City Boys Pizza Starts Off Perfect: West Boca Inspection Report

Readers tell us the former Tony Dell’s on Sandalfoot Blvd. has reopened as City Boys Pizza. The name choice might be an homage to the popular Brooklyn Boys Pizza in Shadowood. We’re hearing good things about the place, and not just from readers.
Their licensing inspection on November 3rd was perfect – zero violations. That’s a good start.
Two other West Boca places had perfect inspections: The new Apura Juicery and Coffee House on Powerline south of Palmetto had zero violations in their licensing inspection on November 5th. And Monkey Joe’s in Logger’s Run was also perfect.
An honorable mention goes to one of the places inside St. Andrews Country Club, Lakeside, with only two minor violations.
Giovanni’s Pizza on Powerline had only three violations, though one was marked “high priority.”
It also looks like we’re getting another new Mexican restaurant – Casa Tequila is apparently filling the space left by Campagnolo on the south side of Glades just west of Boca Rio. Their licensing inspection on the 6th had only 4 minor violations.
The worst of this inspection report was La Luna in Polo Club. They had 13 violations including 2 marked high priority, though they don’t look that bad to us.

  • Pesticide/insecticide labeled for household use only present in establishment. Owner discarded. **Corrected On-Site**
  • Potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food cold held at greater than 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Tilapia 44°, chicken 44°, squid 44°, shrimp 45°, salmon 44°, snapper 44°, chef lower temperature dial and moved tines to walk-in

Boca Greens Country Club had seven violations, and “Sushi U” in Spanish Isles (below) had 6 violations including a stop-sale for not having a time marking on a time-sensitive food item.

Car Split in Two on Palmetto Park Road

Several readers reported to us about a devastating car wreck on Palmetto Park Road near the Turnpike and Boca Rio Road. A video of the scene is at bottom.
You can see the two pieces of the car in the shot below:
From what our readers tell us, the car was on the eastbound side and hit a tree just west of the Turnpike. Traffic was backed up westbound past Powerline when we checked around 5:30 pm. Red means traffic is slow or stopped.
Update from a reader:

The vehicle was driving eastbound at rapid rate of speed and appears to have been cut off by a car merging left from the middle lane yielding to a large yellow arrow directing 3 lanes of traffic down to one lane.
From the short deep skid marks the vehicle veered left and left the roadway, hit the curb, then became airborne with the drivers side door colliding with the large tree (which was was hit with so much force it split the tree in half and caused th tree to uproot). The force caused the car to stress split completely in half – not jaws of life.
I doubt the driver survived the crash even with a seatbelt or all airbags that were deployed. Very sad. And yes I am a Crash Investigator. It might be a good idea for this person to seek legal advice, personal injury attorneys usually provide useful information in times like these.

Further update from another reader:

My step dad actually saw the entire accident happen and he pulled over and got out of his car and ran to help the boy he was gushing blood from the side of his neck closer to the back and my step father along with a few brave others managed to stop the bleeding until the ambulance arrived the kid was in his 20s and was conscious and talking when he was taken away ….

We looked at traffic again about 20 minutes before publishing this article and it had gotten better on Palmetto but there were still problems. We also saw problems westbound on Glades approaching the Turnpike, and southbound on I-95 on both sides of Palmetto Park Road.
The car was cut into two pieces as part of the rescue effort. Here are a few more reader photos of the scene, with the video at the bottom of the page.
We have not seen any information from Fire Rescue or PBSO so we do not have any more details at this time.

Car Flipped at El Camino Real & Powerline

Update: See bottom of article.
Thanks to a reader for photos of a car that flipped over at or near the intersection of El Camino Real and Powerline. This was about two hours ago.

In the comments on the Facebook post of this article, the driver let us know what happened:

We are glad to hear Ms. Fonseca is okay, thank her for her comment, and wish her well.

Robbery in Palms Plaza Parking Lot at Powerline & Palmetto Park

It was a bad day for one jeweler. In early July he was in the parking lot of Palms Plaza where his family owns Raymond Lee Jewelers. A man attacked him and stole his Rolex watch, estimated to be worth $30,000.
William Dublynn (32) was arrested Monday accused of the heist.
His reported address is in the Canyon Isles development in Boynton Beach in a property that appears to be owned by relatives. We see no prior court history for Mr. Dublynn in Palm Beach, Broward or Miami-Dade.
Per reports, Mr. Dublynn sold the watch at the Jewels in Time store on Federal Highway and then unsuccessfully tried to cash the check at a bank in Miami. A warrant was issued for his arrest by a Palm Beach County judge. The details are unclear but it appears Miami police caught up to Mr. Dublynn a few days later and eventually he was brought into Palm Beach County.
In addition to the Robbery and Aggravated Battery charges reported by other media, he faces an additional charge of Dealing in Stolen Property. That charge was filed earlier than the other two and may relate to selling the watch.
Raymond Lee Jewelers is in Palms Plaza, on Powerline south of Palmetto Park Road, behind the Olive Garden.

Mr. Dublynn remains in custody at the Main Detention Center. His bond was set at an unusually high $300,000. He was scheduled to appear yesterday morning in front of Judge Rosenberg on the robbery and battery charges, though the docket doesn’t show what happened. From the stolen property case it looks like he’s been assigned a public defender and has another court date set for Judge Kastrenakes in mid-September.

Flooding and Fire; But No Famine or Pestilence Yet

Via Palm Beach Fire Rescue we have a report of flooding in southern parts of the county (see above). However, we were just out in areas around 441 from Palmetto Park Road down into Coconut Creek and did not see any significant floods. There was some standing water in front of Logger’s Run Middle School and on Ponderosa by the gas station, but we’ve seen much worse at those locations. We did not see any other problems.
It may be worse as you go east. A reader sent us this shot from near Palmetto and Powerline:
Also we saw a report of a garage fire:
San Germain Avenue is north of Palmetto Park Road and west of Powerline, not too far from Del Prado Elementary School.