Reckless Driver Hits Tree in Boca Winds

We heard about a traffic incident last night from a reader and also from a personal friend. We’ve checked the blotter and see no arrests that fit with this incident nor the pedestrians hit in front of West Boca Medical Center. We have reached out to PBSO but so far we’re not getting meaningful answers on either one.

Me and my friend almost got into a wreck because of these people but the person driving the truck seemed drunk and was swerving all over the road. They hit a tree and then the driver ran from the scene and left the truck!

And from our friend:

A truck passed us going over 100 in a residential area just outside [Boca Winds]. He turned sharply into [Boca Falls] immediately in front of another car, blocking the car from moving forward. We thought it might be a case of road rage and that the two drivers were about to get into it. But the truck backs away after a couple of seconds (and probably after seeing that road was the entrance to a gated subdivision – Boca Falls), cuts in front of us, and goes across the street into [Boca Winds], driving really wildly and out of control. The truck slams into a tree and just then a police car flies by us in pursuit. The driver of the truck jumped out of the vehicle and “escaped” on foot with the officer in pursuit. This all happened right in front of us over just 30 seconds or so. We had to back out of the entrance to get to our street another way.

Boca Falls and Boca Winds have entrances that meet on West Palmetto Park Road about 2 miles west of 441.

Here’s is last night’s public statement from PBSO:

Around 9 pm this evening PBSO responded to a hit and run accident involving 1 vehicle and 3 pedestrians. The vehicle was traveling north bound on State Road 7 just north of Central Park Blvd South.
The three pedestrians were riding skate boards on the bicycle lane on the east side of the road going north when they were struck by the vehicle. The vehicle left the scene heading north and has been apprehended. Two of the pedestrians where taken to delray medical center and are in stable condition and one was taken west boca medical.
The investigation is open and ongoing and the driver will be checked for possible impairment.

In the blotter we found a hit-and-run arrest, but the driver was from West Palm Beach and court records say that relates to an incident in July. We also see a “fleeing law enforcement” arrest, but the driver in that incident is from Pahokee, which is an awfully long drive from Palmetto Park Road.

Author: Warren Redlich

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