Early March Restaurant Inspections

Here are West Boca (and nearby) restaurant inspection details through mid-March.
We were surprised to see Farmer’s Table do somewhat poorly. Their March 14th inspection had 6 high priority violations and required a follow-up inspection (which we don’t see yet). Two of them led to “stop sale” orders and a third involved soups and sauces that were not properly cooled and were marked with the previous day’s date.
peace-a-pizzaPeace a Pizza, on the south side of Yamato near Broken Sound, had a poor inspection on the 13th, leading to a follow-up inspection on the 14th which was still bad and then another on the 18th where there were zero violations.
Boca Dunes Country Club passed inspection on the 13th. There were two “high priority” violations and some other minor ones, but nothing so serious as to require a follow-up or stop sale.
We were pleased to see Jidai Kaiten Sushi had a good report with only five mostly minor violations in their first routine inspection.
Sal’s Italian in the plaza on the southwest corner of Powerline and Palmetto did fine with five mostly minor violations.
New Golden China in the same plaza did slightly worse with 8 violations including 3 high priority. Nothing required a follow-up or stop sale. For what we see with Chinese restaurants in general, this is a good result. They were previously inspected at the end of the year due to a complaint and had more violations but nothing serious then either.
Sushi Yama just a little west had 14 violations with 4 high priority.
Duffy’s on St. Andrews had 8 violations including 2 high priority on the 11th, but no stop sales or follow-ups required.
Marcus Kosher Chinese, in Loggers Run Plaza, had a good inspection with only 5 violations.
The Regency Japango (northwest corner of Jog and Yamato) had 12 violations including 3 high priority, but no stop sales or follow-ups required.
The Meatball Room in Regency did well in their first routine inspection with only 6 violations. One was high priority but was corrected on site.
Rocco’s Tacos had 15 mostly minor violations.
Chuck E Cheese’s in West Boca Square (Target) had 4 violations. Smokey Bones in the same plaza had only 3 on the 7th. A complaint inspection was done on the 18th and there were 5 violations.
Miller’s Boca Ale House in West Boca had 10 mostly minor violations on a complaint inspection, with 2 high priority and nothing serious. They had 7 violations a week earlier on a routine inspection.
Brewzzi had an inspection on the 6th with 11 violations requiring a follow-up the next day (where they turned in an excellent zero violations).
Shin Ju Buffet had a big improvement from the past with only 8 violations. Still they have a long history of complaints.
The Burger King on Glades near Boca Rio had a complaint inspection with only two violations, both corrected on site.
Restaurante Brasil in Sandalfoot had 8 violations with only 1 “high priority” and none really serious on a complaint inspection.
Padrino’s in Mission Bayn only had 2 violations in a routine inspection.
Mozart Cafe at the west end of Camino Real had a surprising 18 violations with 5 of them high priority, requiring a follow-up inspection (which doesn’t show up yet in the database). The high priority violations we see (below) don’t seem that bad compared to what we see with others and we’re not sure why a follow-up was required.
We use TCPalm as a research tool and use the official Florida Hotels and Restaurants Inspections page for verification and more complete information.

Author: Warren Redlich

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