Century Village Real Estate Report for 2019

Nearly four hundred condos sold in Century Village Boca during 2019 with top prices approaching $300,000. As of this writing there were 391 closings with about a week left in the year. By contrast 2018 saw 421 sales

Four condos sold for more than $250,000, each with two bedrooms and two full bathrooms and just over 1000 square feet.

  • $285,000: 4035 Wolverton B
  • $275,000: 2088 Yarmouth E
  • $270,000: 2040 Ainslie C
  • $265,000: 1031 Ainslie B
Warren is selling 42 Brighton A, a remodeled 2- bedroom, 1 1/2 bath corner model on the 3rd floor with lake and sunrise views. Call or text Warren at 561-536-3645 if you’d like to see it. Listed at $129,900.

Prices dropped off from there with the next highest prices at $215,000. That group of seven condos ranged down to $195,000, three in Yarmouth, two in Wolverton and two in Rexford.

The lowest closing for the year was at $15,000 for a unit in Cornwall, but other than that the prices started at $31,000 for a 1-bedroom in Dorset. The lowest sale price for a 2-bedroom was $50,000 with three units going at that price, two in Dorset and one in Preston.

In the 4-story buildings in the central part of the development, most sales started at $55,000 for 1-bedroom units (Cornwall and Wolverton).

Satellite image of Century Village Boca. Image and map data by Google.

The highest priced 1-bedroom sold in Yarmouth for $88,000, so for flippers, 2-bedrooms have a lot more upside in Century Village.

As of December 25th, 121 condos were listed for sale with prices from $45,000 for a 1 bedroom 1 bath model in Brighton to $315,000 for a 2-bedroom in Yarmouth. Six models were listed for prices of $200,000 and up. Six were listed for $50,000 or less, and seventy-two listed for prices of $100,000 or less.

In the 3-story sections like Brighton, Preston and Fanshawe, remodeled 2-bedrooms are selling as high as $130,000.

196 Sales in Century Village for First Half of 2018

South entrance to Century Village Boca; image by Google.

Homes are selling well in Century Village this year, with nearly 200 transactions from January 1st through today. Prices are up a little compared to what we saw there in 2017.

While they are getting good prices they aren’t selling that fast. The average unit sold in two months, which is slow for this price level. That is probably due to high inventory, with 163 homes currently listed.

4 Story Buildings

The 4-story buildings in the center of the complex are doing particularly well, with the average price topping $100,000. For those 93 homes the average price was $104,000 on an average size of just over 910 square feet. Three units sold for over $200,000 including 2075 Yarmouth D at $275,000 for 2 bedrooms and 2 baths in nearly 1600 square feet. It’s a startling price because the unit doesn’t even appear to have been recently remodeled, but it is the largest unit we’ve seen.

In the same building 4066 Yarmouth D sold for $260,000 with just under 1400 square feet, again a larger than typical unit without much remodeling.

The biggest price per square foot goes to 4037 Ainslie C which sold for $230,000 with only 1032 square feet with nicely remodeled kitchen and bathrooms.

Buildings in Ainslie and Yarmouth are close to the synagogues allowing religious Jewish residents to walk more easily on the Sabbath. This drives up prices similar to what the new Chabad is doing in Boca Greens.

A total of 39 units in the 4-story buildings sold for prices of $100K or higher. There are still bargains to be had, with more units selling for less than $100K including thirteen that sold for $60K or less. Four of those were bank-owned.

Satellite image of Century Village Boca. Image and map data by Google.

3 Story Buildings

In the 3-story buildings the average transaction was $56,000 for 760 square feet. Three of the units sold for over $100,000 with 452 Fanshaw K snatching the biggest number at $110,000, which was remodeled with high-end finishes in the kitchen and baths. Everything that sold for over $65,000 were 2 bedroom 1 1/2 bath units with 835 square feet.

243 Dorset F sold for $105,000 and followed a trend we’ve noticed in remodeling these units, opening up the space by removing some or all of the wall between the kitchen and family room.

20 units sold for $40,000 or less, two of them bank-owned. All units that sold for $45,000 or less were 1 bedroom models ranging from 600 to 715 square feet.


As expected the rental market remains active with 51 units currently listed for rent on the MLS. 115 rentals closed since the beginning of the year, not surprisingly lower than the 151 in the fall. We believe many units are also rented outside the MLS system.

Century Village Homes Sold 2017: $30K – $270K

370 Century Village units sold in 2017* with prices ranging from $30,000 up to $270,000. The average price was just under $76,000. The average transaction took place after the unit was on the market for just over 2 months.
There is a stark difference with units in the 4-story buildings averaging close to $100K and units in the 3-floor buildings averaging $55K.
4-Story Buildings
In the 4-story buildings 10 units sold for $50K or less, mostly one-bedroom models with 750 square feet. At the upper end 7 units sold for over $200K, all 2-bedroom, 2-bath models with over 1000 square feet. The highest price was $270K for 3015 Wolverton A which is a particularly large unit with nearly 1400 square feet.
Pricing at the high end seems to be driven by location, with Ainslie, Wolverton and Yarmouth dominating the list of $150K+ deals (25 of them). Those three sections are particularly close to the clubhouse and synagogues, which allows residents to walk. At the same time some of the cheapest units in the 4-floor buildings were one-bedroom models in Ainslie D.
3-Story Buildings
In the 3-story buildings there were six units that sold for over $100K, all 2-bedroom 1 1/2 bath models with 835 square feet. 103 Brighton C was the highest at $118,000.
92 of the units in 3-stories sold for $50K or less. 28 sold for $40K or less with 26 of those being 1-bedroom models. The cheapest was 204 Brighton E at $30,700. The 1-bedroom 1-bath model has only 600 square feet.
Century Village Boca also has a busy rental market and there were 262 rental transactions reported on the MLS. Prices ranged from a low of around $700/month for annual leases up to $2500/month for some seasonal rentals.
* This report is from December 26th. Considering the volume it is likely there will be at least a few more transactions before the end of the year.

Boca Theater & Automation Opens New Facility in Hamptons Plaza

Boca Theater and Automation (“BTA”) the premier provider of turn-key, custom built luxury A/V and building automation systems in South Florida, announced today that it will be relocating its corporate headquarters and Technology Experience Center to a brand new state-of-the-art facility in Boca Raton, Florida. West Boca locals may remember them in their previous location next door to Ben’s Deli in The Reserve shopping center at 441 and Clint Moore.
“This move is a milestone in the evolution of our business,” said BTA’s CEO and Founder Jeff Galea. “We reached a turning point that necessitated choosing a new location that would not only accommodate our growing team, but also better serve our customers. We can now showcase the top of the line systems we are proud to provide, and demonstrate the value we bring to these solutions. We could not have taken this company to the next level without the incredible support of our customers, the talented BTA staff, and the close relationships we have cultivated with the manufacturers with whom we partner.”
The new 8,500 sq. ft. facility located in Hamptons Plaza (on the southwest corner of Lyons and Kimberly) features the latest technology for collaboration with BTA’s customers and partners. Featuring audiovisual displays capable of demonstrating BTA’s cutting edge integration techniques, a fabrication facility designed for enhanced productivity and quality assurance, and a workspace for employees that maximizes the flow of information through the use of the latest networking technologies, BTA is poised to transform the luxury A/V industry. The former Wells Fargo Building was also retrofitted with premier LED and solar lighting throughout, providing an energy efficient and optimal lighting environment for our customers and staff.
“This new facility is equipped with all the necessary resources for our experienced in-house staff to have complete flexibility in testing, designing, installing, and supporting customized integrated solutions for our clients nationwide,” said BTA’s General Manager, David Vranicar. “This high-quality workspace will help us continue to attract and retain the most qualified talent in the industry.”
BTA’s new Technology Experience Center and corporate address is 9020 Kimberly Blvd., Boca Raton, Florida 33434.

About BTA:
Boca Theater and Automation is a premier provider of turn-key custom built, luxury A/V and building automation systems in South Florida. They create easy to use systems that simplify your life, increase safety and save energy. Founded in 2001 by Jeff Galea, BTA is focused on delivering luxury A/V and building automation systems to residential and commercial properties. The systems integrate entertainment, lighting, shading, climate, communications, security and life safety controls into your home or office environment.
For more information about Boca Theater and Automation visit www.bocatheater.com or call 561-999-9024.
This article was sponsored by Boca Theater and Automation.

Biden & Crist Jam Traffic In West Boca

We heard from many readers today complaining about horrendous traffic and an overwhelming police presence. This was apparently caused by Vice President Biden’s visit to Century Village on Lyons Road.
Readers reported that Yamato Road was blocked westbound from Jog. Other readers reported problems all the way from I-95 to Lyons. We also saw a traffic jam on Glades Road approaching the Turnpike, and heard reports of problems at Glades and Lyons, as well as on Lyons itself.
One of our readers sent us several photos of the police. There were plenty on motorcycles:
There were plenty of cars:
And they were on the roadway, here at Lyons and Kimberly in front of Century Village:
Readers told us that Biden and Governor candidate Charlie Crist were accompanied by other local Democrat officials including Congressman Ted Deutch, State Senator Joe Abruzzo and others. We wonder if the votes this helps them get in Century Village are offset by the thousands of drivers who were inconvenienced.
But the truth is this kind of over-the-top treatment of government officials is a bipartisan affair. For voters who are really bothered by it, we would suggest voting for third-party candidates.