Disarmed and Dangerous

Xavier Borgos (19) was arrested yesterday morning accused of three felonies including two drug charges and one count of carrying a concealed firearm without a license. Mr. Borgos was booked early yesterday morning and released on bond this afternoon around 2 pm.
We advise our readers to be cautious and keep their eyes out for Mr. Borgos. On October 30th he made multiple violent threats, to us and to other journalists.
The Sheriff reports Mr. Borgos’ address in the Palmetto Pines neighborhood south of Palmetto Park Road and west of 441.
Our regular readers may also remember Mr. Borgos from a story we did in June about an accident in Palmetto Pines.
In response to that story Mr. Borgos wrote the following comment:

… Listen people make mistakes. No one was hurt but me and the car. I deserve it. But what I don’t understand is that 95% of all people who have grown up or are in the process of growing up have the audacity to treat me like I’m a criminal or a danger to this community when everyone has their own skeletons in their closet. All I have to say is that I’m sorry. … Ive been a really good asset to the people I’ve met and I’m always looking for the next person to help out. So just understand I made a mistake. …

At this point we do view Mr. Borgos as a danger to this community. Threatening to beat someone’s “ass” and to shoot people, and then illegally carrying a firearm – that does fit the profile of a dangerous person.
We have advised the Sheriff’s office and the State Attorney’s Office of Palm Beach, and asked a couple of questions that so far have not been answered. First, possessing a concealed weapon while committing another felony (the drug charges) is itself another felony pursuant to Section 790.07. We asked why he was not charged with that felony.
Second, Florida’s bail statute (903.046) specifically addresses this:

The purpose of a bail determination in criminal proceedings is to ensure the appearance of the criminal defendant at subsequent proceedings and to protect the community against unreasonable danger from the criminal defendant.

We suggested that the bail decision should be reviewed. Although Mr. Borgos was presumably disarmed during his arrest, there’s a risk that he could get another weapon or cause harm without one. We think it is unlikely that the Sheriff or the State Attorney will do anything about this so we encourage our readers to be vigilant.
If you think the State Attorney should do something about this, you can call their main office at 561-355-7100, or e-mail them at [email protected]. You can also contact the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office at their main number: (561) 688-3000.

West Boca Lawyers Arrested For "Fraud"

As always, those arrested are innocent until proven guilty.
Two West Boca lawyers were arrested on fraud charges in a sting by state “Division of Insurance Fraud.” Brian Greenspoon (left, 42) and his wife purchased a house in Boca Isles South back in 2010. His office appears to be in Deerfield Beach. Greenspoon was arrested on Thursday morning and released on bond that afternoon. This is why it’s important to find the best and the most reputable personal injury attorneys that are available to you.
Cory Meltzer (right, 33) is a graduate of the St. Andrews School on Jog, south of Yamato, and his office is in East Boca. The Sun-Sentinel’s mugshot page indicates Meltzer was arrested by the Broward Sheriff on Thursday and held on felony charges from another county, which we assume is Palm Beach. We do not see any case filed in the system for him yet, nor can we tell if he has been released yet.
Meltzer has no criminal history but we do see 22 traffic cases since 2008, which appear to arise out of 13 separate incidents.
For Greenspoon we also see several traffic cases but no previous criminal history. His current criminal case does show up in the system. The blotter shows the charge as Fraud – Unlawful Solicitation. The court record points to this specific provision:

A person may not solicit or cause to be solicited any business from a person involved in a motor vehicle accident by any means of communication other than advertising directed to the public for the purpose of making motor vehicle tort claims or claims for personal injury protection benefits required by s. 627.736, within 60 days after the occurrence of the motor vehicle accident.

It seems a stretch to call that fraud. We’re not sure why this would even be considered a felony or even a crime. It seems more a matter of attorney discipline. I’ve heard lemon law attorneys in California would never commit such a transgression. So if you’re in California make sure you work with the right attorney. Working with other attorneys in their area can correct this, hopefully.
The docket shows the case was originally filed in mid-September and a warrant was issued then. Oddly the offense date in the court records database is listed as October 28th, after the case was filed.
The Greenspoon Dougherty website appears to be down at the moment but we were able to find some background information in Google’s cache.

Mr. Greenspoon graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in History and Political Science. Upon graduating from Penn, Mr. Greenspoon went to New York City where he worked with an investment banking firm for over 3 years. He then decided to pursue dual graduate degrees at the University of Florida. Mr. Greenspoon graduated with honors and earned both his Master’s in Business Administration and his Juris Doctorate.
After graduation, Mr. Greenspoon went on to work for one of the largest commercial litigation firms in Florida. There he practiced corporate law, real estate law and commercial litigation. Feeling the desire to help average people and realizing that the big corporate law firm was not where he wanted to spend his career, Mr. Greenspoon took a job with a small boutique trial firm and began shifting his career focus to personal injury law. In 2011, Mr. Greenspoon founded the Law Offices of Brian N. Greenspoon, P.L.

The Meltzer Taylor website is working and we found this background for Mr. Meltzer.

Cory Meltzer is a Florida native who was born in Miami and grew up in Boca Raton. Cory is also a proud alumni of St. Andrew’s School in Boca Raton. After attending Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, DC, and serving as a member of the school’s trial team, Cory returned to Palm Beach County to serve in the Public Defender’s Office. His tenure working in the public defender’s office provided him with valuable jury trial experience.
To date in his legal career, Cory has tried approximately 90 trials to verdict. Since leaving the public defender’s office to practice personal injury law; Cory has handled thousands of cases representing persons injured by the negligence of others. Cory is admitted to practice law in the (Federal) Southern District of Florida, along with all Florida State Courts. Cases like this highlight the importance of finding a personal injury defense attorney that you can fully trust, so be sure to do your research before hiring anyone.
Cory holds a B.A., Government, Georgetown University, 2003, and a J.D., Georgetown University Law Center, 2006. He is a member of the Georgetown Club of Palm Beach, the Florida Justice Association, and the Florida Bar.

Per the Sun-Sentinel, five others were either arrested or are wanted including two chiropractors.
Disclosure: This author did meet Mr. Meltzer back in 2012 while sitting in court waiting for our unrelated cases to be heard. We had a pleasant conversation and he seemed nice. We talked about meeting for lunch but that never happened.

Another Felony Battery

Marko Milosavljevic (32) was booked early Saturday on a felony battery charge, after an arrest by Boca Raton city police. His reported address is in the Vista Verde neighborhood between St. Andrews and Powerline.
We see a substantial history for Mr. Milosavljevic with five previous felony arrests. Back in May of this year he was arrested on three charges including driving with a suspended license and a fraud felony involving false identification. That incident occurred in December of 2013. He was sentenced to one day in jail for that.
Earlier in 2013 he was convicted of driving with a suspended license and got 60 days in jail. That sentence ran “concurrent” with the four month sentence he got for an earlier felony incident in 2013, where he was convicted of four counts including unlawfully carrying a concealed firearm and discharging a firearm in public. He got four months on that set.
Back in 2010 he had another felony case involving trespassing and domestic battery. He got a year probation on that one which he completed successfully. Court records also show 91 days of jail time, but it’s not clear if he actually served that time.
In 2003 he had a misdemeanor case involving charges of reckless driving causing injury (dropped) and culpable negligence (convicted), and also a DUI conviction. It looks like the culpable negligence incident was originally charged as a felony battery and reduced. Also in 2003 he was convicted of two felony burglary counts and got 3 years probation.
And in 2002 we see another felony incident for carrying a concealed firearm, armed burglary and grand theft of a firearm.
Broward court records also show another driving while suspended from 2013. Despite the fact these sentences were fairly short in the grand scheme of things, his criminal record will have a profound impact on his ability to live a normal life. If he is lucky he will be able to find work through Real Jobs For Felons, but he will find himself faced with barrier after barrier when it comes to establishing a respectable reputation again. Court records indicate the current arrest is for a felony domestic battery. Mr. Milosavljevic remains in custody at this writing.

2nd Arrest in Felony Battery Case – Boca High Teen

We previously reported on the arrest of Troy Parry for felony battery. A second young man with ties to Parry was arrested hours later, also for felony battery.
Keegan Dix (19) was arrested late on Wednesday by deputies and booked just after midnight. Court records show the alleged offense took place on Saturday, October 25th, the same day of Parry’s alleged battery. The cases followed the same court, both filed the same day (the 27th) with warrants issued.
Dix’ reported address is in the Bella Vista at Boca Del Mar apartments, on the east side of Powerline across from Olive Garden. Our research indicates he went to Boca High and was an outstanding youth hockey player.
Our research also shows this is his third felony arrest and his 11th case in our courts starting in 2011. In May last year he was arrested for misdemeanor battery. The next day he was arrested for burglary and grand theft. Those charges were eventually dropped by prosecutors.
The next month he was arrested on a felony drug charge, for ecstasy or MDMA after testing positive with an MDMA test kit, and the case was resolved with “adjudication withheld” and probation. Two months after that arrest he was charged with (but not arrested for) underage possession of alcohol, a charge that was also dropped by prosecutors. And in April of this year he was ticketed for littering, a case that’s still open.
He also had a few traffic tickets along the way. The latest was for an open container in June of last year. Court records indicate his license was suspended in July for not responding to the ticket and the case was sent to a collection agency in October.
We remind our readers that all arrestees are innocent at this stage. And with young people it can be challenging to spot signs they might develop a disregard for following the law.

SWAT Raid in Meadow Lakes?

New Update: Mr. Parry has apparently been released and had these comments in response:

Update: We’ve learned that the SWAT incident did not involve Mr. Parry, but rather was for a misdemeanor domestic assault in Meadow Lakes.
A number of readers contacted us about a SWAT raid in the Meadow Lakes community yesterday. We can’t be certain that it’s related, but Troy Parry (20) was arrested for felony battery and his reported address is very close to Meadow Lakes in the Emerald Bay Club apartments at Boca Entrada. Both communities are on the west side of 441 just north of the county line.
The precise nature of the charge against Mr. Parry and other details are unclear. The sheriff’s blotter indicates:
The court records shows the charge as felony battery under §784.041(1), which is:

(1) A person commits felony battery if he or she:
(a) Actually and intentionally touches or strikes another person against the will of the other; and
(b) Causes great bodily harm, permanent disability, or permanent disfigurement.

The strangulation charge is listed under subsection 2 of the statute, so it probably does not apply here.
Also, the sheriff’s blotter shows the arresting agency as PBSO (Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office). But the court record indicates the arresting agency as Boca Raton PD. It also indicates the alleged battery occurred on October 25th (Saturday). The case was filed on Tuesday and a warrant was issued.
Parry, an Olympic Heights graduate, has a mostly clean record. All we see is a few traffic tickets and an “open container” incident in Deerfield Beach earlier this month.
Why the SWAT team? We don’t have the underlying paperwork to know, but we have some guesses. Maybe it’s because the police were scared of him because he’s in great shape, has a tattoo, and is friends with black people?
In response to comments on Facebook about that last line, we now include this: SARCASM ALERT!
If you don’t get it read Radley Balko’s book.

Or maybe it’s his Twitter post from the day before his arrest: