Cabo Flats Jacks Up Prices

We reviewed Cabo Flats in Delray Marketplace just a few weeks ago. Something seemed different when I was looking at the menu.

Not hungry, I ordered the “seafood ceviche.” $14 seemed like a lot, but since the menu said it came with the “Chef’s selection of Fresh local seafood,” I figured it might be worth it.

When the dish came out, the only seafood included were some tiny shrimp. It did taste good – despite the criticism in this article the food was all fine, better than our last visit. But $14 is a lot for tiny shrimp.

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Arrest Week: The Moral of the Story Is …

Reminder: All arrestees are innocent until proven guilty.

Show up! For cryin’ out loud, don’t skip your court date.

At least three of the four arrestees above had rotten days because they didn’t show up to court on minor cases.

Philip Shirazi (above left, 21, resides near Del Prado Elementary) was facing the incredibly minor charge of having an open house party. We’re not even sure that’s illegal. But because he didn’t show up to a court date on March 6th a capias warrant was issued. He spent over 12 hours in police custody, mostly on the morning of Thursday the 17th. Show up!

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Holocaust Remembrance Day 2014

April 27th is Holocaust Remembrance Day. There are a few events taking place locally to commemorate this day. On April 27th, Jewish and Christian communities will march together in solidarity in commemoration of the Holocaust. The March of Remembrance will begin at 3 p.m. at Boca Raton Christian School at 470 NW 4th Avenue and end at Temple Beth El at 333 SW 4th Avenue. There will be a Holocaust Remembrance program at 4 p.m. following the March. For more information about the March and program, contact Marissa Trowbridge at 561-852-6022.

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Roadwork at Glades and Winikoff: Mystery Solved

Drivers on Glades Road west of Sandpiper Shores Elementary School have been wondering about roadwork in the median just east of Island Lakes and the intersection with Judge Winikoff. We finally solved the mystery. They’re extending the left turn lane all the way to the first tree.

Here’s what it looked like before from above:

You can also see it on an embedded Google Maps satellite image, and you can play with that:

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Hey Vinny – All Day?

Our second funny moment in Regency Court tonight. We were walking by and noticed that Vinny’s All Day Cafe doesn’t live up to its name.

Shouldn’t the “All Day Cafe” be open all day?

Reminds us of Vinny Barbarino:

Just having fun. We’ve been to Vinny’s Cafe and loved it.

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