Details Emerge on Palmetto Pines Accident

See update at bottom.
More details have emerged about last night’s accident in Palmetto Pines. Multiple readers have told us that the driver in the incident was Xavier Borgos, a 19-year-old and recent graduate of West Boca High. At this time we cannot verify that it was him.
There is a Xavier Borgos who is a dancer and MC with a local DJ company.
There is also a 19-year-old Xavier Raymond Borgos who had a 2013 traffic case marked as a crash and careless driving charge. The charges in that case were dismissed after a pre-trial diversion program.
One reader reports to us that the driver, whoever it was, appeared intoxicated but was not arrested and instead “released him to his mother.” Another reader reports the vehicle lost control on a curve at 75 mph, in a neighborhood with a much lower speed limit than that.
If true, deputies releasing an intoxicated driver after a crash without an arrest is something that may concern our readers. We have sent inquiries both to the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office seeking an incident report or other information, and to Mr. Borgos to see if he has any comment. PBSO told us that accident reports take a few days to get into their system. Mr. Borgos has not responded as of yet. We will update the story if we find out more.
As for Mr. Borgos, if it was him, he may be a better dancer than a driver. He may even dance around the law well.

However, we’re not as enamored of his rap skills.

Update: Borgos shared an emergency room picture on his Instagram account revealing a broken nose and an apology.

Author: Warren Redlich

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