Vinny's All Day Cafe at Jog & Yamato

Vinny’s All Day Cafe serves mostly salads and wraps.
The restaurant is in the Regency Court Plaza on the northwest corner of Jog Road and Yamato. Some would call this West Boca but we are snobs so it’s Central Boca.
It is noisy inside as the food is prepared out in the open and there’s a lot of chopping.

We had a group of four. All enjoyed their meals. It seemed a bit pricey for a cafeteria style lunch but the place is definitely popular with a younger customer base than we are used to in Boca. I usually feel like one of the youngest but today I was one of the oldest.
The salads, wraps and sandwiches are made to order in front of you. I had the shrimp and pear salad. It was okay but I didn’t love it.
A nice touch – they have Zapp’s potato chips, a New Orleans delicacy.

Taco Tuesday at Tijuana Flats

It’s a busy lunch at Tijuana Flats (link is our review from April). Taco Tuesdaze means $4.99 for two tacos, chips and a drink. It’s very popular. At one point I counted over 20 people waiting in line to order. The line moves pretty fast.

Throwback Thursdaze is $1 more and you get a taco and a burrito. Both days it’s $1 more for steak or carnitas.

Mario's Osteria in East Boca

Mario’s Osteria is just east of I-95 on the south side of Glades, in the east end of the plaza with Whole Foods Market. It is in between two other restaurants, PF Chang and Alexander’s.

Update: Here are a couple of pictures from a lunch in April of 2013. Butternut Squash Ravioli and the Luigi Salad, both excellent

We stopped in for a quick lunch. Despite an extensive pizza menu neither of us ordered that. One of us had the veal parm panini (sandwich) and the other “Meatballs and Italian Salad.”
The interior is beautifully done with a spacious feel, modem look and large windows looking out front.
Veal Parm Panini comes with soup, salad or fries. Here with the salad:
Meatballs and Italian Salad:
Both dishes were good, with the meatballs earning a “yummy”. Our server was pleasant and attentive, though we were early and it wasn’t crowded yet.
The menu can be a little pricey but our dishes were reasonable and well worth the price.
1400 Glades Road, Boca Raton, FL
Phone is 561.239.7000

Cheesecake Factory at Town Center

The Cheesecake Factory at Town Center in central Boca is one of our favorite lunch spots. The interior feels spacious and is nicely decorated.

One of the best features is the Skinnylicious menu, which offers low calorie options that really do taste good. And there are a lot of choices.
We ordered the Turkey Avocado sandwich and two small plates: a beet salad and an Ahi tuna plate.
Turkey Avocado sandwich:

The sandwich was good. It comes with a garden salad and it’s Skinnylicious vinaigrette. I’m not a fan of lowfat salad dressings but this one is okay.
Ahi tuni tartare, partially devoured:

It’s a nice plate. I skip the wontons both because they’re “bad” calories and I don’t like them much anyway.
Beet salad with arugula and apples:

This is a great dish, with real dressing, great flavor and bits of pecans too.
Last, white chocolate macadamia nut cheesecake:

Like the lowfat dressing, I’m opposed to white chocolate in principle. This is an exception, spectacularly so.
Phone number is (561) 393-0344. Address is 5530 Glades Road,
Boca Raton‎ FL‎ 33431. Coming from West Boca, turn right at the last entrance to Town Center and then take the first left.

Curries & More

–As of April 2013, it appears that Curries & More has closed. We will be checking out Punjab a bit north of here in a week or so.–
We can’t find any Indian restaurants in West Boca. The best place we’ve found nearby is Curries & More in East Boca, on Palmetto near SE Mizner.
We had lunch today, the second time we’ve been here. They have lunch specials for $8.95. I had Butter Chicken, which came with soup, dal (a lentil/bean soup), rice, a small salad and naan (Indian bread). It was a delicious and filling meal.
My partner had chicken tikka masala, a popular dish and her favorite. It was not on the special so it was maybe $15.95 or more. The entree portion was larger and it came with rice.
Hopefully we will get a place like this in West Boca someday soon.