Drugs, Violence, Theft – Crime Report

Five of the latest crimes in our regular coverage. We’ve got some repeat offenders with cocaine, amphetamines, domestic violence and stolen property.

Katherine Gomez (37, Sandalfoot Cove) was arrested for domestic battery. Her son and daughter-in-law moved in with her 6 months ago. While the son was at work, Ms. Gomez got in an argument with her daughter-in-law because she was not cooking for her son.

This escalated when Katherine took the younger woman’s cell phone, which she apparently pays for. The daughter-in-law called mother-in-law a bitch and that was met with a punch in the face.

It might be time for the young couple to move out.

Keamani Chantiloupe (26, East Boca) is back. He was in our crime reports for January 2020 and also for September of 2019, and has priors dating back at least to 2016.

This time he’s charged with theft of items in a car. Police were called on a report of suspicious persons checking door handles. They found Keamani with a Jordan Chantiloupe who was not arrested on this occasion.

Jordan Chantiloupe in 2018 and 2019

A car near both men had been ransacked. Deputies contacted the vehicle owner who reported specific items missing, including a ring, an iPhone and a bag with coins.

Deputies found the items in Keamani’s pockets and he was arrested for vehicle burglary.

Robert Castorino (41, Southwind Lakes) was arrested for possession of amphetamines and driving while suspended or revoked.

He was stopped by Boca PD near Glades and Jog for failing to stop at a couple stop signs.

During the encounter officers discovered that Castorino’s license has been suspended since 2017.

While searching the car before it was towed they found a rock of methamphetamine.

Castorino has a pending felony in Broward for armed robbery where he and a woman allegedly robbed a man at gunpoint.

He also did over a year in state prison in 2003-2004 for an aggravated battery in 1999.

Robert Troni (44, Palms of Boca Del Mar) was arrested for domestic battery. He has two priors in the county including domestic violence and a road rage incident. He also had a domestic violence case in 2013 in Broward.

In the latest incident his wife accused him of beating her every day, connected to arguments over him losing his job. The deputy noted that she was intoxicated. It does not read like a persuasive story for an arrest, but the deputy arrested him anyway.

During the arrest Troni refused to stand up, and that got him an extra charge for resisting without violence.

Thomas Foehr (63, Watergate Estates) was arrested for selling cocaine from his trailer to an undercover deputy.

After two (or more) buys, deputies executed arrest and search warrants at the trailer. They found a few pills inside an Aspirin bottle which were alprazolam (Xanax) and Adderall.

Foehr has a significant record including a felony DUI in Broward back in 2009 that got him some state prison time.

Author: Warren Redlich

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