Double Stabbing in West Sandalfoot: Amanda Myers Charged

Double Stabbing
Last night Fire Rescue reported a double stabbing in the West Sandalfoot area, commonly known as Watergate Estates and/or the Sandalfoot trailers. The incident occurred on Anchorage Way:

The blotter shows that Amanda Myers of Anchorage Way was arrested for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.
The booking record has no mugshot. She may be in the hospital as a result of the incident. We were able to find another mugshot of her from an arrest earlier this year for failure to appear:
Court records in Palm Beach County show a few cases from 2006 through 2012, and then four cases in 2013. We also found a minor case for her in Ohio from 2003.
The house listed by the Sheriff as her address, 11886 Anchorage Way, fits with the report of the stabbing on the 11000 block of that road.
The property is owned by Michelle Corrado and John Williams, per the appraiser’s website.

Sandalfoot Battery Arrests

In addition to yesterday’s summary of DUI arrests, we have six battery cases to report. Battery is one of the most common charges we see and we saw more than usual this past week, mostly in Sandalfoot.
On the top left is Linda Fairbanks, 38, who resides in the east end of the Sandalfoot trailers. She was arrested Wednesday night by deputies, and released just after noon Thursday. We see no prior history for Ms. Fairbanks.
Top center is Richard Rogers, 22, from the west end of the trailers. He was arrested Sunday night and charged both with domestic battery and a minor marijuana possession charge. He was released today. He also had a warrant outstanding from 2009, “obtaining merchandise or money with a false receipt.” That last one sounds like it will be dismissed on speedy trial grounds. He’s also had several cases in Broward including one or two felonies.
Christina Moss (top right, 22) was arrested Thursday and released Friday. Her reported address is in Sandalfoot, but just east of 441. Her case is also being treated as a domestic incident. We see no other history for her.
Bottom left is Gloria Quintero (35) of the Boca Palms apartments in Boca Del Mar. She was arrested late Saturday and released Sunday afternoon. Similarly we see no history for Ms. Quintero.
Shirley White (bottom center, 25) was charged Saturday night for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. Her reported address is in the west end of the Sandalfoot trailers not far from Rogers’. She was released earlier this afternoon. We see no criminal history for her either.
Nicholas Thomas (bottom right, 27) was booked Thursday morning on a regular battery charge. His reported address? Yes, the west end of the Sandalfoot trailers also close to Rogers and White. Mr. Thomas is a Spanish River grad and previously appeared in our arrest reports in April.
Credit Mr. Thomas for being thoughtful about his situation. Many people think those arrested are just criminals and that’s it. They’re people too – usually good people facing difficult times.
One last arrest to report is Walter Stubbs (27), from the Palms of Boca Del Mar apartments. He was charged Saturday night with the somewhat infamous “resisting an officer without violence,” a vague charge that is often dismissed. He had a felony assault charge last year that was reduced to a misdemeanor assaulting a police officer and he did a short stint in county jail. He’s also had multiple felonies and other cases in Broward.