Glades Library Events

This week at the Glades Branch:
Monday, April 30, 6:30 pm
What’s Stopping Me from Getting Ahead?
Winning & Keeping a Job in a Difficult Economy
Robert Goldfarb
Friday, May 4, 2 pm
Great Courses Documentary:
The National Gallery, London
A virtual tour of the museum
The story of the National Gallery of London; Late Medieval Painting; Early Renaissance Italian Painting.
Tuesday, May 1st, 4-5 pm
Chess Club
Ages 7-11
Wednesday, May 2, 4-5 pm
Stories, Games & Crafts of Cultures & Festivals
Ages 5-8
Saturday, May 5, 3-4 pm
Star Wars Celebration
Anniversary of the first Star Wars movie. Ages 8-14

Hotwire Communications Problems Continue in Boca Falls

Update: For the latest, see: Hotwire Communications Fails
Update: As of May 4th, Hotwire says they upgraded the equipment. Read more at Hotwire Update.
Update: it is now May 2nd and the problems continue. I have been told it should be fixed by tomorrow morning.

Update: As of April 30th, it appears that the problems have been fixed, at least for the moment. I spoke with a Hotwire manager who indicated they had a hardware problem with their system here in Boca (possibly also affecting the nearby Boca Woods development) and it was resolved this morning. The TV service in our house is now working well. Let’s hope that continues.
We previously reported on problems residents have been having with Hotwire Communications in Boca Falls. We are having these problems ourselves and are hearing from more neighbors that they are having problems too. Below is a 30-second video showing the glitches we are seeing.

This is after Hotwire came and rewired the house, and after rebooting the box.
Some neighbors have told us they’re having these problems and are unhappy. Others have said it’s not much different from the poor quality they had with Comcast. We had switched to DirecTV after one month of Comcast and it was much better than this. The service we had from Time Warner Cable in Albany, before we moved here, was also much better.
Here’s another video: Hotwire Communications – More
Also, you can see many negative reviews at Yelp.

Salon Revive

Just had my hair cut by Michelle at Salon Revive Boca in Mission Bay Plaza. This is a very nice hair salon for men, women and children. The Salon has an upscale vibe and comfortable waiting area. The receptionist is very friendly and the haircuts are divine! My hairstylist really took her time cutting my hair. She took the time to ask me what I liked and how I typically style my hair.
A wash, cut and blowout for women is $55; teens are $45 and children under 11 are $25.
Call 561-362-6017 for an appointment. They are open Tuesday through Saturday.
The map below shows where the plaza is located, but the “A” pin does not point to anything useful. The salon is inside the plaza near Padrino’s restaurant.

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It looks like they had a website, but it is not working at the moment:
What their website used to look like

Quality Swimming on Yamato

A neighbor told us they had a good experience with Quality Swimming, so we have been taking our kids there. They have 3 locations in South Florida including Boca Raton. The West Boca lessons take place in the plaza on the corner of 441 and Yamato Rd.
We had previously done lessons with Swim Boca, which we liked but the location in East Boca was not great for us.
Our kids have both made real progress with Quality Swimming. The instructors are well trained and encouraging. Your child can also join their swim team and take part in swim meets.
The main reason we did these was to get our younger child over the hump and she has done well. In the course of a couple months it seems they’ve brought out what she had learned at Swim Boca and taken her much further. She was and remains resistant to putting her face in the water but is doing much better.
Meanwhile our older child was already a good swimmer, but we figured we’d do lessons with her anyway (both with Swim Boca before and now with Quality Swimming). She is also improving. At her level they teach not just swimming but swim racing. She is apparently quite good at the athletic side of it, which we had not noticed before.
I should also mention that the pool area is laid out to make it comfortable for the parents. The seating is set up to provide shade where we sit.

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An Architecture Experience

Recently we were thinking of hiring an architect for an interior remodeling project, adding space to our upstairs loft area.
Searching the web, we found CCS Architecture and Interior Design, which is run by Cynthia Spray.

Ms. Spray came to our house to look things over. She drew up some options, discussed the possibilities in detail with us, and impressed us with her professional and thorough approach.
In the end my wife and I could not agree on how to move forward. We communicated that to Ms. Spray and she was gracious in how she handled it.
If you’re thinking of doing a remodeling project, Ms. Spray would be a good person to contact.