Projects Making Progress: Walmart, Walgreens and Westwinds

We’re seeing a lot of progress being made on projects going on in West Boca. For details on these and others see our previous post, What’s Going On At …?
Above you can see that they’ve started erecting the new Walgreens outbuilding in Shadowood. This photo was taken from the sidewalk on Glades Road, and the existing Walgreens is in the background at far left.

Across the street they’re doing a lot of work on the northwest corner of Westwinds of Boca (aka the Home Depot plaza) close to the Glades & 441 intersection. You can see some of the work in our cheesy 33-second video below.

Below is a panorama shot of the scene with Home Depot behind the camera and 441 in the background. In the distance the Glades/441 intersection is to the right and the entrance by the AT&T store and Chipotle is to the left.
Here’s another shot of that looking more towards the north and Shadowood:
And here’s our last shot, taken from over by the AT&T and Chipotle entrance, looking north. It appears they’re preserving some of the lake that was there before.

Finally they’re getting more done on the Walmart at Palmetto Park & 441. The door is on the front of the store close to Palmetto.
Here’s a panorama shot looking from the Palmetto entrance. We’ve tried other angles but it’s hard to get a good picture from any other spot.
And we also noticed they’re starting some kind of landscaping work. We saw this around the border of the property, outside the fence:

BREAKING: Gas Leak at Shadowood – Evacuations

Update: Leak has been stopped. The south side of the plaza is mostly blocked off while work continues.
Photos from the scene, around 3:30 pm, at bottom.

Palm Beach Fire Rescue reports on Twitter that there is a gas leak at Shadowood Square.

Shadowood is on the northeast corner of Glades and 441. The plaza includes Regal theaters and a number of shops.

In an update we were advised that several businesses have been evacuated in the plaza.







Road Block for Glades Gas Leak: Photos

*Please note that for most pictures in this article, you can click and see a larger version, especially the panorama shots.*
Glades Road was blocked this morning from 441 to as far as 95th Street (the street for the Glades Library and JCC complex). This was the result of a gas leak. By the time we arrived it was still blocked between the eastern Shadowood entrance and 441.
They even had a PBSO vehicle on the west side of 441 keeping things clear.
After speaking with emergency workers on scene, we learned that the gas leak was at or near the middle entrance on Glades to the Westwinds of Boca plaza (the one with Home Depot and Publix). While there were early reports that the entire plaza was being evacuated (and possibly Shadowood Plaza as well), it appears that the problem was well contained between the Animal Hospital and the ABC Wine & Spirits on one side and Glades Road on the other.
Communication between agencies may have been imperfect. After we got notice from Palm Beach County Fire Rescue that the leak had been closed and the area was safe, this deputy was still putting up tape blocking the area off.
The scene was loaded with emergency workers. Including firefighters, paramedics, deputies and FPL workers, we saw at least 50 of them and maybe as many as 100. It was already warm out and the fire rescue workers had clearly been working hard.
Happily it appears that the paramedics did not have any patients and they used the incident as an opportunity for training and prep for future incidents.
It was an impressive scene and we took quite a few pictures. Below are some panorama shots that attempt to capture the scene:

Shadowood Adding Walgreens Outbuilding

Shadowood Plaza, on the northeast corner of Glades and 441, has blocked off a huge section of the parking lot on the Glades Road side. With a little research we determined that they’re building a new “outbuilding” in the parking lot, close to Glades in front of where the Walgreens is now, and the building will house a new and larger Walgreens.
Here’s a part of the site plan from Shadowood property manager Terranova. The future outbuilding is highlighted by a yellow rectangle around it at the bottom of the image.
And here’s a close-up showing that portion of the picture, along with the current Walgreens. The blue arrow points to the text showing that they intend to open this new Walgreens in 2015. The yellow arrows point to the square footage of the new and old spaces, showing that the new one will have an additional 3500 square feet. That’s a 27% increase in size.
It looks like the Shadowood parking lot will be getting a little crowded come 2015.