PetSmart Charities National Adoption Weekend

dogadoptionPetSmart Charities is having a national adoption weekend for cats and dogs September 12 through 14. PetSmart partners with local adoption groups to help find homes for cats and dogs. This weekend will feature PetSmart cats and a small selection from Raining Cats and Dogs. When you adopt, PetSmart will pay the partner group a small fee. Those who want to adopt will usually need to sit for a short interview and pay an adoption fee.
PetSmart is located at 20861 State Road 7 in Boca Raton. For questions, call 561-470-8085.

10-Foot Gator Removed: Shores at Boca Raton

A reader (and personal friend of WBN) sent us two pictures of a 10-foot alligator removed today from a lake in the Shores at Boca Raton. The neighborhood is just north of South County Regional Park, at the west end of Yamato Road. We believe it was one of the interior lakes.

Here’s another shot of the gator as it’s being pulled out.
And here are more photos from two readers:
We’re now told the actual measurement was 9.9 feet.

Tag Your Dogs

From a reader:
Recently there has been an increase of lost dogs being found by caring strangers. I can’t stress enough the importance of a dog wearing a collar with Pet Tags for ID on it.
Not everyone knows about scanning for microchips or may not have the time. For example, you spot a stray dog on the way to work. It would be a lot faster to call the owner per the dogs ID tags than to risk being late or missing work to take the dog to be scanned for a microchip (considering you’re lucky enough that a stranger is going to care enough to do that). Tags can be money people don’t want to spend at the big name pet stores so here is the company I use that is super cheap and mails it right to your home: – Free shipping! I got 3 tags for $5!!
Another side note is to use harnesses when leash walking and only use collars so you dog has ID at all times. Harnesses don’t cause damage to a dogs trachea like a collar can and collars are easy to slip out of. If you are interested in buying a harness for your dog then you might want to check out this review of the best escape proof dog harnesses here.
Last year my friend lost her dog to being hit by a car because she had taken her dog’s collar off. A local friend actually saw her and the dog ran up to her and was friendly. But because she knew that “Lacey Lu” always wore a purple collar, she didn’t think it was her friends dog and didn’t take the dog in. Lacey Lu was hit by a car a block away. That identifying collar could have made all the difference between Lacey Lu making it home safely.
Sometimes a collar simply isn’t enough to help other people identify your dog, and it could take them longer to be found if they aren’t distinguishable. And so that’s why some pet owners may be turning their attention towards a GPS tracker for their dogs, (see this list for recommendations) in order for them to track their lost friend. Their trackers can be traced to your cell phone so that you are aware of their exact location. This could help you to be reunited with your furry friend significantly faster, especially if other people can’t identify them upon sight.
The person who finds your dog may not know how to help reunite your dog with you or may not care enough to put in the effort. Make it easy for that Good Samaritan – please keep collars with tags on your pets at all times. Now, I know many people take them off for fear of choking accidents in the home when no one is there and that’s completely up to you. But accidents happen and your dog can slip out of the house or someone may break in and let them out. Protect our four legged friends.