Boynton Police Alert

BBPD would like to reassure the community that their safety is paramount and that at this point there is no reason to believe it is unsafe to go to area hospitals.

Thanks to a reader for bringing this to our attention. The Boynton Beach Police created a Situational Awareness Bulletin, which appeared in at least one area hospital regarding an individual perceived as a potential threat. We called the detective to verify the bulletin is real. Stephanie Slater, their Public Information Officer, called us to follow up and to reassure the community that they do not need to be afraid to go to hospitals.
According to the bulletin, a Mr. Thomas Francis Carney III posted 11 videos on YouTube that “almost mirror those of Roger Elliot in Santa Barbara,” referring to the Isla Vista incident.
The videos, now apparently blocked on YouTube, included discussions of walking around Bethesda hospital with a gun and/or explosives; shooting people and/or “blowing it up”; hatred of women; a Holy War against feminism; and so on.
Police contact with the subject was apparently limited by his father, an attorney. The elder Carney is a successful business attorney who was also mayor of Delray Beach until losing in a 2013 election.
The bulletin focuses primarily on south Boynton and north Delray hospitals, but this alert may be relevant to West Boca residents.
We see no prior criminal history for the younger Mr. Carney, other than a few minor traffic cases. His father had a somewhat notorious case for “leaving the scene” in 2007 that was dropped by prosecutors. That may have had an impact on his 2013 election (Sun-Sentinel).
Attorney and former Mayor Thomas Carney
Attorney and former Mayor Thomas Carney

Author: Warren Redlich

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