1. Mark Grimm

    It is wonderful Warren Redlich is asking representatives the tough questions. The “penny tax” label is an attempt to minimize what is really a 17% tax hike (1/6 is 17%). Keep it up, Warren.

    • Tracy paletti

      Actually the current tax is 6 percent (6 divided by 100 is 6 percent). The extra penny per dollar is now 7 divided by 100 which is a proposed 7 percent tax rate. Thus, the effective rate increases one percent. What your math tells us is that the extra penny is 17 percebnt of the current tax rate. It is not the increase in the rate of tax- since the tax is based on the dollar.

      This penny sales tax has been used once before and worked out well. I’m willing to do this – otherwise it will come out of property tax most likely- and that is not paid for by all residents and sldo not by tourists, travelers, and temporary renters.

      • Tracy, you are correct that the tax is based on the dollar. The increase in that rate, from 6 cents on the dollar, to 7 cents on the dollar, is a 17% increase. That is the truth, the numbers don’t lie. Politicians who tell you that it’s “a penny” are the ones that are being dishonest in order to trick you and the general public. But the people are much smarter than the bureaucrats think they are. The Palm Beach Post agrees with me and Mark that it is a 17% tax increase, see here: http://www.mypalmbeachpost.com/news/news/local-govt-politics/businesses-ready-to-spend-200000-to-push-sales-tax/nsrMR/.

        Politicians that say that if we don’t agree to this tax they will raise property taxes are essentially threatening you when there is another way. Don’t be fooled into believing that there is only 2 ways to do find the money. I’ve learned in my time working with the federal government that there’s always a way beyond what politicians tell you. They could issue a bond which would be more fiscally prudent, or option 4) find the money already in the budget through audits to identify waste, fraud, and abuse. There is plenty of waste in our county government and I will find it if voters elect me to the County Commission.

  2. Wyatt

    Dinnerstein is right. Throwing half the revenue at education won’t fix failing schools or enhance the best. If schools want money to rebuild, they should utilize urban formats instead of the current underutilized sprawling campuses, and lease the remaining land to private developers. I went to Verde as a kid long ago, and most the open space was never used. Also, the agreement to use the recreational facilities as a park for residents outside school hours was somehow lost, and the gates are always locked.

    If schools want money for teachers, tackle the unions that bully teachers more than represent as actual interests, the upper levels of an out of touch bureaucratic beast, and create better incentives for teachers who perform the best. Otherwise, if you don’t like how the schools are ran, sending them or working at many of great private schools is the best choice.

    I’m against extending the Sawgrass Expressway into Palm Beach County, but eventually University Drive needs to be completed, and properly to address traffic and noise concerns. The compromise offering better bus service on 441 was stupid and didn’t address the issue in the first place. We need infrastructure improvements, and done properly, rather than half-assed like Powerline/Jog Road and 441.

    Money going to West Palm Beach or other cities will ultimately help us as a region, albeit the effects might not ripple as profoundly as proponents would argue. It should be done in an efficient
    and effective manner, so less wasteful spending will ultimately give West Boca a share of the pot.

    Vote Taniel Shant for somebody who cares about West Boca instead of themselves and political insider’s club banana boat which Berger demands to keep afloat.

  3. Our schools are terribly underfunded, and I’m happy to pay a little more sales tax to give them the resources they need, provided that it goes towards education (classrooms, teachers, and to fix urgent infrastructure issues like mold). When our children have a good education and are in a safe, healthy environment, it benefits the entire community.

    • Trump 2016

      Your assumption might fly in a perfect world…

      Even if the revenue goes to education, it will not be used for the betterment of the entire community, infrastructure or human capital. Unless the system is changed to be efficient and do what it’s supposed to, corrupt school board members supported by Common Core government bureaucrats, unions, and other special interests will make sure the money lines their pockets rather than teachers, job creators, and future employees.

  4. The 17% sales tax hike is an outrageous proposal. First of all, it hurts the poor, it hurts seniors, and it hurts working class families. Second, the county just raised our property taxes this week. Third, and most outrageous of all, is that our county government is spending tens of thousands of tax payer dollars on a public relations and marketing campaign to convince you into supporting a proposal that would give them more of your hard earned money! Imagine that, your tax dollars being spent on convincing you to pay higher taxes! If you live in West Boca and oppose the sales tax, then vote for Taniel Shant for County Commission. I promise I will vote against any property or sales tax increase that comes across my desk. Period. Learn more at http://www.tanielshant.com.

  5. Tracy paletti

    Bad math!! A 1 percent sales tax to cost 1200 a year for a family – would mean that the family is spending $120,000 a year in TAXABLE goods! Someone who has that kind of money to spend can afford $100 a month for this. Also your division of the total by the numer of residents is wrong. People traveling through and stopping to eat, visitors and tourists will be contributing. Your article is not based on all of the facts.

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