Boca Isles, Boca Greens, Saturnia, Shores: 2020 Real Estate

The first half of 2020 shows wide variation based on neighborhoods. Homes in Saturnia, Boca Isles both sold well. Boca Greens continues to surge with more sales at higher prices. There was less activity in The Shores but pricing remains strong for sellers.


Saturnia homes sold well in 2019 and that continues in 2020 so far. Sixteen homes have closed this year, ahead of the 2019 pace. Prices are on par with last year or a bit higher.

Four homes sold for $700,000 or more with a top price of $790,000 for 19276 Natures View Court. It has 5 bedrooms and 3 baths in 3500 square feet. That matches the top price last year, also on the same street.

The same model at 19251 Creekshore sold for $780,000. Both have 3-car garages, private pools and water views.

Others in the 7s include:

  • 11827 Bayfield – 6 bedrooms, over 4700 square feet, $750,000
  • 19450 Saturnia Lakes – $700,000 for 5 bedrooms in 3500 square feet

The lowest price was $530,000 for 19477 Estuary, a 4-bedroom with 2700 square feet. That’s $35,000 over the low price in 2019.

A total of 7 houses sold under $600,000. Four of them were close in price between $530,000 and $545,000. Another group of four homes sold in a range from $620,000 to $635,000.

Median price was $621,000 and the average price was slightly higher at $629,000. All homes sold in Saturnia had at least 4 bedrooms and at least 3 full bathrooms. All but 3 of the homes had 3-car garages.

5 transactions are in some form of pending status. As elsewhere inventory is low. There are 4 homes listed at the moment with prices from $570,000 to $700,000.

On average homes took nearly 4 months to sell. 9 listings failed in the first half of the year, either expired or canceled.

Boca Isles

Boca Isles also saw increased volume in the first half of 2020 with 34 closed transactions. That’s more than half of the 53 deals in 2019.

Boca Isles North was busier with 20 homes sold, while Boca Isles South had 14 sales.

Both communities had fairly similar pricing. Boca Isles North deals averaged $566,000, a bit higher than the $564,000 in Boca Isles South. Pricing in Boca Isles North was also slightly higher on a dollars per square foot basis.

The biggest sale price was for 20130 Palm Island at $725,000 for a 5 bedroom with 3400 square feet, in Boca Isles South. Just a few doors down the slighty smaller 20160 Palm Island sold for $670,000.

The highest price in Boca Isles North was for 19239 Redberry, a 6-bedroom over 3400 square feet that sold for $710,000 after 7 months on the market. 19243 Bayleaf, a 5 bedroom under 3000 square feet, was next at $675,000.

For statistics geeks the median price in Boca Isles North was much higher at $582,000 vs $518,000 in Boca Isles South.

The lowest price was $413,000 for a 2100 square foot 3 bedroom at 19448 Preserve in Boca Isles North. The same model sold for $499,000 at 10856 Tea Olive.

20144 South Key Drive was the low price in Boca Isles South at $440,000 with 4 bedrooms and 2600 square feet. A large 5-bedroom went for $468,000 in a short sale at 20216 Ocean Key.

In both communities the average home took 2 1/2 months to sell. Inventory is low, particularly in Boca Isles North with only 3 homes listed ($530,000 – $745,000). There are 6 listings in Boca Isles South ($515,000 – $700,000).

Each neighborhood has 7 listings in some form of pending status. 6 listings failed in Boca Isles North and another 10 listings failed in Boca Isles South.

Boca Greens

Boca Greens entrance from US-441; image by Google.

Boca Greens homes have been rising in price for years and 2020 continues that trend. 21 homes sold in the first half of the year and prices jumped higher.

In 2019 four homes sold over $500,000 for the whole year. In the first six months of 2020 five homes have already sold over $500,000. Two homes sold for over $550,000, over last year’s top price under $540,000.

10370 Camelback was the big winner, selling for $565,000. It’s a 4-bedroom with 2500 square feet.

Just below that, 20202 Back Nine Drive sold for $555,000, a 3-bedroom home with 2500 square feet.

The low price was $290,000 for 19740 Back Nine Drive, an 1800 square foot 3-bedroom. The low in 2019 was $257,000.

The median price was $447,000 up from $429,000 last year. The average price was similar at $446,000.

While the average home took nearly four months to sell, that’s affected by two outliers which took over 500 days each. Leaving those two out, the average was closer to 2 months.

There are only 8 homes listed in Boca Greens ($430,000 to $650,000). 6 deals are pending and 6 listings failed.

The Shores

The Shores at Boca Raton saw only 7 transactions in the first half of the year, below the 2019 pace. 25 homes sold last year.

Prices continue to rise in The Shores. 11102 Blue Coral Drive broke the 700 ceiling at $715,000 with 5 bedrooms and 3400 square feet. Last year the top deal was $680,000 for a larger house.

11166 Sea Grass Circle was the low price at $392,000 for 3 bedrooms in 2100 square feet. This is substantially higher than the bottom two from 2019 ($330,000 and $375,000).

It’s a big jump up to the next deal at $490,000 for 11155 Sea Grass Circle (4 bedrooms, 2600 square feet). Last year several homes sold for less than that.

The media price so far in 2020 is $549,000.

Homes are selling fast, in less than 2 months. A couple listings failed, and 3 are pending.

4 homes are listed at the moment with prices from $525,000 to $570,000.

Boca Chase Homes 2018 First Half

Boca Chase entrance; image by Google.

Have you been looking into Lynchburg real estate agents? Wanting to relocate and buy your dream house? Well, this could be the perfect place for you. Boca Chase includes two areas of single family homes to the west and east along with some 55+ senior communities in the middle.

Western Boca Chase

Thirteen single family homes sold in the western part of Boca Chase with prices ranging from a high of nearly $460,000 down to $265,000. This section of Boca Chase has less reported crime, perhaps because it’s further back or maybe criminals fear getting trapped in a place with only one way out. It’s one of the safest non-gated communities in West Boca and offers some great bargains for buyers.

The western section of Boca Chase with single family homes. Image and map data by Google and MLS service.

Two somewhat larger houses sold for $450K or more. 11061 Lakeaire Circle in Impressions III closed at $459,000 with four bedrooms in 2700 square feet. The house was fully renovated with some nice features in the kitchen including a deep sink and a wine refrigerator. Selling at $450,000 even was Coral Bay’s 18116 Blue Lake Way, also a four bedroom with an extra full bath in 2800 square feet. This one had fewer updates but a waterfront lot.

11061 Lakeaire Circle; image by Google.

A total of five homes sold in Impressions I, with three-bedroom 21421 Millbrook Court selling for the most at $415,000. That house took over 7 months to sell but the patient seller was rewarded with a good price for only 2100 square feet.

The low end prices were both in the Impressions subdivisions. At bottom was 21271 Sawmill Court, a foreclosed bank-owned 1900 square foot 3-bedroom that needs some work. Also below $300,000 was 11225 Jasmine Hill Circle, a 3-bedroom with 1700 square feet with a barebones listing from a Miami realtor indicating that the house needs TLC and upgrades.

Other than those two troubled homes, the floor in the western part of Boca Chase seems to be around $350,000. 21230 Sawmill Court sold for $350,900 with only two bedrooms in 1700 square feet. It did have some nice remodeling.

Eastern Boca Chase

The eastern section of Boca Chase is mostly single family homes with a small section of townhomes, though no townhomes sold in the first half of 2018.

The eastern part of Boca Chase. Image and map data by Google and MLS service.

Only one home sold over the $400K mark, 18484 102nd Way S in Bentbrook. It’s a four bedroom with 2300 square feet and it sold in just three days. The house is in an odd location, backed up the Florence Fuller center.

18484 102nd Way S; image by Google.

A few homes sold in the upper 300s. 10173 182nd Court S in Barrington went for $390,000 with four bedrooms in 2000 square feet. That house had extensive remodeling with some nice finishes, though the black kitchen appliances may have clashed for some buyers. It took three months to sell.

Two more of those homes sold in Bentbrook. 10331 186th Court S ($381,150, 3 beds, 2500 sq.ft.) and 10377 185th Street S ($380,000, 4 beds, 2300 sq.ft.).

The lower end held up better than in western Boca Chase with two smaller 1400 square foot houses in Hidden Lake selling for $318,000 and $310,000. Nothing sold below $310K, but there were no REO or short sale transactions.

Boca Vista

We include Boca Vista in our Boca Chase report. It’s a small gated community of thirty homes. 10184 Boca Vista Drive sold for $385,000 with three bedrooms in 2000 square feet.

Boca Chase 55+

Twenty homes sold in the senior parts of Boca Chase with prices from $164,000 to $265,000.

Map showing senior community area of Boca Chase; image and map data by Google and MLS.

The top prices for these active adult communities were in Greenbriar and Sweetwater. 10537 Greenbriar Court was the highest at $265,000 for the three bedroom with 1800 square feet. 10981 Lakemore Lane A in Sweetwater sold for $260,000 with two bedrooms in 1550 square feet. Nothing in these two communities sold for less than $205,000, with a total of thirteen sales.

Waterberry peaked at $195,000 for 10863 Waterberry, a two bedroom with 1400 square feet. Seven units sold with the bottom being two 1400 square foot villas at $164,000 and $165,000.

Lakes at Boca Raton $300K to $500K – First half of 2018

Roundabout on Cain north of Yamato in Lakes at Boca Raton; image by Google

Ten single family homes within Lakes at Boca Raton sold in the first half of 2018 along with three townhomes and three villas. The single family home prices ranged from just over $300,000 for a foreclosed three bedroom to $492,500 for a four bedroom in Harbour Lakes with 2400 square feet. Townhomes and villas ranged from $200,000 to $242,500.

Single Family Homes

10738 Seacliff Circle sold for $492,500; image by Goole.

Harbour Lakes had the three top sales for the first half of the year. The biggest was 10738 Seacliff Circle at $492,500 for this four bedroom in 2400 square feet. Features include extensive remodeling with gorgeous floors, a screened-in pool and a large lot with lake view. 10756 Sea Cliff Circle, the same model just around the corner without the remodeling, sold for $435,000.

Two somewhat smaller four bedrooms homes sold in Cypress Bend for $412,000 (2100 square feet) and $400,000 (1900 square feet). Three homes sold in the mid-300s, one each in Pelican Cay, LaCrosse and Symphony.

10696 Plainview Circle; image by Google.

The two lowest single family prices were in Port Cayman. 10696 Plainview Circle sold for $320,000 with three bedrooms in 1500 square feet. It took seven months to sell. Reading the phrase “everything is immaculate” in the listing and then looking at the photos may have caused cognitive dissonance for some prospective buyers.

Townhomes and Villas

The highest price for townhomes was $242,500 for 10274 Riverbend Terrace 14B, a three bedroom unit with just over 1200 square feet. It was the largest unit sold so far this year. All the rest were two bedroom units with 1100 square feet or less. A few doors down the villa at 10282 Riverbend Terrace sold for $220,000 with just 1000 square feet.

The low end was 10324 Windswept Place, the same model villa that sold for $199,900.

Prices Down in The Shores

Entrance to The Shores; image by Google.

Prices fell sharply in The Shores for the first half of 2018 with an average of $496,000, down nearly 7% from the $531,000 average in 2017. This was largely due to the size of homes in the transactions as the per square foot price held steady at $171.

Eleven homes sold at a 22/year pace, a bit faster than the 19 transactions for 2017.

Shores at Boca Raton on map; image and map data by Google and MLS service.

Five of the eleven transactions were over $500,000 or more, peaking at $551,000 for 11301 Sea Grass Circle, a four-bedroom with 3100 square feet all on one floor. The house includes a bonus second kitchen. Right behind that at $550,000 was 18576 Ocean Mist Drive, a six-bedroom with 3400 square feet on two floors.

Three 2900 square foot homes clustered in price just under $500K with two selling at $495,000 and one $493,000.

At the low end two smaller houses sold not far over $400K. The 2100 square foot three bedroom at 11484 Sea Grass Circle sold for $422,000, while 11435 Sea Grass Circle sold for $407,000 with four bedrooms in 2300 square feet.

On the bright side the houses are not taking as long to sell, averaging less than two months on the market. That statistic can be misleading as a few of the homes sold only after earlier listings failed. For example 11090 Blue Coral Drive sold on its fourth listing after it first went on the market in March of 2017.

The Shores remains somewhat saturated with 10 listings or about 3% of the homes in the development. That level of seller competition makes it a bit easier for buyers to find a deal.

Saturnia Prices Continue Decline in 2018 First Half

Saturnia entrance; image by Google.

Saturnia continues to be a luxury buyer’s bargain. The average price through June of this year fell to $619,000, down from $630,000 in 2017 and $638,000 in 2015. The first half of 2018 saw an increase in the pace of transactions with 21 homes sold. This is on pace for 42 transactions for the full year, up from 33 in 2017 and 23 in 2016. The community is now slightly more saturated than before with 14 homes listed, which is 3.4% of the community.

Three homes sold for over $700,000, while only one sold below $500K. As usual for Saturnia most of the higher prices were for houses over 4000 square feet. The highest price was $735,000 for 19329 Skyridge Circle, a 5-bedroom, 4-bath in 4100 square feet over two floors that sold in just two weeks. It’s gorgeous. On the outside it has an extra-large backyard thanks to a large lot (2/5 or 0.4 acre) and large covered patios on both floors overlooking the swimming pool and hot tub. Inside has all the right touches including a loaded kitchen – extra large refrigerator, double oven, all in stainless with granite and upgraded tile floors.

Not far behind was 19534 Saturnia Lakes Drive, selling for $730,000 with a much larger 4700 square feet. This is another gorgeous house with an over the top backyard including outdoor kitchen and an amazing pool with waterfalls and a slide.

Saturnia sales map for first half of 2018. Image and map data by Google and MLS service.

Both of those homes sold in less than a month. By contrast 11755 Bayfield Drive is smaller and took over 7 months to sell, but the price of $720,000 for 3500 square feet was a better deal for the patient seller. The house does not have all the features of the two others, but it is on one floor and has a lake view.

A total of 14 homes sold for $600,000 or more, all with at least 3100 square feet.

Most of the homes selling below $600,000 were 2700 square feet or less, though 11747 Bayou Lane sold for $545,000 with over 3300 square feet. This may be another example where hiring Miami-based realtors did not help the seller. This was the third listing since it first went on the market in 2016, all three with Miami realtors. It took about 18 months to finally get it sold and the price was well below market value, despite extensive renovations.

At the low end, 19101 Skyridge Circle sold for $515,000 with 2800 square feet. 19150 Skyridge Circle sold for $500,000 even with 2700 square feet, and 19681 Estuary Drive was the bottom at $465,000. All three are four-bedroom models.