1. John

    They are worried he will hurt himself, so they bring 30 assault-rifle-toting guys to lay siege? Yeah, I’m sure they were real worried about the guy’s safety. Let me fix the article’s last sentence: “Police told them to stay inside their homes due to the danger of gunshots (from trigger-happy bullet-spraying government thugs).”

  2. BocaForever

    Hey Idiot, if that was YOUR neighbor, you’d de barricaded in your home, peeing yourself, praying for those “30 assault-rifle toting guys” to come save your sorry a@@.

  3. American thinker

    Agreed John. Swat and police overkill is more dangerous then man in his own home. Did he discharge a weapon or is mere possession enough now to endanger a neighborhood?

  4. Lollipop

    I’m with you, ‘American Thinker’ , How many police cruisers for one man? I would have stayed inside for fear of the police. ……and John, Thank you for fixing that last sentence. I couldn’t have said it any better guys. (y)

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