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PF Changs Clangs with 23 violations

PF Changs on Glades near FAU had the worst inspection of the week with 23 violations including 9 marked high priority. The biggest issues were hand washing and there was a stop sale on white sauce due to temperature abuse and failure to discard.

  • Dishmachine chlorine sanitizer not at proper minimum strength. Discontinue use of dishmachine for sanitizing and set up manual sanitization until dishmachine is repaired and sanitizing properly. Glass washer At 0 ppm chlorine in bar area. Corrected to 100 ppm chlorine. **Corrected On-Site**
  • Employee failed to wash hands before changing gloves and/or putting on gloves to work with food. Observed on 5 different instances at the cookline where there seems to be an accessibility problem to the hand-wash sink. Employees washed hands. **Corrected On-Site**
  • Employee handled soiled dishes or utensils and then handled clean dishes . Dishwasher handled dirty dishes and then handled clean dishes without washing hands first. Employee washed hands. **Corrected On-Site**
  • Employee touched face and then engaged in food preparation and handled clean equipment or utensils without washing hands first. In cookline area. Employee washed hands. **Corrected On-Site**
  • Employee touched soiled surface and then engaged in food preparation, handled clean equipment or utensils, or touched unwrapped single-service items without washing hands. Employee went from cleaning to prepping food at cookline without washing hands first. Employee washed hands.**Corrected On-Site**
  • Potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food cold held at greater than 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Lettuce 48-51° F in frontline are cold holding drawers with ambient temperature of 49° F. Lettuce iced down. Corrective Action taken. Cooked chicken 47° F, raw shrimp 49° F, raw beef 47°F and raw chicken 52° F at Meat Drama cooler in cookline area. All foods iced down. Corrective Action taken. Cooked vegetables 58°F, cooked chicken 47° F ,White wine sauces 60°F, lobster sauce 53°F, and pork taco sauce 66°F at Wok Cooler in cookline area. Veggies and chicken discarded, sauces moved to interior of cooler. Corrective Action taken. Tomatoes 50° F at Pantry cooler at cookline. Foods discarded. Corrective Action taken. Cooked pasta 45-46° F and melon at 45° F at Veggie Drama cooler in cookline area. Foods moved to walkin cooler. **Corrective Action Taken**
  • Potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food held using time as a public health control marked with a time that exceeds the 4-hour limit. See stop sale. White sauce time marked to be discarded by 3 PM still being used at 3:30 PM. Food discarded. **Corrected On-Site**
  • Raw animal food stored in top portion of make table over ready-to-eat food in bottom portion of make table – no complete physical barrier between top and bottom. Raw shelled eggs stored behind battler and cooked chicken in cookline area flip top cooler. Drippings from eggs may contaminate ready to eat foods. Foods moved and properly stored. **Corrected On-Site**
  • Stop Sale issued on potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food due to temperature abuse and for failure to discard foods within 4 hours when using time as a public health control.

This week’s restaurant inspection report is a bit thin as the data only shows 14 inspections in our area. The Chipotle on Glades at Butts Road had a good inspection with only one minor violation.

Our weekly spreadsheet is below.

Download (PDF, 37KB)

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Review: Padano Bistro in Loggers’ Run

All photos copyright Warren Redlich 2016. Unfortunately I did not have either of my good cameras with me so these are cell phone pictures which do not handle lighting and colors as well. The food definitely looked better in person.

There’s a new Italian restaurant in the Loggers’ Run plaza. It’s in the same location as the old Mama’s, but the interior and menu are new and different.

On the inside we noticed upgraded materials throughout. It looks nicer and feels roomier even though it’s the same space.

This is of course a restaurant so the food’s the thing. It’s good. We won’t go so far as to say great, but it’s better than the last two operations in the space.

The soups were the best part of our meal. They come out with covers and they’re so hot you can’t really eat them for a minute so you have to wait while you smell them.

Escarole and beans (aka greens and beans)

Pasta Fagioli

Pricing is a potential issue. The soups are $7 which seems like a lot. But you get a lot – we ate about half of our soups and took the rest home. Unlike many other places there’s no deal where you get a cup of soup with the entree for a lower price. Also they did not serve bread with the meal. It costs extra.

On the entree side the pasta dishes we ordered were in the ballpark of $13, which is reasonable. The dishes were not exactly what we expected, both in the way they looked and the taste. But they were still good enough and we certainly ate our fill. You’ll have to try it yourself to see if you like the way they cook them. As with the soups the entrees came with ample portion sizes.

Linguini Bolognese


Rigatoni with Meatball

We did not try the more expensive entrees or the pizza. A friend who knows pizza ate here before we did and said the pizza is excellent though he thought the ones with toppings were a bit pricey.

Padano is definitely worth a try, especially if you live in the Loggers’ Run area. They’re still a work in progress. The website doesn’t reflect that they’re open yet and we can’t find a menu online.

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Endorsement: Lisa Grossman for Judge

Before this election we had no opinion on Judge Marni Bryson. We do now.

Marni Bryson

Today in the mail we received a highly offensive mailer attacking Lisa Grossman, who is running against Bryson. The mailer identifies itself as being sent by “Keeping Citizens First, Inc.”, which is run by campaign consultant Rick Asnani. Asnani appears to be working for Bryson along with other judicial candidates.

The mailer and similar slurs on the internet and social media misuse personal photos from Grossman’s Facebook account and refer to personal matters that apparently took place thirty years ago. The mailer misleads readers by indicating that Grossman was “found guilty” of what are at worst minor campaign errors, and falsely suggests she has been convicted of crimes. It’s classic libel.

Judge Bryon’s decision to hire a dirty political consultant and participate in such nasty, below-the-belt campaign tactics renders her unqualified to sit as a judge.

As a result, we are endorsing Lisa Grossman for Judge.

Grossman has broad experience in health care and education. As an attorney she served as an assistant public defender, which is one of the hardest jobs in the law.

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Saturnia Home Prices Up

Saturnia entrance; image by Google

Home prices in Saturnia were up by 7.5% in the first half of 2016, compared to the year earlier period. The average transaction closed at $645K, up marginally from the second half of 2015 but significantly higher than the $600K average for the first half of 2015.

The biggest price in the first half of 2016 was $801.5K for 19557 Saturnia Lakes Drive, a four bedroom, three bath house with just over 3200 square feet. At just short of $250 per square foot, it was also the most expensive on that measure. The average was $187.

Houses moved a little quicker with an average of 72 days on the market (down from 81 a year ago). They are also being priced well at the start, with the average house selling for 96% of the original list price, up slightly from last year.

At the low end $455K bought 19084 Skyridge Circle, a 4 bedroom 3 bath house with 2600 square feet.

There was only one REO transaction in the latest period and it did bring down the average. 19234 Creekshore Court sold for just under $600K. That sounds good but the house is nearly 4700 square feet with 6 bedrooms and 5 1/2 baths. At $128/sq.ft. it is by far the cheapest sale in the last 18 months.

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Car Burglar Arrested – Olympic Heights Alum Caught on Video

Hunter Brett (19). Mugshot from PBSO.

The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office arrested Hunter Brett (19) on two counts of car burglary. The arrest happened on Tuesday the 23rd. Brett is a former student of Olympic Heights High School.

On August 15th a reader forwarded us this video showing the car burglaries as they happened:

We posted the video on our Facebook page and commenters helped identify Brett as the likely burglar.

We reached out to the victim in this incident, who said the following:

We are grateful to the West Boca News and its readers for their help in catching this criminal. Let this be a lesson to other criminals that this is a tight knit community and we look out for each other.

Mr. Brett has developed a substantial court history in his short time as an adult. We don’t know what charges he may have faced as a juvenile. What we can see started in December of 2015 with two felony burglary counts and two misdemeanor counts. He was released on $6000 bond (usually meaning someone pays $600 to a bondsman).

While that was pending he was arrested in February in Broward facing five different counts including a first degree felony aggravated battery on a police officer, a felony resisting with violence and two drug felonies. He was released on $11,000 bond ($1100 to a bondsman).

For some reason we cannot explain, the pending burglary felonies in Palm Beach County were then resolved with “pre-trial diversion” which is usually a favorable result for a defendant – no jail time and a relatively clean record.

In June he was arrested again on drug charges, at least one of which was a felony. He was released on $5000 bond ($500 to a bondsman).

Now he’s been arrested for a fourth time. It’s not completely clear from the court records but we think bond was set at $23,000 this afternoon.

The last address we have for Mr. Brett is in the Lakes at Boca Raton (north of Yamato near Cain). He is being represented by public defenders on all the cases mentioned. For the first burglary case it appears he was rejected from the diversion program in August and the case has been reopened.

At this writing he remains in custody. Perhaps he will get out and resume visiting area cars again soon. Of course he is innocent until proven guilty. But since it seems likely that he will be doing significant state prison time, some might wonder why they keep letting him out. This soft approach to bail is commonplace in South Florida but unusual in other parts of the state.

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