1. RJ

    Their service is as bad as there violations, employees are more concerned with conversation instead of cleaning and taking care of customers

  2. Amber Hildebrand

    The past 2 times my son and I went to eat, we were both disgusted. Dirty booths, dirty seats, we watched them all talk it up between eachother, when they could have been attending to their workplace, not their social life. We dont come to hear their life stories. We are trying to eat our food. Every time I ask for the pepper sauce, bottles are sticky, with very very little vinegar in the bottles. We havent been back since 2 weeks ago, and now, we dont ever plan on going back. It is out of our way to go there, and what crappy service all around. All that aside, the burgers are just crappier and smaller. Tiny little burgers, most of the burger is left on the grill when they flip them. (I have watched the cook make many of them, and they all get ripped apart. They are really small to begin with, and then to not even be served the whole patty is just ridiculous. Glad the inspectors are doing their job. I wonder how the soda machine spigots were. Ice machine? I am so fearful of ice from establishments. I know they dont clean them out like they should. The majority of workers there dont care. Are any of them Safe Serve certified? Do they want to be? Do they even care what that is? I know 1 person on the clock must be, but the whole team should know the rules.

  3. John M Gallipoli

    Dominics is a great Restaurant and I’ve never had a bad experience! It’s. Lean and the food and pizza are awesome

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