Arrest in Mission Bay SWAT Incident?

David Mrofki
David Mrofki

Last night we reported on a large police presence including a SWAT team in Mission Bay. It appears that an arrest was made in conjunction with that incident.
Readers reported to us that this concerned a house on Baybreeze Way, which is just south of Glades and just west of Diego Drive (about a mile west of 441).

The Sheriff’s blotter shows an arrest of an individual with a reported address on Baybreeze Way.
We see no criminal history for David Mrofki (59) in the three county area, other than a couple of minor traffic tickets in Broward from 1999 and 2005. If it’s the same guy, he’s worked in sales and marketing in healthcare/information-technology for many years.
David Mrofki - Professional
David Mrofki – Professional

The address reported for him shows in county records as owned by a woman with a different last name who works in insurance sales.
The charge against Mr. Mrofki is “aggravated assault with intent to commit a felony.” It’s a 3rd-degree felony – that’s the lowest level of felonies. He had a court appearance scheduled for this morning with Judge Kelley at the Gun Club court facility (next to the jail in West Palm Beach). Court records do not yet show the results of that appearance. Despite reports of him being armed, he was not charged on the “with a deadly weapon” version of the offense. We suspect that this case will resolve without significant jail time, though Mr. Mrofki remains in custody at this writing.

Robbery Arrest: Jonathan Larkin

At the young age of 29, Jonathan Larkin has managed to accumulate more than his share of cases in the South Florida courts. Most recently Mr. Larkin was arrested Sunday night on a robbery charge, and he remains in custody at this writing.
Larkin’s reported address is in the Holiday City subdivision of Palmetto Pines, north of Judge Winikoff near Keystone Street.
His court history is stunning, with a total of well over 40 cases between Palm Beach and Broward counties including both criminal and traffic. Leaving out the small stuff, this is what we found:
2003 – Felony drug charges
2005 – Misdemeanor drug case
2006 – Felony drug charges
2007 – Battery charge dropped by prosecutors
2008 – Felony drug charges dropped by prosecutors
2008 – Misdemeanor drug charges
2008 – Drug felony (Broward)
2009 – Felony driving with suspended license
2010 – Felony drug charges dropped by prosecutors
2010 – Felony drug charges dropped by prosecutors (again)
2010 – Misdemeanor drug charges
2010 – Battery charge dropped by prosecutors
2010 – Misdemeanor drug charge
2010 – Misdemeanor retail theft dropped by prosecutors
2010 – Misdemeanor theft (Broward)
2010 – Felony theft (Broward)
2010 – Misdemeanor driving without license (Broward)
2011 – Drug felony (Broward)
2011 – Drug misdemeanor (Broward)
2013 – Drug misdemeanor
July 2014 – Drug misdemeanor
And now we see a felony robbery charge. We can’t see all the sentencing details but despite his extensive record it appears that Mr. Larkin faced little or no jail time on any of these cases.
A quick browse of the friends list on Larkin’s Facebook page showed at least 10 people we’ve seen arrested in the past. This reflects a disturbing criminal subculture in Boca Raton. Our so-called criminal justice system is teaching them that they will get away with it.
West Boca News believes the drug war is a failure. Most of Mr. Larkin’s cases are for things that should not be subject to criminal prosecution. But battery, theft, robbery, and driving with a suspended license are real crimes that should be punished. If we stop wasting police, prosecutor, and judge time on things that shouldn’t be illegal, we would have the resources to hold criminals accountable when they commit real crimes.

Arrest Week – Part 1

Here are some of the arrests reported by the Sheriff in the past week. For starters, we have two who were in our last arrest report:
Ali Can (left, 23) and Deanna Fraschilla (right, 50) were in our early May weekend arrest report. Can had been arrested for vague charges of loitering and resisting, while Fraschilla was booked on mischief charges for causing property damage. The latter incident was written up in more detail in the Sun-Sentinel.
Now both have been arrested for burglary and/or related charges. Can, whose reported address is just off Del Prado Circle, was booked by Boca PD Tuesday afternoon charged with burglary while armed and larceny for stealing a firearm. He is being held on those two charges on $15,000 bond, and was also recommitted on the earlier charges.
Hopefully Can can find a way to get by with a little help from his friends. One tried to reach out to him the day he was arrested:
Fraschilla, of the Boca Rio Banyan townhomes was arrested the next day for unarmed burglary, criminal mischief, and resisting, along with a contempt of court charge for violating a court injunction (perhaps related to the previous arrest). She has not been released yet either. We don’t see any bond amount but the contempt may override any possible release. She had a 2008 felony charge for burglary and battery and did 5 years probation for that.

See more arrests from this week: Arrest Week Part 2.

Next up three arrests related to driving:
Andres Gonzalez-Monroy (left, 26) was arrested for DUI by Boca city police, booked early Thursday morning and released several hours later. His reported address is an apartment near the corner of SW 18th and Lyons. He’s had several traffic cases dating back to 2006.
Boca PD indicates that he refused a breath test, which is the approach recommended by most defense lawyers.
Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 2.57.17 PM
In the middle, Marko Milosavljevic (31) was arrested for driving with a suspended license, fraudulently using someone else’s ID, and resisting an officer. His reported address is in Gables Town Colony, and our friends at Boca News Now reported he was arrested for marijuana and illegally carrying a firearm last year after firing a handgun into the air in the Town Center parking lot. Court records indicate he did 4 months in jail for that. We see four previous felony cases for him dating back to 2002, along with a number of misdemeanors and traffic offenses.
Sandalfoot Blvd’s Austin Lane (right, 24) was arrested by Boca PD and booked Tuesday morning for DUI. We see no criminal history with a few traffic cases. An Olympic Heights graduate, he was a key player on their basketball team several years ago. He’s also a fan of the Heat and the Dolphins but the beer in this photo of him with the Heat’s Udonis Haslem may not help his DUI case.
See more arrests from this week: Arrest Week Part 2.