. A smaller 3000 square foot house sold for $595,000, while two 3500 square foot houses sold for $615,000 (11541 Kensington Court) and $659,000 (11637 Kensington). All three have five bedrooms and were built in 2000.
Map of subdivision in Loggers’ Run north of Palmetto Park Road. Image and map data by Google with subdivisions added by West Boca News.

Island Lakes
Island Lakes is a gated loop of one-floor houses on the north side of Glades Road, with the park to its north. There were seven homes sold in Island Lakes in 2017. Prices ranged from $392K for the 2400 square foot home at 11650 Island Lakes Lane to $542,500 for the 2950 square footer at 11283 Island Lakes Lane. The average price for Island Lakes was $463,500. Island Lakes homes took the longest to sell in Loggers’ Run with most selling in one to three months.
21215 Raindance Lane; image by Google.

Eight homes sold in the Indianhead subdivision with prices ranging from $332K to $430K. The most typical transaction was 21215 Raindance Lane, a 2000-square-foot 4-bedroom that sold for $373,000.
The Cimmaron subdivisions had 11 transactions in 2017. The low price was an REO (bank-owned, typically after foreclosure) 3 bedroom with less than 2000 square feet that sold for $325,000. A similar non-REO model sold for $341,500. Two homes sold for $410,000. One was a 2600 square foot 2-floor house with 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths. The other was a 2100 square foot 1-floor with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. The average price for Cimarron was $378,500.
Country Landing
Twenty homes sold in the Country Landing subdivisions, most in the $300K range. Two smaller houses (1600 – 1700 square feet) sold for $290K. The top two prices were on Woodspring Avenue at $395K and $385K, both somewhat larger between 2000 and 2200 square feet. The average in the Country Landing group was $337,000. Country Landing homes also seem to sell quicker, averaging less than a month.
Loggers’ Run subdivisions south of Palmetto Park Road. Image and map data by Google, subdivisions added by West Boca News.

Timberwalk Townhomes
Timberwalk is a community of townhomes just south of Loggers’ Run Middle School between Ponderosa and Judge Winikoff. It’s a very convenient location with a back gate into the school and a short walk to Publix and the Loggers’ Run shopping plaza.
Twenty-one of the Timberwalk townhouses sold in 2017 and prices averaged $232,000. Only one sold for less than $200,000 and just barely so at $198K. Four homes sold for $250K or more, with the top going to 22499 Vistawood Way at $275K.
22499 Vistawood Way; image by Google

Just a few years ago in 2014 most of the Timberwalk sales were for less than $200K with the bottom close to $100K and nothing over $240K. In 2013 the highest price was $190K.
They’re also moving quickly, with most selling in less than a month and about half in 10 days or less. On a per square foot basis the average was $176/sq.ft. with some smaller 1200 square foot 3-bedrooms going for over $200/sq.ft.

New Project in Logger's Run: Assisted Living

Update (July 2017): The Assisted Living Facility is now named Symphony at Boca Raton. We called and a recorded message said they expect to open in November of 2017.
Many readers have asked us what’s going on on the northwest corner of Ponderosa and Cobblestone. The location is north of Packy’s and the Montessori school, and borders the Crystal Cove Estates subdivision.

We looked into this further and learned that a 168-bed assisted living facility is being built. This will be fantastic for the local seniors as we have been crying out for a senior assisted living facility for such a long time. The name of it is: Cobblestone Place Congregate Living Facility. This is a form of housing intended primarily for seniors who need substantial nursing or medical assistance but not 24-hour supervision. If Florida is too far for you, then you might be interested in checking out this caregiver agency to help you with you find someone to look after you in your old age. However, if Florida is the perfect location for you, then you can read more on the Florida Elder Affairs website.
From the plan document we reviewed, there will be 90 parking spaces initially as required, with additional space set aside for 74 spaces if necessary. Assisted living through lakeside assisted living providers or similar can be a huge benefit to those who want their independence but are in need of help from time to time, if this is what you are looking for and you are looking for a facility to accommodate you, and you are not living in this vicinity, then there is The Hermatige based in Virginia. The Hermitage of Northern Virginia assisted living facilities are located in Alexandria Virginia with memory and skilled nursing care too, this can be of a great aid to you and your living conditions, check your local area for facilities near you.
Addressing concerns we’ve heard from residents, the plan is attempting to minimize the impact on neighbors:

The site has been design[ed] to orient the 3-story portion of the building away from the adjacent residential properties to the north with additional setbacks and required buffers to minimize any impact. In addition, the service driveways and service areas are located in areas away from the adjacent residential properties and are placed towards the interior of the building which will provide screening from any perceived nuisances.

We’re not sure that description fits with the overhead map in the project document, which shows only a fifteen foot buffer between an internal circular driveway and the existing wall on the south side of Crystal Cove:
To us it looks like a large building is being squeezed into a tight space.
Here are some “elevation” images of what the project should look like:
This is an image showing data from the project:
The project is apparently owned by a Delaware corporation controlled by Capital Health Group and a man named Kenneth Assiran.
Here’s a 2014 interview with Mr. Assiran that mentions Boca Raton:

The transcript of that interview is available at Levin Associates.

Steve Monroe
Got you. Okay, good. Now, that’s a big deal for you to start the year. Do you have anything else like that in the pipeline for the rest of 2014?
Ken Assiran
Yes, we have other prospects we’re looking at. We’re looking at also developing a couple of deals. As a matter of fact, it’s very opportune that we’re in South Florida because we’ve bought some land in Fort Lauderdale and soon we are going to buy some land in Boca Raton and we’re going to build two large buildings in South Florida. We have a major commitment to South Florida or Florida.
I don’t know if you know this or not, but our management company now manages 75 buildings.
Steve Monroe
I knew it was up there; I didn’t know it was that high.
Ken Assiran
Yeah, we have quite a few. I believe we have eight in South Florida, so we’re really making a major investment in the Southeast.
Steve Monroe
Well, the Florida housing market is getting better, the Florida economy is getting better, so it’s probably not a bad place to be as long as too many people don’t follow you in the new development side.
Ken Assiran
Well, I think in South Florida, in Boca Raton and in Fort Lauderdale, it seems like in the markets here, there hasn’t been a lot of new product built here and I think the markets are ready for some new product.

The 32-page pdf from 2012 describing the project is below:
[gview file=”https://westbocanews.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/cobblestone-2012.pdf”]

School Bus Driver Gone Wild?

From a reader:
I’ve addressed the situation with the school’s transportation department as well as the Principal of the school. I talked to Faye Ingraham at Transportation Services and told her the situation, she said there wasn’t much they could do but recommend a training course for the driver and maybe even traffic violator schools considering his aggressive driving. She wanted me to send an Email of the incident, so I obliged and forwarded it to the Principal as well.
It’s been a few days and I haven’t heard back from the Principal. The staff at the school was nonchalant about what happened as well. Not sure my story is pertinent to any readers but it might be nice to make public the phone number for drivers to call if they have issues with bus drivers on the road.
For what it’s worth the phone number to contact Transportation Services is 561-738-9203. The person to speak to is Faye Ingraham. For a reference, we are in the south area and any callers should write down the number that is on the back of the bus so she can reference who was driving that day.

This is what I sent to Faye as well as Principal Mark Stenner. Feel free to share this for whatever reason:
Hello Faye,
I had the unfortunate experience of coming across one of your school bus drivers this afternoon, one that should not have been on the road; as you well know since we spoke on the phone earlier. Here is my summary of what happened as per your request.
This driver and I both left Mission Bay Plaza at the same time, he was in front of me and were both headed westbound. As we approached the first school zone I noticed he was tailgating anybody that was in front of him. He did manage to obey the school zone speed limits, however the aggressive driving took over immediately leaving the school zones. When he started to tailgate another women I pulled up alongside of him to see if he might have been texting/talking on a cell phone and may have been distracted. He was not and I noticed that there were no students on the bus. As we approached the school (West Boca Community High) approximately one mile east of the Fire Department on Glades Road this bus driver was going to cut off the driver behind me in order to merge into one lane. There were no other cars behind the driver so there was no reason that he couldn’t drop back and fall in behind this driver.
To my surprise him cutting off this driver behind me wasn’t his plans, this bus driver wasn’t going to be happy unless he passed me on the right (non-passing lane) as the lanes were merging into one. He was actually attempting to pass me on the shoulder where the lane he was in had actually ended. I was going 45 MPH so at that point he was well in excess of 45 MPH. When he finally realized that he wasn’t going to accomplish this ridiculous stunt he slowed down and tailgated me to the point I couldn’t even see his headlights.
At this point we were down to one lane and he still was halfway on the shoulder as if he still planned to attempt to pass me. I tapped my brakes to get him off my tailgate and he refused to stop trying to run me off the road by attempting to pass me on the right. At this point I blocked him to keep him from attempting to perform an extremely dangerous maneuver because at this point there were drivers behind him. This is when the bus driver stopped and pulled off the road. I got out of my vehicle to go see if there was something wrong with him. As I approached the bus he floored it, driving off into the grass and in doing so the bus hit my elbow which is now swollen and bruised.
At this point I called the police and made sure to know where he was going. We both ended up at the school where I waited for the Palm Beach Sheriffs to show up. Earlier in this ordeal when we had pulled over to the side of the road, the driver that was cut off pulled up alongside of me and explained he also saw the whole ordeal. This driver met up with me at the school to inform the Sheriffs of exactly what happened. His story mirrors mine and he was really worried.
This sort of driving is completely unacceptable to me and all other tax payers regardless of whether or not there were students on the bus. Many people that drive commercial vehicles have 1-800 numbers on their car/truck and can be used as grounds for termination for the most petty of complaints. This situation was far from petty and could have turned into an accident and the worst that can happen is this driver will be “recommended” to take a driver’s safety course? In this case the only number to contact is yours, provided to me by the school; a number that is not readily available to those on the road with these bus drivers.
I have contact information of the witness but I will not surrender it unless this situation is escalated for whatever reason. Nor will I do so without his permission. The bus driver’s name is Robert (that is the only information the school had) the bus# was 4021 and they told me also to include Code 09. Attached to this Email are a couple of aerial shots of the area where most of this occurred. Map #2 is Glades Road between Ponderosa Drive and Boca Falls Drive by the Fire Department just down the street from the school.

Body Found Hanging Near Logger's Run: Possible Suicide

Multiple readers reported to us about a serious incident near Logger’s Run Middle School. Around 4:30 pm we started hearing about a substantial police presence at the intersection of Palmetto Park Road and Ponderosa. Those reports indicated as many as twelve PBSO cars, a crime scene van, and a fire truck.
Police were seen talking to numerous people on the side of the road, including school kids.
Multiple sources have indicated that a body was found hanging on a nature trail on the northeast corner of the intersection. Initially we heard that it was a “kid” but we are now getting more sources indicating that the individual found was a male, age 21.
We have made multiple efforts to get answers from the Sheriff but we haven’t gotten any response. It’s likely that they’re trying to inform next of kin before making any public statement.
Update: PBSO informs us that this was a suicide.
Most of our sources indicate this appears to be a suicide, and that the hanging was done with a dog leash.

Update: Initially we reported the missing dogs might be related. It now appears they were not.
It may or may not be related, but we were notified by a reader that she found two loose dogs in Country Landings III, which is about a mile north of the location.

Poker Faces: Arrests in Loggers Run and Mission Bay

It must be crime week in West Boca. Let’s hope the big stories only come in threes because this is the third.
Thanks to yet another helpful reader, we learned that there was substantial police activity in the Cimarron neighborhood on the east side of Ponderosa Drive between Palmetto Park and Glades Road. The reader specifically referenced Chipmunk Drive, and we found two arrests from that street that fit the timing.
In the above mugshots, the two on the left and middle are Devon Shalmi (30) and Thomas Cuce (32), reported at the same address on Chipmunk Drive. That property appears to have been foreclosed in the last few years and acquired by a local investor under an LLC, so it appears these two men are renting the place out.
The third gentleman on the right, Joseph P. Petrolino (47), has a reported address not far away in Mission Bay.
All three were arrested on the “charge” of “Out-of-County Warrant.” This normally means there’s some kind of criminal case pending against them in another county. We searched Broward and Miami-Dade along with the FDLE warrant database and our local federal court, but didn’t find anything. As we were finishing up the article we heard from PBSO:

The three individuals you are inquiring about are being investigated by the Broward Sheriff’s Office. PBSO just executed a warrant that is signed by a Judge. We have no information regarding BSO’s case.

One thing notable about the three arrests is the very high bond amounts that were set. Petrolino’s bond is set at $135K, Cuce’s at $125K and Shalmi’s at a whopping $305K.
So far we haven’t found much more information. All three appear to be poker players in events at area casinos (including in Broward) so that’s a possible hint, but then again it could be completely unrelated.
We will contact BSO and update the story if and when we find out more.
Of course, all arrestees are innocent until proven guilty.