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West Boca, or West Boca Raton, Florida is an area of over 100,000 people living in the western part of what’s called Boca Raton. There is no clear line, and different people have different ideas about where it is or should be.
Here’s a map of Greater Boca Raton:

Greater Boca is, roughly, a rectangle bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the east, the Loxahatchee Refuge (part of the Everglades) on the west, Delray Beach (or greater Delray Beach, which is a similar conversation) on the north, and Broward County to the south (including Deerfield Beach, Coconut Creek and Parkland).
boca-city-linesThere are various ways to think of what part is “West Boca.” We originally thought of it as west of the Turnpike, but later learned that some marketers make Jog and Powerline Road the dividing line. We have seen references to Military Trail and Congress being in West Boca, and a friend of ours who lives near Federal Highway thinks anything west of I-95 is West Boca.
It can also be thought of as the area west of the city lines. As you can see from the city line map, that’s awkward. The western border of the city varies from as far east as Congress on the north end, all the way to the Turnpike between Glades and Clint Moore, and then all the way back to Military Trail south of Palmetto.
Another approach might be to think of the area between the Turnpike and I-95 (or Military Trail) as “Central Boca,” but that idea doesn’t seem to have caught on.
We’re flexible in our approach to defining West Boca but we find zip codes to be useful. Consider this zip code map.
Most of our readers are in the 33428 and 33498 zip codes, generally west of Lyons Road or even US-441 (State Road 7). We have a significant number of readers in three additional zip codes. Zip code 33496 is a rectangle from 441 to Military Trail, north of Yamato Road, while 33434 extends east to St. Andrews and 33433 also reaches to Military Trail. We also have some readers in West Delray, in communities such as Saturnia Isles, The Bridges and Mizner Country Club.
Who lives in West Boca?
According to the 2010 census there are 135,000 people living in the five zip codes, covering about 42 square miles. The median person is 49 years old and the average household income is $65K, making us older and wealthier than the US (median age 40, average income $53K).
The numbers show considerable variation within the zips. 33498 (west of 441, north of Glades) is the wealthiest and is relatively young. It appears to have the lowest population density but that’s deceptive because it includes large unpopulated areas like South County Regional Park. 33496 is similar in income but older and has a genuinely lower density. With over a third of its population in Century Village, 33434 is the oldest and the lowest in income. 33428 is the youngest. Boca Del Mar is half the population of 33433, making it the most densely populated.
What’s in West Boca?
The main feature is residential neighborhoods, including gated and ungated communities. Most have homeowners associations. Some of the communities have golf courses and/or country clubs, including Stonebridge, Boca Woods, Boca Greens, and Boca Lago. The most notorious neighborhood is an area called Sandalfoot which is jokingly nicknamed Scandalfoot. Despite its negative reputation, there’s a lot of good stuff in the Sandalfoot area, including the very popular Western Beef supermarket and some great ethnic restaurants. But it does seem like our crime reports for West Boca mention Sandalfoot out of proportion to its population.
Schools: West Boca High on the west end of Glades Road, Olympic Heights High on Lyons north of Glades, Loggers Run Middle, Eagles Landing Middle, several elementary schools and some private schools. Spanish River High and Omni Middle in Central Boca serve some students who live in West Boca. The most notable private school in West Boca is probably Boca International Prep, but there are others.
Parks: The biggest is South County Regional Park, just north of West Boca High and covering a large area including a golf course, athletic fields, an amphitheater, a water park, a nature center and more. There are a number of smaller parks.
Main roads: The major north-south roads are State Route 7 (more commonly known as US-441 or just 441) and Lyons Road. East-west roads include (from north to south) Clint Moore, Yamato, Glades, Palmetto Park, and SW 18th Street (aka Marina). Glades is by far the busiest road and some locals avoid it when traveling east by taking either Yamato or Palmetto. Glades has an entrance/exit for the Florida Turnpike, which further slows east-west traffic.
Shopping: There are many plazas mainly along Glades and/or 441. That intersection has four plazas with a Home Depot, a Publix supermarket, an upscale but smaller Fresh Market supermarket, the Shadowood movie theater and many other stores, banks and restaurants. Just to the south closer to Palmetto there’s a Target in one large plaza and a Lowe’s almost by itself. The stretch of Glades from Lyons to the Turnpike is also loaded with commercial activity and there are a few other hotspots. A short drive south on 441 into Parkland/Coconut Creek provides access to large Walmart a BJ’s Wholesale Club and a few more plazas. We’ve tried to capture some of that in our page on West Boca Shopping. Depending on your view of the line, one could easily consider Town Center and the area around it to be within West Boca.
Restaurants: There are many restaurants in and near West Boca, with a fairly broad variety of ethnic choices. See our West Boca Restaurant Reviews category and our out-of-date summary of West Boca Restaurants. One thing we’re surprisingly missing is Indian food, with the nearest choices about 10 miles away.
Other notable players in West Boca include:
West Boca Medical Center
The West Boca Chamber of Commerce
Adolph & Rose Levis Jewish Community Center
Peter Blum Family YMCA
There is also a West Boca Community Council, which serves to coordinate the various homeowners associations.

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  1. Thank you for your news of West Boca. Sometimes we feel like “the red headed stepchild” in other publications. Keep up the good work as you continue to improve your communications.

  2. I like The Reserve shopping center on 441 and Clint More. Publix, great restaurants and businesses (including my veterinarian).

  3. It’s a shame such a beautiful area has such a horrible hospital. Avoid West Boca Medical Center if you value your healt!

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