Despicable robbery at Publix

–Update– See this attached pdf for a description of the police efforts to resolve this case:┬áBardisa Probable Cause — Below is a video from a local news channel describing an incident where a young man on a scooter knocked over two elderly women and stole a purse. This took place at the Publix in the … [Read more…]

Power Outage in Boca Falls

Update – the power was restored after about one hour, though FPL trucks continued working long after. — There’s a power outage at the moment in Boca Falls. We don’t yet know the extent of the outage – how much more of West Boca is affected. There are FPL trucks in Boca Falls. Traffic lights … [Read more…]

West Boca a Hotbed of Activism?

According to the Sun Sentinel, West Boca just might become a center for activism. The article refers to a meeting at the West Boca Branch Library, which we have been to and is a very nice facility. Unfortunately we did not get advance notice of the meeting or we would have attended.

Hotwire Communications Problems in Boca Falls

Update 7: All has been relatively quiet now into mid-September. We just got notice that Hotwire representatives will be at our clubhouse “to assist with any chronic technical issues.” That’s heartwarming. And we’ve had our own problem with the Hotwire Insura Security system. The adventure continues. Update 6: As of May 7th Hotwire continues to … [Read more…]