West Boca JV Coach Sought Nude Photos From 14-Year-Old

Djamesley Leveille mugshot (left) and Facebook picture (right).
Djamesley Leveille mugshot (left) and Facebook picture (right).

Recent news shows another bad moment for Boca area schools. From the Palm Beach Post:

A coach for a Boynton Beach travel soccer team was arrested Tuesday after soliciting a nude photograph from a 14-year-old girl (8th grade) on the team, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office reports.

We heard about the arrest from several sources here in West Boca, but we had a little more detail. As we understand it, Mr. Djamesley Leveille (a Delray Beach resident) was also a coach for the girls JV soccer team at West Boca High and was arrested at the school in front of students. The PB Post article indicates the girl lived in Boca Raton but was not more specific.
The school district offered a terse response to our inquiry:

He was a JV coach at the school, but had been there less than a month. He was immediately terminated.

We asked some follow-up questions (such as how he was vetted) and are waiting for a response. One parent gave us a little more detail:

My daughter was on the team and he was creepy. … Not all of them saw him getting arrested.

Another parent told us:

He was terrible. But was hired by district not school and was NOT a teacher which was terrible for the girls.

If we get more information we will update this article.