Yokohama Sushi at Boca Lyons

Frequently near Yokohama Sushi in West Boca, we finally had the chance to eat here. They have a broad menu, including some deals. There are also items you have to order in advance, like the Gangster Chicken.
The menu makes it a good place for an izakaya approach (sharing a variety of dishes) if you have 4-8 adults.
We started with miso soup – they have three kinds. We tried regular and with dumplings. Both are delicious. Best miso soup we’ve had in South Florida.


We also had edamame which was fine.

I also received a bonus cucumber salad that apparently comes with my sushi order. It had a nice spicy kick, and bits of tuna.

In a sampling mood, we also got the combination yakitori and and order of fried gyoza. The yakitori had great flavor though the beef was a little too chewy for me. Gyoza were fine.
The pictures below were taken after each was half eaten.


The sushi-sashimi combo was good and a reasonable bargain on the half-price menu – $14. Six pieces of sushi and six more sashimi. The tuna was particularly good.

We ordered too much food. The vegetable fried rice was very large with a deep almost dark taste. Chicken teriyaki was very good but we only had a couple bites because we were stuffed.


The interior was pleasant, and small. There are 7 tables and about 10 seats at the sushi bar. Some peppy electronic music played in the background. I didn’t love that but it wasn’t bad either. Not the cheapest but prices are reasonable and the food is quite good. Our waitress was very attentive.
And check out this video:

Author: Warren Redlich

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