Loggers' Run Homes Sold 2017 – $198K to $1.1M

11351 Timberlodge in Loggers’ Run sold for $1.1 million; image by Google.

Loggers’ Run is a large community in West Boca. There are several subdivisions including the Timberwalk townhomes and single family homes in Cimarron, Country Landing, Indianhead, Crystal Cove Estates, Island Lakes, Winding Lakes, Tamarron and Ponderosa. Timberwalk in particular has seen substantial gains in home values over the past few years – see bottom of the article.
Loggers’ Run map with its neighboring communities. Image and map data by Google with development names added by West Boca News.

Single Family Homes Sold
The average price per square foot across the single family subdivisions was $187 for all of Loggers’ Run. Island Lakes had the lowest prices on a per square foot basis, coming in just below $180/sq.ft. Indianhead and Crystal Cove Estates were $185/sq.ft. and the others were all about $190/sq.ft. The houses typically sell in two months or less.
The highest overall price for 2017 was an outlier at 11351 Timberlodge Terrace in the Ponderosa subdivision. The 7200 square foot home sold near the corner of Winikoff and Palmetto for $1.1 million. Two smaller Ponderosa homes sold for $600,000 (3000 square feet) and $680,000 (3300 square feet).
Winding Lakes
Eight homes sold in the Winding Lakes subdivisions. One 2900 square foot model sold for $500,000. The rest sold for prices of $615K or higher. The highest price and most per square foot was 21387 Sweetwater Lane, a 3450 square foot house with four bedrooms and three baths that sold for $760,000.

Crystal Cove Estates
Crystal Cove Estates is a small gated subdivision just north of Loggers’ Run Plaza. Three homes sold in 2017. A smaller 3000 square foot house sold for $595,000, while two 3500 square foot houses sold for $615,000 (11541 Kensington Court) and $659,000 (11637 Kensington). All three have five bedrooms and were built in 2000.
Map of subdivision in Loggers’ Run north of Palmetto Park Road. Image and map data by Google with subdivisions added by West Boca News.

Island Lakes
Island Lakes is a gated loop of one-floor houses on the north side of Glades Road, with the park to its north. There were seven homes sold in Island Lakes in 2017. Prices ranged from $392K for the 2400 square foot home at 11650 Island Lakes Lane to $542,500 for the 2950 square footer at 11283 Island Lakes Lane. The average price for Island Lakes was $463,500. Island Lakes homes took the longest to sell in Loggers’ Run with most selling in one to three months.
21215 Raindance Lane; image by Google.

Eight homes sold in the Indianhead subdivision with prices ranging from $332K to $430K. The most typical transaction was 21215 Raindance Lane, a 2000-square-foot 4-bedroom that sold for $373,000.
The Cimmaron subdivisions had 11 transactions in 2017. The low price was an REO (bank-owned, typically after foreclosure) 3 bedroom with less than 2000 square feet that sold for $325,000. A similar non-REO model sold for $341,500. Two homes sold for $410,000. One was a 2600 square foot 2-floor house with 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths. The other was a 2100 square foot 1-floor with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. The average price for Cimarron was $378,500.
Country Landing
Twenty homes sold in the Country Landing subdivisions, most in the $300K range. Two smaller houses (1600 – 1700 square feet) sold for $290K. The top two prices were on Woodspring Avenue at $395K and $385K, both somewhat larger between 2000 and 2200 square feet. The average in the Country Landing group was $337,000. Country Landing homes also seem to sell quicker, averaging less than a month.
Loggers’ Run subdivisions south of Palmetto Park Road. Image and map data by Google, subdivisions added by West Boca News.

Timberwalk Townhomes
Timberwalk is a community of townhomes just south of Loggers’ Run Middle School between Ponderosa and Judge Winikoff. It’s a very convenient location with a back gate into the school and a short walk to Publix and the Loggers’ Run shopping plaza.
Twenty-one of the Timberwalk townhouses sold in 2017 and prices averaged $232,000. Only one sold for less than $200,000 and just barely so at $198K. Four homes sold for $250K or more, with the top going to 22499 Vistawood Way at $275K.
22499 Vistawood Way; image by Google

Just a few years ago in 2014 most of the Timberwalk sales were for less than $200K with the bottom close to $100K and nothing over $240K. In 2013 the highest price was $190K.
They’re also moving quickly, with most selling in less than a month and about half in 10 days or less. On a per square foot basis the average was $176/sq.ft. with some smaller 1200 square foot 3-bedrooms going for over $200/sq.ft.

Stabbing in Logger's Run

House on Sutters Lane; image by Google
House on Sutters Lane; image by Google

On Sunday several readers reported an incident to us in the Country Landings I subdivision of Logger’s Run. We were told there were vehicles from Fire Rescue, PBSO, and two people were taken from a house at Country Sound Court by ambulance. We also heard that a house on Sutters Lane was blocked off by crime scene tape for several hours. The house at Country Sound Court was also taped off.
Country Landings I includes both Sutters Lane and Country Sound Court. Map and image by Google.
Country Landings I includes both Sutters Lane and Country Sound Court. Map and image by Google.

We contacted PBSO. Initially they told us it was a Broward Sheriff’s Office case and they were only assisting. When we contacted BSO they told us it was a PBSO case. Yesterday we got a more complete answer from PBSO:

On Sunday, June 28, 2015, just before 6 pm, deputies responded to the 11000 block of Country Sound Court, Logger’s Run, in reference to two individuals being stabbed. The complainant/victim told the 911 call-taker that they were stabbed during a fight that occurred in Deerfield Beach. Upon arrival, deputies discovered that both individuals had been stabbed. Both were transported to Delray Community Medical Center via PBC Fire Rescue personnel.
Broward County Sheriff’s Office detectives responded to investigate only to learn from one of the victim’s that the two were stabbed in Boca Raton. VCD/Homicide was contacted at 8:30 pm to adopt the investigation. Deputies learned that crime scene actually occurred in the 21000 block of Sutters Lane, Boca Raton. One victim was interviewed and it was learned that both were stabbed after he and the other victim stopped at the location to settle a debt with one of the residents. This case is active and open.

We see one previous arrest from the Sutters Lane address, a drug case last year. That case is still pending (most recently he was rejected from drug court) and the individual may also have a misdemeanor battery charge from last year that did not involve an arrest and appears to be getting resolved with a diversion program. We’re not sure that’s the same person because the year in the birth date is different, though all the other identifying information appears the same and he has the same attorney.
The property is owned by a couple who bought the place in 2001 and appear to live there.
The victims have not been identified and it does not appear that any arrest has been made yet.

Body Found in Loggers' Run

Warning: The content of this story and some of the photos may be disturbing.

We reported earlier today that Ponderosa Drive was closed around 11 am today with Sheriff’s Deputies and Fire Rescue on scene. You can see that in the photo above. It was blocked from Woodchuck on the north side roughly to Chipmunk. The good news is that the road is now open. We were there as deputies cleared it around 3:40 pm.
The bad news is that it appears there was a suicide. This is the second body found in West Boca in the past couple months – a body was found in Sandalfoot in June.
The area deputies were focusing on was in the hedge between Ponderosa and the cul-de-sac of New Village Place. You can see it on the map below, and in the photo above – there are utility boxes and one of them is just to the right of the beige car.

Here’s a view of the boxes from New Village Place:
Detectives were on the scene but due to policy in the Sheriff’s office, and probably for good reason, they wouldn’t tell us anything.
We spoke with a neighbor who reports it was a suicide with a gunshot to the head. The gun was in the lap of the deceased.
If you are suffering from depression or suicidual thoughts, then know that you have places to turn to. There are a number of hotlines that can be found online for those who need someone to talk to. Please find the courage to speak to friends, family and whoever else about how you are feeling. If you know somebody who is struggling, regularly check in on them and offer support. Do they need to speak to a trained professional? Perhaps they need to try CBD oil to try and alleviate the symptoms of depression? Please be aware of those around you.

Warning – The photo below may be particularly upsetting for some readers.

We weren’t able to get very close. From a distance it appeared to be a male, perhaps in his 20s, wearing dark shorts, sandals, and no shirt. However, in looking at our best photo, it does look like he was wearing a shirt with a color somewhat close to skin tone.

Sheriffs and Fire Rescue on Ponderosa – Loggers Run

Several readers report activity on Ponderosa in Loggers Run, with both Sheriff’s deputies and Fire Rescue on scene.

6 cop cars, fire truck, police taped off area behind my house on Ponderosa in West Boca. Any ideas what happened? … Ponderosa between Little Bear & Woodchuck traffic closed down. Police still here.
A body found, think suicide in country landings 1.
My dog & I were sitting in backyard & I heard pop thought it was a car back firing. My dog freaked out & wanted to go inside. A few minutes later cops there.

Another reader wrote:

Police activity and ambulance again Loggers Run in West Boca It’s on Pondorosa Drive in front of Schimmer. Cars are being rerouted anyone knows what happened?

A third reader sent us this:

Not sure what is going on, but Sheriff and Fire Rescue have a portion of Ponderosa Drive shut down. It is just south of Country Landings 1.

Country Landing I is a little north of Palmetto Park Road:

We will update our story if and when we learn more.