Sick Puppies Offers Improv for All

Improv in West Boca? We didn’t know about it but word got around to us. It all happens in an office building at the west end of Camino Real, on the west side of Powerline south of Palmetto Park Road.

Sick Puppies Comedy does both shows and classes. It’s worth going to a show if you’re interested, but the real bread and butter is their improv classes. One commentator described how improv classes help him in everyday life.

Casey Casperson (right)
Casey Casperson (right)

Casey Casperson is the founder and director of the troupe. We saw a show last week and he reminded us of both Bill Murray and Jim Belushi with his presence and humor. Before the show started he explained that there are improv groups all over South Florida, and two other groups came that night to perform with them.
It looks like a great group of people. Everyone had a good time. If you want to see a show it’s inexpensive and worthwhile. If you want to try something different, try a class.
If you want to see an example of a show there, see below:

And Casperson’s stand up is here:

Mizner Trail Going Ahead with 250+ Homes

In January of last year we reported on a proposal to add 288 new housing units in Boca Del Mar, replacing an old golf course. That proposal, now whittled down to 252 homes, appears set to be built in the near future.

Site Plan for Mizner Trail. This version still shows the old 288-home layout.
Site Plan for Mizner Trail. This version still shows the old 288-home layout.

The Sun-Sentinel reports that the last opposition to the new development will not appeal any further.
In our review of various documents we can’t find a solid number of actual units that will be built, nor clear indications as to what will be built. The Mizner Trail website claims it will be:

252 luxury units are proposed, 115 patio homes and 137 townhomes. Units will range from 2300 square feet to over 3500 square feet with prices ranging from approximately $425,000 to $695,000 or more.

We’re not even sure what a patio home is, and the same website has a site plan showing 288 homes rather than just 252. We’ve seen other numbers including 255 and 253. So it’s not fully settled yet. The Sun-Sentinel did note that some hurdles remain with permitting so it may get worn down a bit more in the bureaucratic grinder.
The area in question lies between West Camino Real and SW 18th, to the west of Military Trail:

The full site plan pdf is below:
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New Dishes at Butcher Block Grill

We previously reviewed and liked Butcher Block Grill on a lunch visit in April. Last night we attended a “media dinner” which introduced the new chef and menu items.
Disclosure: As is typical for a media dinner, everything we had was on the house.
Butcher Block Grill is on the west side of Powerline Road at the end of Camino Real, just south of Palmetto Park Road.
The meal started with an appetizer that was already on the menu, a Mediterranean plate with falafel, lamb kefte, hummus, tzatziki yogurt dip and pita. This was very good. I especially liked the kefte’s flavor.

Kefte falafel plate Credit Warren Redlich - West Boca News
NYC Street Cart – Photo Credit Warren Redlich

Next came the “Polenta and Crab Wonton” in a “roasted red pepper truffle butter” sauce. I noticed shards of shaved Parmesan in the dish as well. This was delicious and one of the best items of the evening. It seemed unique – none of us at the table had ever seen anything similar. The various flavors and textures in this dish all worked together.
Polenta-Crab Wonton - Credit Warren Redlich - West Boca News
Polenta-Crab Wonton – Credit Warren Redlich

In our previous review we noticed that they used green tomatoes in some dishes. This is a trend in modern cuisine and they upped it with a fried green tomato salad, accompanied with arugula, roasted peppers, goat cheese and a vinaigrette dressing. I didn’t think it was particularly special, but my companion and others at our table raved about it.
Fried Green Tomato - Credit Warren Redlich
Fried Green Tomato – Credit Warren Redlich

Next up came two dishes that were similar to each other. There was an appetizer meatball, and a Bolognaise entrée. Both are made with beef and veal and served with ricotta cheese and a tomato sauce. These are nice comfort food items.
Meatball - Credit Warren Redlich
Meatball – Credit Warren Redlich

Bolognaise - Credit Warren Redlich
Bolognaise – Credit Warren Redlich

Somewhere in the middle of the meal we were introduced to Executive Chef John Savarese, who previously worked at the Flagler steakhouse in the Breakers resort in Palm Beach. He engaged us in pleasant conversation and answered some questions.
Chef John Savarese - Credit Warren Redlich
Executive Chef John Savarese – Credit Warren Redlich

We were served two other entrees. First we tried the pan roasted salmon. It was served on farro with shiitake mushrooms in a delicate blood orange sauce.
Salmon - Photo Credit Warren Redlich
Salmon – Photo Credit Warren Redlich

The last dish we had was outstanding. The braised short ribs are another comfort food dish, and everyone who tried it was impressed. The meat was tender and the sauce was just perfect with it.
Braised Shortribs - Photo Credit Warren Redlich
Braised Shortribs – Photo Credit Warren Redlich

The event ran later than we could stay so we missed dessert. We’re told they have an excellent goat cheese cheesecake. Sounds odd but we hope to try it soon.
Be warned – Butcher Block Grill is not cheap. Appetizer prices on the whole menu range from $9 to $16. Entrees run a wide range from $15 up to $59 for a large rib-eye steak.
The full slate of new menu items is below:

French Onion Flat Bread
Mom’s Meatball
Polenta and Crab Won Tons
Mole’ Frit, PEI Mussels’
Soups & Salads:
Corn and Crab Chowder
Boston Bib
Fried Green Tomatoes
Sweet Potato with Spiced Cream
Creamed Spinach-new recipe
Rack of Lamb
Beef & Veal Bolognaise
Braised Short Ribs
Seared Black Grouper
Grilled Mahi
Shrimp and Eggplant Française

Major Fire in Boca Del Mar

A very serious fire broke out this morning in an apartment building:

***BOCA RATON*** WORKING HIGH-RISE STRUCTURE FIRE — 5622 Wellesley Park Dr (Somerset Place) — Palm Beach County Fire Rescue R500 onscene of a multi-story apartment bldg, heavy flames coming out of the 2nd story spreading up to the 3rd story — Tac 8A

Somerset Place is an apartment complex in the eastern end of Boca Del Mar, near Military Trail between Camino Real and SW 18th.
Fire Rescue requested additional support after the initial alert:

UPDATE: Boca Raton fire is upgraded to a 2nd Alarm, also requesting 4 more Engines and Rescues

Thanks to Palm Beach County Alerts for the tip.



Accident on Powerline

A reader alerted us to an accident earlier today and sent us three photos of the aftermath. Above you can see a car engulfed in flames.
This occurred on Powerline Road near Boca Pointe and Canary Palm (between Palmetto Park Road and SW 18th). In the next photo you can a lot of smoke coming up from the wreck, filling the air up and over the roadway.
Last is a shot showing a car off the road near a wall or hedge (on the west side).
Our reader tipster had the following description:

The car against the wall I saw before I dropped off someone in the plaza at Camino go through a stop sign and pull out and almost wreck just before this happened. It was driving erratic. I don’t know was driving because all I could see was a handicap sign but it looked to me they either couldn’t see over the steering wheel or on a death mission.

We thank our readers for tips like these.