Bipolar Sales Numbers: October Real Estate Report – 33428

Slow month for homes sold in Boca Falls and Boca Winds, contrasted with a big month for Mission Bay and Loggers’ Run. Lexington Estates, Paraiso, Boca Woods and Palmetto Pines were all quiet.

Boca Falls

Only two Boca Falls homes sold in September.

12396 Rockledge Circle; image by Google.

Mystic Cove’s 12396 Rockledge Circle sold for $470,000 with four bedrooms and three bathrooms in 2400 square feet.

In Emerald Pointe, 12770 Yardley Drive sold for $590,000. This is a larger 5-bedroom with 3 1/2 baths and over 3300 square feet, plus a lake view.

There are currently 10 homes listed for sale in Boca Falls. The lowest price is 12349 Cascades Pointe Drive, one of the smallest models with 3 bedrooms in under 2000 square feet. It’s listed at $429,900, down from the original list price of $460,000.

At the high end 21311 Falls Ridge Way in the Estates subdivision is listed for $799,999. We reported on a fire in this home’s garage back in November 2018.

Image copyright © Warren Redlich 2018

Investors bought the house and are doing a complete rebuild as a one-story with 3800 square feet.

Seven transactions are in pending/backup/contingent limbo status.

Boca Winds

We’re not sure we’ve ever seen a month this slow in Boca Winds – only one sold in a community of 1100 homes.

22617 Blue Fin Trail; image Google.

22617 Blue Fin Trail in Ashley Park sold for $350,000. It’s a 3-bedroom, 2 bath house with about 1800 square feet.

There are 11 homes listed for sale in Boca Winds including four in Ashley Park and another four in Regency Place. Five homes are listed under $400,000, starting at $382,000. Only one home is listed over $500K at $512,000 for 12783 Spikerush Circle in The Waterways.

There are 8 listings in pending/backup/contingent status.

Mission Bay

In a stark contrast, Mission Bay saw 9 closings. At the low end, the townhome at 20931 Via Jasmine #1 in Las Flores sold for $300,000.

Map by Google

Four of the transactions were grouped in a tight range from $375,000 to $390,000. Two of them are in Sonata, one in Ventura and the fourth in Laguna.

The high price was $495,000 for 10663 Avenida Santa Ana in The Isle. In the middle was 10912 La Salinas Circle selling for $440,000. It’s a two-story 4-bedroom with 2200 square feet, and some remodeling including a nice kitchen.

10912 La Salinas Circle, image by Google

18 homes are listed for sale in Mission Bay including 5 townhomes. Two of the townhomes are listed just under $300K. The single-family homes start just under $400K.

In The Isle, 10791 Avenida Santa Ana is aggressively priced at $649,000 for a 2600 square foot model with gorgeous remodeling, but an unspectacular lot location.

Six homes are in pending/backup/contingent status.

Loggers’ Run

Logger’s Run also had 9 transactions in September. 3 of them were townhomes in Timberwalk, all selling between $255,000 and $295,000.

A couple single family homes in Country Landing 2 and 3 sold in the low $300K range. 20963 Rustlewood Avenue sold for $323,000, and 11669 Countryview Lane sold for $335,000.

The biggest price was $599,000 for 21621 Reflection Lane in Winding Lakes II.

There were two closings in Island Lakes, one at $487,000 and another at $523,000.

Loggers’ has 11 listings at the moment including 3 townhomes in Timberwalk. Two homes in Crystal Cove Estates are listed just under $600,000. Both have been on the market for over 4 months.

9 homes are pending/backup/contingent.

Lexington Estates & Paraiso

Two homes closed in Lexington Estates in September, 22181 Cressmont Place for the very low price of $315,000, and 22330 Rushmore Place for $525,000. That $315K price is so low it could be a typo.

Four homes are listed for sale with prices from $425,000 up to nearly $700,000.

In Paraiso there’s one home listed, 22368 Overture Circle, for $375K. Next door, 22360 Overture Circle sold for $365,000.

No homes sold in Palma Vista or Avalon in the past month.

Palmetto Pines

Only two homes sold in Palmetto Pines with nothing in Boca Springs.

22045 Aquila Street sold for $365,000, and 10941 Granite Street sold for $385,000. Both have a bit less than 1800 square feet.

10941 Granite Street; image by Google

9 homes in Palmetto Pines are listed for sale, with 4 more in Boca Springs.

Boca Woods

Three homes closed in Boca Woods. Two smaller 2000 square foot models on Clover Leaf Circle went for $80,000 and $85,000. On the bright side, 10916 Boca Woods Lane sold for $300,000 with 3100 square feet.

There are 21 homes listed for sale in Boca Woods, and 9 in pending/backup/contingent status.

Author: Warren Redlich

Warren Redlich is a real estate agent and an attorney. He focuses on selling homes in West Boca Raton. Find out more at Yes Boca Real Estate.