Mission Bay Homes Sold 2017: $255K to $652K

2017 was a good year for Mission Bay home sale prices. Mission Bay is another large development west of US-441 with several subdivisions. It includes single family homes and two different townhome subdivisions, similar to these new construction homes.

Map showing Mission Bay and surroundings. Image and map data by Google.

64 single family homes and 10 townhomes sold in Mission Bay during 2017. The average single family home sold in two months for $427,000 with 2400 square feet at $177 per square foot. The average townhome sold for $284,000 in 20 days with 1600 square feet at $179 per square foot.
Mission Bay subdivisions map. Single family subdivisions are in green text; townhomes in blue. Image and map data by Google.

In this article the single family homes are covered first, and the townhouses are at the bottom. Prices are up a lot. Just a couple years ago several single family homes in Mission Bay sold for under $300,000 and the top price was $565,000. In 2017 the lowest price was $330,000 and only a few homes sold under $350K. Three homes sold over $600K including the highest at $652K.
Cordova Estates
20340 Hacienda Court sold for $652,000. Image by Google.

Single family homes on the ungated Hacienda Court had the highest prices of homes sold in Mission Bay for 2017. Five houses sold. Three of them were roughly 2600 square foot 4-bedroom houses with prices from $450,000 to $503,000. A 3300 square foot 5-bedrooms old for $630,000. 20340 Hacienda Court was the highest price at $652,000 with 3100 square feet, 5 bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths.
The average price in Cordova Estates was $547,000. Most homes sold in less than two months, but one of the smaller ones sat on the market for over seven months.
The Isle
The Isle, which is gated, is sometimes perceived as the most expensive subdivision in Mission Bay. For 2017 four homes sold with an average price of $507,000. Three of them sold in two to three months On Sausalito Drive a 3-bedroom 2 1/2 bath house with 2500 square feet sold for $450,000, and a 2700 square foot 4-bedroom sold for $488,000.
On Avenida Santa Ana a 2500 square foot 4-bedroom sold for $475,000. The highest price in The Isle was $615,000 for 10712 Avenida Santa Ana, a 2700 square foot 4-bedroom all one one floor. That house was thoroughly remodeled and has a large lot with great water views from the backyard pool area. It sold fast – only 5 days.

Nine homes sold in Ventura on Buena Ventura Drive and Vera Cruz Lane, all priced fairly close together from $405,000 up to $457,000. Eight of the nine were between 2200 and 2600 square feet. 10406 Buena Ventura drive, at 2900 square feet with five bedrooms, sold near the bottom at $406,000.
10274 Buena Ventura Drive actually sold twice during the same year. In January the 2400 square foot 4-bedroom sold for $425,000. It sold again in late November for $457,000 after some remodeling including the addition of a full bathroom.
Houses in Ventura took a little longer to sell on average with four of the nine sitting on the market for over 100 days. The average price was $422,000 at $175 per square foot.
The average price in Sonata was $414,000, held down a bit by an REO (bank-owned) sold $340K. Other than that one the lowest price was $355,000 for a 2000 square foot 3-bedroom. The high price was $515,000 for 20270 Monteverdi Circle, a 5-bedroom with 3000 square feet on two floors. That price is $40,000 higher than the same house sold for a year earlier. The house had some upgrades in that year.
Most of the homes sold in less than a month, but a couple of them took 3-5 months.
The gated Regatta subdivision in Mission Bay; image by Google.

Regatta was just behind Sonata with an average price of $412,000 for 2017. At the low end was a 1700 square foot 3-bedroom selling at $350,000. Three other homes sold for under $400K, with between 2000 and 2300 square feet. 10682 Wheelhouse Circle squeezes 5 bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths into 2200 square feet. That sold for $373,000.
The seven homes in Regatta selling for over $400,000 were all larger than 2400 square feet. 20958 Avenel Run was the highest price at $470,000. It has 5 bedroom and 4 baths in 3100 square feet.
Eleven homes sold in Laguna for an average price of $402,000 after a month and a half on the market. Four 3-bedroom houses under 2000 square feet sold for less than $400,000, while six 4-bedroom houses over 2300 square feet sold for prices over $400K.
The highest price was $460,000, with two houses each selling for that. 10548 Mendocino Lane has over 3000 square feet, while 20331 Cozumel Court notched the same price with under 2600 square feet.
La Costa
Three houses on La Salinas Circle in La Costa sold in 2017 in a fairly tight price range. A 1900 square foot 3-bedroom sold for $370K, while two 2300 square foot 4 bedrooms sold for $405K and $415K. All three sold in 10 days or less.
Harbour Springs
Rounding out the single family homes in Mission Bay is Harbour Springs. Six homes sold on Harbour Springs Circle and Baybreeze Way with prices from $360K (1900 square foot 3-bedroom) to $412K (2700 square foot 4-bedroom). Also above $400K were two 2900 square foot houses. On average they took over two months to sell, with one home taking well over a year.

Townhome prices are up significantly from a couple years ago. In 2015 multiple townhomes sold for under $200K, and the highest price was $286,000. The lowest price for 2017 was $255K, and the top was $315K.
Las Flores
The Las Flores townhome subdivision saw three home sales. All three were between 1600 and 1800 square feet, with prices of $276K, $281K and $315K. All three sold in less than a month.
Seven townhouses sold in Reflections with two smaller models going for $255K. The top price of $305,000 was a 2-bedroom with nearly 1700 square feet. The average unit sold in just over three weeks.

When Will the Lights Be Fixed? Roadwork Update

Image and map data by Google.
Image and map data by Google.

We’ve had a number of questions and complaints from readers about two particular intersections. On the left in the above image is the intersection of Glades Road and Diego, in the Mission Bay community. On the right is the intersection on US-441 (State Road 7) just south of Glades Road.
Glades and Diego before the repaving
Glades and Diego before the repaving; image by Google

At Diego the repaving turned off the light’s sensors causing it to revert to set timing. This has been a particular annoyance for through traffic on Glades Road. We spoke today with Dan Weisberg, director of the county traffic division. He did not have a particular date but said that such signals normally get fixed within about a month after the repaving is done. We did see some work going on at the intersection today but we think that was line painting rather than work on the signal.
441 south of Glades; image by Google.
441 south of Glades; image by Google.

Regarding the 441 traffic light, Weisberg said that is a project by the plaza on the southeast corner (Westwinds of Boca, the plaza with Home Depot and Publix). The county approved the plans and will inspect it before it is activated. The inspection has not taken place yet. Signs indicating the new traffic pattern should be put up a week before the lights go live.

Mystery in Mission Bay

A reader update on this story:

I heard from one of the neighbors that it started off as a drug bust. There were over eight sheriffs cars and blocked the street off from both ends. Then the guy got out of the house and the sheriffs chased him down outside the street. The whole thing went on for hour from 2 pm and they were still there at 9 pm. I saw them at 7.30pm.

Readers contacted us yesterday about an incident in the Mission Bay neighborhood. There were several PBSO vehicles and it appeared that at least two people were arrested. We have no tips regarding the woman pictured above, but readers tell us the man in the pictures is James “Jimmy” Leclerc.
We have been unable to confirm that Mr. Leclerc is involved, nor what the incident was about. Readers told us that it was a drug bust and/or that there was some kind of gun involved. We contacted the Sheriff and have gotten no answers. No arrests matching this incident have shown up in the blotter. Nor do we see any new cases in Broward or in federal court.

ID Photo
James Leclerc

Mr. Leclerc does have a substantial history in the courts, including a fairly recent three year state prison sentence related to several charges including felony battery incidents in 2011 and 2013. He was released in January of this year. The address listed for him in that record doesn’t exist but it’s on La Salina Circle where this incident occurred.
Map showing Diego and Glades, and La Salinas Circle in Mission Bay; map data by Google
Map showing Diego and Glades, and La Salinas Circle in Mission Bay; map data by Google

Mr. Leclerc does have a recent case in Broward, arrested last week for a felony driving with a suspended license – habitual. Despite having just been released from prison only a few months earlier he was released after that arrest on only $750 bond. Keep in mind that he may still be on probation in Broward.
At around the same time there was an accident reported to us nearby on Glades at Diego. The pictures we got were blurry.
When we asked PBSO about that they described it as a hit-and-run that was under investigation. It’s unclear if this is related to the incident on La Salinas Circle.
If any of our readers have more information about this incident, please let us know. You can comment on this article, our Facebook page, or e-mail [email protected].