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We’re starting a weekly newsletter. Most people find out about our articles through Facebook, which doesn’t show every article to every person who “Likes” our Facebook page. Some articles do very well, while others don’t reach many people.

We can tell a lot of people miss a lot of our articles. Some complain that all we write about is crime, when that’s at most 20% of what we cover. Others ask questions that we’ve already answered (“What’s going on with the old Walmart?”).

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Ace’s Barber Opening in Boca Lyons Plaza

We’ve been alerted to a new barber shop opening in Boca Lyons Plaza. Ace’s Barber Co. will be in the section facing Glades Road, near Steve’s Wood Fired Pizza, Clouds of Vapor, and Carvel.

Boca Lyons Plaza is on the southwest corner of Glades and Lyons:

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Kitchen Fire Near YMCA

Fire Rescue reports a kitchen fire on Somerset Drive, now under control. Somerset Drive is north of Palmetto Park Road and east of Powerline Road, near the YMCA:

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Happy Thanksgiving to all Our Readers

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Smoothie King Coming to Mission Bay?

From a reader:

They are going to open a Smoothie King in Mission Bay Plaza where Mojos Barbershop is. Mojos is moving next to the new pita place next to Padrinos.

We’re not sure where the open space is next to Gyro Room but we’ll take a look next time we’re in the plaza.

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Accident on Lyons at Boca Lago

Fire Rescue reports an accident involving 3 cars at the intersection of Lyons and Boca Lago, which is between Glades Road and Palmetto Park Road.

From what we see on Google Maps traffic, there is a significant impact on southbound traffic on Lyons.

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