1. Cat

    Kids drive like maniacs in the little section between glades & palmetto. I’m on of the accidents in the statistics back in 2010. That road is scary when wet. I didn’t drive down that part of lyons for months

  2. Victoria Kestler

    It’s a strange road not only because of the curve but because there is no sidewalk or bike lane! I have seen students walking in the median to get to Glades. According to FDOT there’s no sidewalk because the developments didn’t want it! Sad but there is a sidewalk all along 441 from Glades rd to the National Cemetery in Boynton and beyond. Mostly undeveloped land!

  3. Bonnie

    Are all of you really serious? The bottom line is that PEOPLE are stupid. There is an imposed speed limit and it doesn’t apply to STUPIDS for some weird reason. The only thing besides wasting taxpayers money, is to tell the stupids to slow down by putting in one of those RED LIGHT picture flashers, that actually flash when you’re doing over 30 miles an hour. A ticket for speeding should be 500 bucks. That will slow those stupids down.

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