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We’re starting a weekly newsletter. Most people find out about our articles through Facebook, which doesn’t show every article to every person who “Likes” our Facebook page. Some articles do very well, while others don’t reach many people.

We can tell a lot of people miss a lot of our articles. Some complain that all we write about is crime, when that’s at most 20% of what we cover. Others ask questions that we’ve already answered (“What’s going on with the old Walmart?”).

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Fire in Lakes at Boca Raton

County Fire Rescue reports a fire on Pebble Cove Lane. That’s in Lakes at Boca Raton north of Yamato and west of Cain Blvd.

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New Dance Studio – Creative Heart

We’re pleased to see that a friend of West Boca News is opening a new business in West Boca. Gina Nespoli is starting up the Creative Heart Dance Studio. It will be in Lakeside Centre, the plaza on the southwest corner of Glades and Boca Rio. As you can see from the picture above it will be next to Shape Shop, a store with shoes and clothes for dance, ballet and fitness. You can also see the location on the map below.

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7 Restaurants Get Inspection Warnings

Seven Boca restaurants received warnings in late July and early August from inspectors. Despite receiving formal warnings requiring follow-up inspections, their overall numbers weren’t that bad compared to some other restaurants we’ll discuss below. This report covers inspections up to August 8th.

The worst of the warnings was Stir Crazy in Town Center, with 8 violations including rodent activity. The rodent problem was cleared the next day but they still had 4 minor violations on the follow-up inspection.

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Registration Session Upcoming for GBYSA

The Greater Boca Youth Soccer Association is having a registration session for the fall season on August 23rd at Eagles Landing Middle School From 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The GBYSA is requesting that parents register online before going to the session. The recreational soccer program is open to school aged children 5-18. The regular season runs from November through February. Practice is once a week and games are Saturday or Sunday.

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Professional Journalism, Dead Bodies and West Boca News

Every once in a while we write an article that touches a nerve and we get angry criticism. Recently it was over the dead body found in Logger’s Run.

One of the criticisms that irritates the most is the accusation that it’s unprofessional to show the body or anything close to it. Of course we’re not professional journalists. We’re still learning and we will make mistakes. This wasn’t a mistake.

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