What's Going On At …. ?

We get a lot of questions about what’s going on at various locations.

What’s happening at Glades and 441? What about the old Walmart? What are they doing in Shadowood?

We’ve covered quite a few of these, so here’s a summary:
1. The Old Walmart at Palmetto Park and 441
Yes, they’re reopening the old Walmart on Palmetto Park Road. We’ve been in touch with them and were hoping to get some more answers but have been disappointed in their delays. The short story is it’ll reopen in a few months.
You can see our latest update on the construction progress here: West Boca Walmart Update.
2. The Shadowood Parking Lot at Glades and 441
They’re adding an outbuilding for a larger Walgreens.
3. The southeast corner of 441 and Glades
They are doing something at Westwinds of Boca, but we’re not 100% sure what. This is the plaza with Home Depot and Publix.
There is a plan to add a “future development” in the plaza. However it’s not clear if they’re doing that now. We also have sources telling us there were problems with homeless people, street beggars and others in this area, and that it is being cleaned out to address that.
4. Loggers Run Plaza
We don’t see anything happening on the ground yet, but it looks like a new outbuilding will be built near the Wendy’s in Loggers Run Plaza for a Dunkin’ Donuts and another store to be named later.
There’s a new cell tower coming to the north end of South County Regional Park near the Boca Shores entrance.
YouFit is coming to Sandalfoot Square. The opening date is unknown.
Hobby Lobby is coming to West Boca Square, replacing the old Beall’s. It should open mid-fall.
They’re making great progress on the new Chabad at Boca Greens. We passed by the other day and it’s growing.
We’ve got nothing to report on the closed Outback Steakhouse, or if anything will fill in the old Denny’s in Westwinds of Boca.
If you know of any new business developmetns,

Author: Warren Redlich

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