Mobile Tire Experts

We had an interesting consumer experience yesterday. It was time for new tires. Shopping around locally was disappointing, and we ended up getting a much better deal by ordering online from Tire Rack.
This was not our first purchase from Tire Rack, but in the past we’d have to go to a local shop to get the tires installed. They suggest recommended installers. We noticed a “mobile” installer who comes to your home or business to do the work, so we gave them a try.
Scott Starr from Mobile Tire Experts came to our house and did the work. For most cars and tires, this would cost a little more than going to a local shop. For us, it was actually about the same or cheaper because the TPMS (tire pressure management system) is included in their price, while other stores charge extra for that.
Scott pulled up alongside our driveway. We pulled the car down to the bottom of the driveway and he took care of everything in what seemed like a half-hour.
Scott has a few guys working for him and they cover down into Miami but they do a lot here in West Boca, Parkland and other nearby communities. The business is based in Parkland.
He sells tires directly as well.
And they have a cute video:

We liked the service so we’re writing this article. We received no compensation, not even a discount.

Author: Warren Redlich

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