Boca Isles, Boca Greens, Saturnia, Shores: 2020 Real Estate

The first half of 2020 shows wide variation based on neighborhoods. Homes in Saturnia, Boca Isles both sold well. Boca Greens continues to surge with more sales at higher prices. There was less activity in The Shores but pricing remains strong for sellers.


Saturnia homes sold well in 2019 and that continues in 2020 so far. Sixteen homes have closed this year, ahead of the 2019 pace. Prices are on par with last year or a bit higher.

Four homes sold for $700,000 or more with a top price of $790,000 for 19276 Natures View Court. It has 5 bedrooms and 3 baths in 3500 square feet. That matches the top price last year, also on the same street.

The same model at 19251 Creekshore sold for $780,000. Both have 3-car garages, private pools and water views.

Others in the 7s include:

  • 11827 Bayfield – 6 bedrooms, over 4700 square feet, $750,000
  • 19450 Saturnia Lakes – $700,000 for 5 bedrooms in 3500 square feet

The lowest price was $530,000 for 19477 Estuary, a 4-bedroom with 2700 square feet. That’s $35,000 over the low price in 2019.

A total of 7 houses sold under $600,000. Four of them were close in price between $530,000 and $545,000. Another group of four homes sold in a range from $620,000 to $635,000.

Median price was $621,000 and the average price was slightly higher at $629,000. All homes sold in Saturnia had at least 4 bedrooms and at least 3 full bathrooms. All but 3 of the homes had 3-car garages.

5 transactions are in some form of pending status. As elsewhere inventory is low. There are 4 homes listed at the moment with prices from $570,000 to $700,000.

On average homes took nearly 4 months to sell. 9 listings failed in the first half of the year, either expired or canceled.

Boca Isles

Boca Isles also saw increased volume in the first half of 2020 with 34 closed transactions. That’s more than half of the 53 deals in 2019.

Boca Isles North was busier with 20 homes sold, while Boca Isles South had 14 sales.

Both communities had fairly similar pricing. Boca Isles North deals averaged $566,000, a bit higher than the $564,000 in Boca Isles South. Pricing in Boca Isles North was also slightly higher on a dollars per square foot basis.

The biggest sale price was for 20130 Palm Island at $725,000 for a 5 bedroom with 3400 square feet, in Boca Isles South. Just a few doors down the slighty smaller 20160 Palm Island sold for $670,000.

The highest price in Boca Isles North was for 19239 Redberry, a 6-bedroom over 3400 square feet that sold for $710,000 after 7 months on the market. 19243 Bayleaf, a 5 bedroom under 3000 square feet, was next at $675,000.

For statistics geeks the median price in Boca Isles North was much higher at $582,000 vs $518,000 in Boca Isles South.

The lowest price was $413,000 for a 2100 square foot 3 bedroom at 19448 Preserve in Boca Isles North. The same model sold for $499,000 at 10856 Tea Olive.

20144 South Key Drive was the low price in Boca Isles South at $440,000 with 4 bedrooms and 2600 square feet. A large 5-bedroom went for $468,000 in a short sale at 20216 Ocean Key.

In both communities the average home took 2 1/2 months to sell. Inventory is low, particularly in Boca Isles North with only 3 homes listed ($530,000 – $745,000). There are 6 listings in Boca Isles South ($515,000 – $700,000).

Each neighborhood has 7 listings in some form of pending status. 6 listings failed in Boca Isles North and another 10 listings failed in Boca Isles South.

Boca Greens

Boca Greens entrance from US-441; image by Google.

Boca Greens homes have been rising in price for years and 2020 continues that trend. 21 homes sold in the first half of the year and prices jumped higher.

In 2019 four homes sold over $500,000 for the whole year. In the first six months of 2020 five homes have already sold over $500,000. Two homes sold for over $550,000, over last year’s top price under $540,000.

10370 Camelback was the big winner, selling for $565,000. It’s a 4-bedroom with 2500 square feet.

Just below that, 20202 Back Nine Drive sold for $555,000, a 3-bedroom home with 2500 square feet.

The low price was $290,000 for 19740 Back Nine Drive, an 1800 square foot 3-bedroom. The low in 2019 was $257,000.

The median price was $447,000 up from $429,000 last year. The average price was similar at $446,000.

While the average home took nearly four months to sell, that’s affected by two outliers which took over 500 days each. Leaving those two out, the average was closer to 2 months.

There are only 8 homes listed in Boca Greens ($430,000 to $650,000). 6 deals are pending and 6 listings failed.

The Shores

The Shores at Boca Raton saw only 7 transactions in the first half of the year, below the 2019 pace. 25 homes sold last year.

Prices continue to rise in The Shores. 11102 Blue Coral Drive broke the 700 ceiling at $715,000 with 5 bedrooms and 3400 square feet. Last year the top deal was $680,000 for a larger house.

11166 Sea Grass Circle was the low price at $392,000 for 3 bedrooms in 2100 square feet. This is substantially higher than the bottom two from 2019 ($330,000 and $375,000).

It’s a big jump up to the next deal at $490,000 for 11155 Sea Grass Circle (4 bedrooms, 2600 square feet). Last year several homes sold for less than that.

The media price so far in 2020 is $549,000.

Homes are selling fast, in less than 2 months. A couple listings failed, and 3 are pending.

4 homes are listed at the moment with prices from $525,000 to $570,000.

Boca Greens 2019 Homes Sold

Nearly forty homes sold in Boca Greens during 2019. Four homes sold for prices over $500,000 including 10300 Camelback Lane which closed at $537,500. Overall prices were a bit lower in 2019 compared to 2018.

Inventory is fairly low as of January 2nd with only 9 homes listed for sale. List prices range from $414,900 up to $599,900 for 20181 Back Nine Drive, on the market now for over two years.

The low price of the year was $257,000 for 19619 Back Nine Drive, a 2-bedroom with under 1200 square feet. That was the only deal under $300,000. Five homes sold for prices between $310,000 and $350,000. A total of 11 out of the 39 sales were for prices under $400,000.

The median price was $429,000 for the two-bedroom, 2000 square foot 19740 Sedgefield Terrace.

In 2018 there were 12 more homes sold (51 total) with a higher median price of $435,000. The high price of 2018 was $575,000 and the low price was $308,000.

Four homes remain in backup, contingent or pending status with listing prices from $350,000 up to $515,000. Twenty-five listings expired or canceled in 2019.

Home Prices Cool Off in Boca Greens – First Half of 2018

Boca Greens entrance from US-441; image by Google.

Boca Greens home prices stopped rising. The average price in the first half of 2018 was $415,000, down 1.1% from 2017. Over the past few years prices have been going up for various reasons, but they may finally have hit their peak.

The pace of transactions continued with 25 sales in first half of 2018, dead on with the rate of 50 per year from last year. The top price of $484K is well below the 2017 high of $650,000. Last year three homes sold for over $500,000.

There’s good news at the low end. The lowest price was $308,000, well above the two homes that sold last year at $255,000 and $260,000.

10440 Canoe Brook Circle sold for $484,500. It’s a four bedroom, three bath home in 2500 square feet. Next was 10370 Camelback Lane, also 2500 square feet, at $472,000.

The biggest home was 10447 Canoe Brook Circle with 2800 square feet. It sold for $457,500, after nearly 8 months on the market. Three other homes sat on the market even longer with one taking over 450 days. This pushed the average “days on market” to 106 days. Taking out those four houses dropped the average to 64 days (just over two months).

The low end was comprised of smaller 1500 square foot two-bedroom houses. 10066 Camelback Lane sold for $308,000 and 10150 Camelback Lane for $325,000. A total of 8 houses sold under $400,000.

Boca Greens Home Prices Up Again For 2017

The Boca Greens average home price rose again in 2017. The average home price was up 5% to $420,000 from $400,000 in 2016, and an 18% increase from 2014’s $378,000 average. So where ever you’re selling your home you’re going to want to have your property appraised so you know your potential selling price, look at companies like D Fritz Appraisals so you’re able to see how much you may be able to put your house on the market for.
Last year three homes sold for over $500K for the first time in a few years. 2017 cracked the $600K barrier with one home selling for $650,000 and two more homes selling over $500K.
There were 49 Boca Greens homes sold in 2017 with prices mostly above $300,000. Two homes sold below that level with one a small 1200 square foot 2-bedroom at $255,000 and the other sold by a bank after foreclosure at $260,000.
The average for Boca Greens homes sold in 2017 was a 2200 square foot 3-bedroom bought for $420,000 after 3 months on the market.
The unicorn of the year was 10369 Canoe Brook Circle, a 3000 square foot 3-bedroom that sold for $650,000. The house was meticulously remodeled throughout, but $650K still seems very high for the neighborhood. It was over $100,000 higher than any other transaction.
It took over 8 months to find a buyer willing to pay for all those upgrades, and to get the seller to accept a price that low. The house was originally on the market for $760,000.

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The biggest apparent bargain of the year in Boca Greens was 10448 Milburn Lane, a 2700 square foot 3-bedroom that sold for $395,000, or $145/sq.ft. It was due for significant renovations.
The highest paid for the least size was 19589 Sea Pines Way, a 1400 square foot 3 bedroom that got $373,000, or $260/sq.ft. The house was fully renovated in 2014.
The most average home was 10264 Crosswind Road, a 2200 square foot 3-bedroom selling for just under $420,000, or $194/sq.ft. It sold in just 3 days.
Some believe that the new Chabad in Boca Greens plaza, in walking distance for observant Jews, is the reason for the price increases. We have seen similar effects in other places like Century Village.

Boca Greens Homes Sold 2017

Just under 50 homes were sold in Boca Greens for the year 2017. Prices ranged from $255,000 for a small two-bedroom up to $650,000 for a three bedroom model with 3000 square feet. Both of these were outliers as 43 of the 47 transactions were in the $300K to $500K range.

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The average sold home stayed on the market for more than three months, which hints that the market may be softening. Average price per square foot was $195 and the average sale price was nearly $420,000, both up from the 2016 numbers for Boca Greens.
Back Nine Drive had the most transactions – 10 of them – including the two lowest prices at $255K (mentioned above) and $260K for a 1400 square foot 3 bedroom coming out of a foreclosure. The top price on Back Nine Drive was $460,000 for a 3-bedroom with 2300 square feet with renovations in the kitchen and bathrooms and a brand new roof.
The highest prices were on Canoebrook Circle. Out of the nine transactions, six were for over $440K including the $650K monster, which took two listings and nearly ten months to sell.

Please this report is from a week before the end of the year, so there may be one or two more deals we missed.