Recent Home Sales in 33433

zipcode33433Homes in the 33433 zip code are located east of Lyons Road and west of Military Trail, south of Glades Road down to the county line. Some neighborhoods in this zip code include: Boca Rio Golf Club, Boca Del Mar, Boca Pointe and Town Place Club Villas. The following homes sold in July 2014.
21903townplacedrThis single family home at 21903 Town Place Drive sold for $545,000. Located in the Town Place Club Villas, it has 4 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms. The house is 2562 sq. feet and was built in 1988.

23280mirabellacir23280 Mirabella Circle N in Boca Pointe sold for $415,000. Built in 1990, it is a 3 bedroom, 2 full bathroom ranch with a 2 car garage. The living space is 1,770 sq feet and it has an updated kitchen and floors.

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7764mandarindr7764 Mandarin Dr, located in Boca Grove Plantation, sold for $330,000. This 4 bedroom, 4.5 bathroom home has 3158 sq. feet of living space. Built in 1985, it has a 3 car garage and a screened-in in ground pool. This home was purchased for $790,000 in 2006.

7425estrllacirThis fixer upper at 7425 Estrella Cir, in Via Verde, sold for $450,000. Located on the lake, this single family home has 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms. It was built in 1980 and has 2584 sq ft of living space. It was last purchased in 1994 for $320,000.
estrellabathroomestrellakitchenThe new owners will probably be updating the kitchen and bathroom.
estrellapool Although the interior needs work, the view from the in ground pool is very nice!

21761beachnutdr21761 Beachnut Drive in Boca Del Mar sold for $440,000. Totally renovated in 2012, it has 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms in 2079 sq. ft of living space. Built in 1983, it has a lake front view and is on a large cul de sac. This ranch has a 2 car garage. It was originally purchased in 1988 for $185,000 and sold in 2007 for $485,000.

21130madriacirThis single family home at 21130 Madria Circle sold for $342,500. It has 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms in 2200 sq. ft. It was originally built in 1984. It is south of Glades and west of the Turnpike.

Boca Restaurant Inspections: Early May

giovannispizzaFour West Boca restaurants had perfect inspections in early May. Each had zero violations.
The most popular of the three is probably Giovanni’s Pizza which is on the west side of Powerline just south of Boca Grove (between Glades and Palmetto Park).
Domino’s Pizza, nearby in the Shops at Boca Grove, also had a perfect result. Keep in mind that it’s a little easier for a place with a limited menu and little or no seating to do well on the inspection, but nevertheless it’s a good sign.
The third was Aladdin’s Eatery in Boca Village Square (on St. Andrews near Town Center). We think it’s new, and it describes itself as having a healthy Lebanese-American menu. We’re going to have to try this place.
And the new House of Dog, also in Shops at Boca Grove, also scored a perfect zero on its first inspection.
The new Brooklyn Water Bagel did well with only two minor violations.
Mozart Cafe had a so-so inspection with 6 violations including one “high priority” having to do with “non-exempt fish,” and they will have to have a follow-up inspection. Last time we were there we were disappointed with the service, though the food was still good.
Hunan City in Lakeridge (near Doris Market on Yamato between 441 and Lyons) had 7 violations with one high priority, but did not require a follow-up. As Asian restaurants go this is spectacular.
Brendy’s in the same plaza had 9 violations with one high priority. We read the list and found a few that were comical. The high priority item was that they had a bottle of vitamins on the same shelf with containers of spoons and toppings. We’ll still go to Brendy’s.
The second biggest number of violations in West Boca was also in that plaza, for Casa L’Italien. The inspection details a total of 18 violations. Most of them seem trivial, such as “Ice buildup in reach-in freezer.” However, there were two “high priority” violations that required a stop sale on tomato sauce – a big issue in an Italian place:

Potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food found greater than 47 degrees Fahrenheit but less than 70 degrees Fahrenheit more than six hours. See stop sale. 50F container of cooked tomato sauce stored overnight in w/I cooler.

Of course if you read that closely, the sauce was only 3 degrees over the arbitrary 47º limit.
Ben’s Deli (Clint Moore and 441) had 8 violations with 2 “high priority” involving food not kept cold enough. One of them involved “food chicken” (is there another kind in restaurants?) that was reported as a repeat violation. The other involved short ribs and required a stop sale of that item. However, no follow-up inspection was required which seems odd. We’ve eaten at Ben’s many times and always like it.
And the biggest number in West Boca belongs to Broken Sound Country Club Restaurant with 26 violations.

High Priority – No proof of parasite destruction or aquaculture documentation for cold smoked salmon served raw or undercooked. Fish must be fully cooked or discarded. **Corrected On-Site**
High Priority – Potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food cold held at greater than 41 degrees Fahrenheit. 45F egg salad, 47F grilled onions, 47F, 56F sliced tomatoes, 54F chopped lettuce, smoked salmon, in Buffett table.
High Priority – Potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food cooked/heated yesterday/on a previous day not cooled from 135 degrees Fahrenheit to 41 degrees Fahrenheit within a total of 6 hours. Food has been cooling overnight. Soup 45F. Discarded by operator. **Corrected On-Site**
High Priority – Self-service salad bar/buffet lacking adequate sneezeguards or other proper protection from contamination. Soup station by buffet area. **Corrected On-Site**
High Priority – Toxic substance/chemical stored by or with clean or in-use utensils. Bleach container stored above lids by dishwasher shelf **Corrected On-Site**
High Priority – Toxic substance/chemical stored by or with single-service items. Propane torch stored above coco powder. **Corrected On-Site**

As bad as that might look, it doesn’t really look that bad to us, and no follow-up was required.
Moving outside West Boca, we saw some poor results for Max’s Grill in Mizner Park (12 violations with 3 high priority – no follow-up required) while the related Burt & Max in Delray Marketplace (11 and 3). On the bright side, Burt & Max had a follow-up inspection with zero violations.
Also in Delray Marketplace, Terra Fiamma had 15 violations with 2 high priority. Seven of the fifteen items were listed as repeat violations, and there was a stop sale where the description is unclear – something to do with food temperature and hand washing. Our readers might be more concerned about the other one, a repeat violation: “Live, small flying insects in food preparation area.”
One of our favorite Mexican dives in East Boca, Las Fajitas on Dixie Highway, had a high number with 15 violations.
Ichiyami Buffet in Royal Palm Place had 15 violations with 4 marked high priority, though reading over the list it doesn’t look that bad.
The biggest number in all of Boca for this report belongs to Pine Garden on Federal Highway, with 27 total violations including 6 marked high priority.
Also on Federal Highway, Cavalieri’s was temporarily closed on May 16th after 11 violations including 4 high priority and one large finding of rodent droppings:

Rodent activity present as evidenced by rodent droppings found.Rodent droppings present. 4 dry dropping underneath counter in front line, pizza station. Fresh 30 to 40 droppings underneath dish machine and 3 compartment sink. 5 fresh rodent droppings underneath stem table. Dry 15 droppings underneath shelf in kitchen area.

Inspectors came back on the 17th and found only 2 minor violations. This was reported on by WPTV as well.
On the brighter side in East Boca, Estia Greek Taverna had only 2 minor violations. Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Mizner Park had 4 violations with one labeled high priority, and that was corrected on site.
Tucci’s Fire & Coal, just south of Mizner Park, had 4 minor violations. Seasons 52, near Town Center, had 5 violations including one marked “high priority,” but all were corrected on site.
In the Polo Club Shoppes, Josef’s Table had 5 minor violations and Toojay’s had 6 violations, all also minor. Wok Out and Brendy’s had 4 minor violations each. Bangkok Thai had only 3, all minor.
Mimosa and Kagura Sushi had the same numbers, 8 violations with one high priority for each. Kagura needs a follow-up inspection which we think relates to paperwork rather than any food safety issues.
The Polo Club / Bistro had 7 violations with two high priority. Most were corrected on site. Barefoot Cafe had 11 violations, all minor. Terrace G / Steeplechase in the Polo Club had 12 violations with two listed as high priority.

Review of House of Dog – Boca Raton

Update: See bottom for a brief note about our return visit and concerns about pricing of kid combos.
We saw it coming – West Boca is now home to a new hot dog joint. House of Dog is open in the Shops at Boca Grove, on the west side of Powerline between Glades and Palmetto Park. We had lunch there today and enjoyed it.

This is a new location for a small chain that started as House of Dog Miami. The restaurant is in an outbuilding that used to house Boardwalk Burgers. The yellow arrow below points to the spot.
You can see the long side of it in the image at the top. Here’s a picture showing what it looks like on the side facing Powerline.
As dog owners (the canine variety) we appreciate outdoor seating and they have plenty. Some of the tables have covers for shade but they might not do much on a rainy day. Some people might also benefit from knowing how to raise your dogs bowl so larger dogs can enjoy eating alongside their owners with our outdoor seating.
The interior is long and narrow. Unfortunately we had poor photo skills and did not get any good shots. It looked comfortable.
As for the food, some of our readers will be happy to hear that it’s kosher. If you’re not into kosher, that won’t bother you at all. We don’t keep kosher and we liked it.
The most prominent item on the menu is hot dogs, but there are other choices including burgers, wraps, deli sandwiches and schnitzel, along with some sides and appetizers. Also key is the selection of craft beers. The photo isn’t great but here’s the beer cooler:
There are a few kinds of dogs with a wide range of sauces and toppings, and a number of specialty combinations you can try. And there’s a kids menu too.
One of us had a classic dog with mustard and banana peppers.
We also had a Jack Daniels dog with mustard. Both dogs came on pretzel buns that were nice and soft. The dogs themselves had good texture and flavor.
For sides we also got cole slaw, which was creamy and served in a dog bowl, and “Belgian fries” which were just fine.
belgian-friesOverall it was a good meal. The hot dogs start at $5 with simple sauces and toppings for 30 cents or 50 cents. Others cost more and the specialty combos can add up. We will definitely be back again to try something different.
Update: Be careful and watch the pricing. We went back, one adult and two small kids. With tip it was almost $50. The kid’s chicken finger combo was $9 each and that doesn’t include a drink.
The loaded hot dog was great though. Chipotle dog with the Clint Eastwood toppings, plus “bacon” (kosher).