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We’re starting a weekly newsletter. Most people find out about our articles through Facebook, which doesn’t show every article to every person who “Likes” our Facebook page. Some articles do very well, while others don’t reach many people.

We can tell a lot of people miss a lot of our articles. Some complain that all we write about is crime, when that’s at most 20% of what we cover. Others ask questions that we’ve already answered (“What’s going on with the old Walmart?”).

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Boca Raton International Trade Show: Free Admission

Our friends at the Boca Raton Tribune are putting on an international trade show in cooperation with others. And for West Boca News readers they’re offering a special promotion with free admission. The official price is $20.

The event is this coming Friday, September 26th, from noon to 7 pm. It’s being held at Palm Beach State College: Boca Raton 3000 St Lucie Ave Room HT 103 Boca Raton, FL 33431

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Good Morning from John O’Keefe

Photographer John O’Keefe sends us a couple nice photos from 7:15 this morning:

And while we’re at it, here’s a rainbow at Town Center sent to us by another reader about a week ago:

And a rainy sunrise shot we took about a week ago also:

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Reckless Driver Hits Tree in Boca Winds

We heard about a traffic incident last night from a reader and also from a personal friend. We’ve checked the blotter and see no arrests that fit with this incident nor the pedestrians hit in front of West Boca Medical Center. We have reached out to PBSO but so far we’re not getting meaningful answers on either one.

Me and my friend almost got into a wreck because of these people but the person driving the truck seemed drunk and was swerving all over the road. They hit a tree and then the driver ran from the scene and left the truck!

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Serious Accident Closes 441 Northbound: Scene Photos & Video

Update: Per a reader the road is still closed as of 11:40 pm on Friday night.

A friend alerted us tonight to an accident scene on the northbound side of 441 near Target and West Boca Medical Center. We went to the scene and took several photos as well as video. A brief video summary is below, but it was early in our investigation and we learned more afterward.

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Opinion: Is it better to behave unlawfully while off-duty?

After our story about the Loggers’ Run teacher arrested for Grand Theft, we were reminded of Dave Mech’s campaign for school board. We asked him to write an opinion piece about the incident.

This month Loggers’ Run Middle School social studies teacher Sheena Studstill made news when she was arrested and charged with grand theft. Although court records show previous drug, domestic battery, and criminal traffic charges, all were dropped. According to our justice system she is innocent.

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