Drug Overdose by Olive Garden?

A reader reported to us yesterday on a possible attempted suicide by drug overdose near Palmetto and Powerline. The Olive Garden on Powerline is visible in the background of the reader’s photo at top.
The reader was told that the individual had taken 90 Xanax pills. Palm Beach County Fire Rescue came to the scene. We do not have any verification from Fire Rescue on this.

Shooting at Palmetto and Powerline?

Update: PBSO reports that two people were shot inside the nightclub early this morning. Two victims were taken to hospitals.

PBSO is investigating a Shooting at Club Oasis – 7000 Palmetto Park Road, Boca Raton
On Sunday, July 6, 2014, at 2:46 am, deputies responded to 7000 Palmetto Park Road, Boca Raton, in reference to a shooting at “Club Oasis”. When deputies arrived they found a very large crowd outside the club dispersing. Witnesses advised deputies that a shooting had taken place inside the club. Once deputies went inside they found two victims shot. One in the hand and one in the torso. The victim shot in the hand was transported to West Boca Medical Center and the victim shot in the torso was transported to Delray Medical Center.
Detectives and Crime Scene Investigators arrived on scene to investigate further. The motive for the shooting is unknown.
More information will be released when it becomes available.

A reader tipped us off to an incident late last night at the Oasis Night Life. The nightclub is in the office building on the southeast corner of Palmetto Park and Powerline.

Several PBSO deputies were on scene. We are told there may have been a shooting.
The image below is from the event they were having:
They were right about one thing. This probably was the biggest night in their history.


Accident Earlier at Glades and Powerline: Photos

Thanks to reader Liz Ruotolo for the tip and photos from an accident this morning at Glades and Powerline.
The accident occurred before 9:30 am. We have not seen any further information from police or fire rescue personnel.
At least one person was taken by stretcher to an ambulance.
Please note that assistance was provided by the Boca Raton Fire Rescue personnel. Most of our stories involve Palm Beach County Fire Rescue, but this incident occurred at the city line. Northwest of the intersection is Boca West which is outside the city limits.

Accident on Powerline

A reader alerted us to an accident earlier today and sent us three photos of the aftermath. Above you can see a car engulfed in flames.
This occurred on Powerline Road near Boca Pointe and Canary Palm (between Palmetto Park Road and SW 18th). In the next photo you can a lot of smoke coming up from the wreck, filling the air up and over the roadway.
Last is a shot showing a car off the road near a wall or hedge (on the west side).
Our reader tipster had the following description:

The car against the wall I saw before I dropped off someone in the plaza at Camino go through a stop sign and pull out and almost wreck just before this happened. It was driving erratic. I don’t know was driving because all I could see was a handicap sign but it looked to me they either couldn’t see over the steering wheel or on a death mission.

We thank our readers for tips like these.

Brooklyn Water Bagel Opens Monday, May 12th

We received a press release from Brooklyn Water Bagel that their new West Boca location will open on Monday, May 12th. We previously wrote about them when we noticed they were working on it: Brooklyn Water Bagel Coming to West Boca.
Some key details from the press release and follow-up e-mails:
1. Located at 22191 Powerline Road – It’s behind the Olive Garden in what used to be a Hurricane Grill. When we looked on Google Maps it shows in the “elbow” of the plaza when it’s actually at the end.
2. Hours are from 6 am to 3 pm. They’re open early for breakfast and they serve lunch too, but no dinner.
3. It is next to a kosher market, and there are a lot of Jews living nearby who keep kosher. Readers asked us and we asked them about it. Here’s their answer:

The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. is not kosher.

Note that there is already a kosher bagel place just to the north: Boca Kosher Bagel on Powerline.
4. They’re big on bagel sandwiches. We have friends who rave about them and we’re eager to give them a try.
5. They’re also big on their iced coffee. That’s not something we’re into, but we know a lot of people who do like it.