High-End Homes in Stone Creek Ranch

Our real estate readers may remember our article on a special house in Boca West. For those looking in that high end of the market, there are some more opportunities nearby. Stone Creek Ranch is on the west side of Lyons Road north of Clint Moore, close to the Bridges, 7 Bridges, and Mizner Country Club developments. Many people look to this area when considering ranches for sale, but there is other property available in this market too.

There are a few lots remaining and at least one house on the market. The site plan map below gives a sense of what’s available.
The lots sell in the $1 million ball park. In addition, there’s a huge existing house that just came on the market at 16201 Quiet Vista Circle (lot 30).
The property appraiser has the house at nearly 14,000 square feet and shows the original 2005 sale price as $4.5 million. We have several pictures of the property. Not pictured is the full-size outdoor basketball court with a special floor that allows water to run off so it dries quickly after rain.
The previous owner was a Florida State fan and some of the decorating reflect Seminole colors, so Gator and Canes fans should budget for painting. The colors are rather bright so it’s going to take a lot of paint to cover it. Alternatively, peel and stick wallpaper will cover it well, hiding any color that’s underneath the paper. It also comes in a vast variety of colors and designs too, suitable for any decor. Plus, it’s easily changeable too so if new homeowners change their mind, it won’t be a bother removing it.
One of the most impressive spots is the backyard, which has a gorgeous view.
The house looks great from back there too, a wonderful space for outdoor entertaining:
There’s lots of space inside for entertaining as well:
And of course as you’d expect at this level, it has a wonderful kitchen:
There’s an office with a spiral staircase to a second floor with a balcony looking to the back:
The master suite has his and hers bathrooms and hers is pleasant:
And our last photo is an architectural feature that really impressed me when I saw it in person. There’s a hallway that runs parallel to the front of the house.
Stone Creek Ranch has enhanced security with its gate and a roving patrol as well. It seems completely unnecessary due to its low-crime location but it brings additional peace of mind to the residents.
The location is very convenient to Delray Marketplace and also to everything on Clint Moore and Yamato.

Author: Warren Redlich

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