Vietnamese Violations

The biggest number in this week’s report is for a Vietnamese restaurant in Boca. Others with more than 10 violations include a pizza place on 441, a big chain restaurant near Town Center, and a local breakfast place near 441. Full details are for paid subscribers, below.

The best news in our report is the perfect inspection for Texas Roadhouse, on Lyons south of the county line. They had zero violations. The Griddle on Spanish River Blvd and Jerkit Cuisine in Deerfield Beach also both had perfect inspections.

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17 Violations at Bagel Place in West Boca

Our restaurant inspection report is now weekly with most of the articles for paying subscribers only.

This report’s lowlights include a bagel place with 17 violations, a Colombian place with 15, and a prominent Italian restaurant in East Boca with 11.

On the bright side, Fresh Bites Cafe in Mission Bay had a perfect inspection with zero violations. California Pizza Kitchen in Town Center did well with just one violation.

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Crime Report – First Full Week 2019

We’re getting back into local crime reporting. Because of the sensitive nature of these reports, most of it will be content for paid subscribers only.

Below are details on 18 incidents with threats, drugs, sexual assault, child cruelty, drugged driving, violence, and more. People involved include a woman from St. Andrews Country Club, a man from Lexington Estates, young people connected to West Boca High, Olympic Heights and Spanish River as well. And of course, a raid in the Sandalfoot trailer park.

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