Three Saturnia Homes for Sale

There are currently 20 homes on the market in Saturnia, ranging in price from $539K to $949K. We were invited to a “twilight open house” event. All three we saw are still on the market.

19551 Saturnia Lakes Drive
19551 Saturnia Lakes Drive; all photos © Warren Redlich, anyone may use if crediting West Boca News.

At the high end is 19551 Saturnia Lakes Drive. It’s a large and gorgeous house, combining great curb appeal (we had low light so our picture does not do it justice) with a spectacular backyard and also great interior elements. The driveway and back patio are substantial upgrades and there are marble floors inside. Over $100K of Swarovski crystal chandeliers are included. The house has five bedrooms and four and a half baths.
This house has been on the market for over a year. In its previous listing it started at $1.1 million, or nearly $240 per square foot. The list price has been dropped a few times and it is now available for $949,000, or just under $200/sq.ft.

On the one hand it’s pricey for the neighborhood. Saturnia home sales averaged $187/sq.ft. in the first half of the year. On the other hand, four other homes in the community sold for over $200/sq.ft. and the price is a big bargain when compared to similar homes in The Oaks and The Bridges. The Oaks averaged $215/sq.ft. in transactions during the first half of the year.
11725 Watercrest Lane
11725 Watercrest Lane

11725 Watercrest Lane is a similar model listed for $849,000. It doesn’t have all the upgrades but is still in very nice condition and is configured with six bedrooms.
At $181/sq.ft., it is listed at less than the recent average transaction price for Saturnia. It was originally listed for $939.5K and has been on the market for over 7 months. At the current price it arguably makes a bigger bargain but the first one is a better deal if you like those upgrades.
19047 Skyridge Circle
19047 Skyridge Circle

Toward the low end of prices in Saturnia, 19047 Skyridge Circle is a 5-bedroom 3-bath house listed for $565K. At just over 3000 square feet, it felt noticeably smaller than similar houses we are familiar with in other communities. The backyard view is out to a canal and land that is unlikely to ever be developed – owned by the water management district.
It has been on the market for just over 4 months and is priced right at the community average of $187/sq.ft.