Mathnasium Returns to West Boca

A few years ago we encountered a wonderful place for helping school kids with math. Mathnasium had a location in Boca Lyons Plaza (southwest corner of Glades and Lyons), not far from Yokohama Sushi and Steve’s Wood Fired Pizza. We know one family who had a fifth grader struggling with math at grade level. After just a couple months that kid was doing much better and is now two grade levels ahead.
Unfortunately that location closed a couple years ago. In what might be a better spot, nestled in the elbow of the main structure at Westwinds of Boca, between Home Depot and Publix and near a number of restaurants, sits a new Mathnasium of West Boca. It’s fresh and clean and looks great inside.
The previous franchise still has a location just east of Town Center Mall, in the same plaza with Five Guys, Corner Bakery & Cafe, and Hooters:
That “east” location is thriving with a steady flow of kids and great staff and management.
For the West Boca location, it’s early. They’ve only been open less than a week, and it’ll take time for them to scale up to a full roster of students. It’s such a great experience we’re confident they’ll make it. They have bright and energetic leadership in Amy and Harel:
The key to Mathnasium is a curriculum called “number sense.” We would translate that to mean: “Not confusing students with all the nonsense bureaucrats jam into school textbooks and tests.”
Here’s a cute video that explains it a little:

They have several other videos on the Mathnasium Learning Centers YouTube channel.
One we remember from a few years ago is this tear-jerker giving the history of how Mathnasium came about:

Also helpful is their model. They aim to have no more than three kids per teacher and kids get a lot of one-on-one time because of that setup.
Like the east location the walls are full of cute math graphics and quotes:
For more on the Mathnasium approach, a pdf of their Welcome Pack is below:
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Author: Warren Redlich

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