The Sushi Thief?

perrelli4Shadowood’s Hashi Sushi Thai is the latest victim of an alleged West Boca troublemaker who may be troubled. This is the first sushi heist we’ve heard of, and hopefully the last.
Per the Palm Beach Sheriff blotter, Mr. Nichola Perrelli has been arrested four times in the past 10 months. The latest is the least disturbing of the list, ordering about fifty bucks worth of food at a sushi place with no intention of paying for it.
Here’s the output from the blotter for the sushi fraud incident:
We researched Mr. Perrelli’s history and found nothing until late 2012, and have found no arrests outside of Palm Beach County. He could conceivably be related to singer and X-Factor participant Nick Perrelli but we can’t verify that.
perrelli1Other arrests include a couple domestic violence and/or cyberstalking incidents:
And he was also accused of burglary and damaging property:
One may be left to wonder how someone could get arrested four times for incidents like these within 10 months and still manage to get out on bail. Defense lawyers are good, but some might question the system at this point.
perrelli3Records indicate Nichola Perrelli lives in Boca Chase. He may previously have lived in the Sandalfoot area. We also found a phone number with an 845 area code that would suggest a connection to somewhere near Liberty or Monticello, New York. But we haven’t found more than that.

Wayne Tover: Not Guilty Verdict

We previously reported on a “road rage” shooting trial arising out of an incident at Glades and Judge Winikoff.
Tonight we learned that the jury came back with a Not Guilty verdict.
Read more about it in the Sun-Sentinel.
We did a little research. The other driver is apparently from the Sandalfoot area. The kid who was shot, and perceived by the jury as the aggressor, comes from a family that has had other problems in the past. Back in 2008 another young man with the same last name was charged with sexual assault.
From a lawyer perspective, it’s easy to imagine a jury identifying with a retired dentist over some misbehaving teens.

Attempted Bank Robbery

Another bank robbery took place in West Boca. Both had similar MOs where the robber handed a note to the teller indicating “no dye pack”.
It appears that in this incident the robbery suspect did not get any money.
Both occurred west of 441. This one was in Boca Greens Plaza between Glades and Yamato.

Cocaine Bust in Sandalfoot Area

The Sheriff reports that three people were arrested on Leeward Place (just south of SW Sandalfoot Blvd west of 441). Pictures of Deanna Pittillo, Jared Wilson, and Denice Martin, from the Sheriff, are above. All are accused of drug offenses involving cocaine or possibly another substance.
Per the court clerk’s website, Pittillo has a lengthy history:
burns We didn’t find any history for the other two. We did find another arrest of someone at the exact same address, Jason Matthew Burns, who was charged with a cocaine offense back in April.
While some might be tempted to connect this to Sandalfoot’s “Scandalfoot” reputation, remember that there have been criminal matters all over Boca Raton, including in the fancy neighborhoods.
As for the opinion of West Boca News, we note that nearly 100 years of drug prohibition has utterly failed. Someday we hope our state and our country will learn the lessons of Prohibition.

Stolen iPod Holder Exposes Self

Per WPEC, the young woman pictured above took pictures of herself using an iPod that was stolen from an SUV in South County Regional Park near sports fields.
If you recognize her, Crime Stoppers requests that you call them at 1-800-458-TIPS (-8477). The woman pictured may have information leading to those who broke into the vehicle (and others), or she may have been involved in the crime.
Hint to iPod thieves – when you take pictures using a stolen iPod, it shows up in the owner’s “photo stream.” Fortunately criminals generally don’t read a site like ours and probably don’t read much at all.
It’s also fortunate that we were not subjected to any twerking photos.
Update: Reward notice below