Glades Road Night Paving Starts Tuesday

We previously reported that the Glades Road repaving project (Gladesmageddon as we called it) was to start last week. But the April 27 start date came and went. A couple days ago the electronic signs changes and now we have a new start date on Tuesday, May 5th, and a change to “night paving.”
We spoke to the county’s Adam Faustini, Assistant Director of “Road and Bridge.” He told us that the project was delayed by rain that slowed prior projects. The shift to night paving was a result of vehicle counts.
The night paving will start at roughly 8 pm most nights, though that may be just getting things in order and the real work may not get going until 9 pm. They expect to cut off work around 6 am most mornings.
Mr. Faustini did not expect any total road closures. There will be single lane closures which means both directions should generally remain open, with rare exceptions possible. The plan is to have a moving train of miller (ripping up the old pavement) and paver (laying new pavement), doing one lane at a time. Flag men will divert traffic as necessary.
We originally reported on the Glades and Cain repaving projects back in March.
Faustini mentioned another project on Camino Real but that appears to be east of Federal Highway.

Chipotle Delivery?

Image from Google
Chipotle in Westwinds of Boca; Image from Google

The Chipotle chain of restaurants is testing delivery, as reported by the New York Times, USA Today and others.
So far this is going on only in major cities. Cost will range from $4.99 up to $7.99 depending on distance. They’re working with a company called Postmates, which currently has delivery in only three places in Florida, all in Miami-Dade.
Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 2.47.23 PM
They will apparently make sure they are going to use the best eld devices to track their drivers hours like they do with their food suppliers to make sure they aren’t driving for too long.

We called our local Chipotle in Westwinds of Boca on 441 just south of Glades Road. Their manager was aware of the test. She said it’s not here yet and she did not have any more information.

Glades-mageddon Starts Monday

We previously reported on two repaving projects on Cain Blvd. and Glades Road. The Cain project appears to be done, though it looks like they need to finish painting the lines.
Glades Road is up next.
The work on Cain caused significant traffic problems. We saw some long backups on Glades Road waiting to turn onto Cain, and readers reported problems getting to Eagles Landing Middle School and Sunrise Park Elementary.
The Glades Road project is bigger so we expect even more traffic problems. Below is a Google Maps rendition of that section of road along with some possible escape routes:

Red lines show where roadwork will take place on Glades. Purple lines show possible escape routes. Map data from Google.
Red lines show where roadwork will take place on Glades. Purple lines show possible escape routes. Map data from Google.

If you’re on the far west end of Glades or Palmetto Park, you’ll generally want to take Palmetto Park while this project is ongoing. Riverside Drive and Ponderosa are good ways to get there from Glades. If you’re going south you can continue on Ponderosa down to Judge Winikoff and get out to 441 from there.
Going north we still think Palmetto Park is the best way out, but there is one other alternative. You can go through South County Regional Park to get to Cain and Yamato. It’s normally slow going through the park so this should only be a last resort.
We expect the Glades Road project will take a few weeks.

Casa Tequila Coming to Glades Road

Update: See our review of Casa Tequila.
West Boca is experiencing a Mexican Renaissance. The latest development is the soon-to-open Casa Tequila in the space that formerly housed Italian restaurant Campagnolo. It’s on the south side of Glades west of Boca Rio. There’s no sign on the front yet.
The company was formed in July. We stopped by and talked briefly with owner Salvador, who hopes to open this coming Tuesday. He let us take the interior photo at top, but they’re still working.
We previously covered the new Blue Agave on 441 in Parkland, which is a similar sit-down restaurant with comparable pricing.
In the last year or so West Boca has added Tijuana Flats in Mission Bay (where we had lunch today), and a Lime Fresh will open in Shadowood in 2015. And of course there’s Chipotle in the Westwinds plaza.

The owner sent us images of the menu:

Rollover Accident on Glades: Photos and Eyewitness Account

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Around 2:30 pm today we were notified of an accident on Glades Road at Ponderosa, and we headed over. We spoke to an eyewitness, Andrew Setzer of Margate. He reported that the white commercial vehicle was headed northbound on Ponderosa, crossing Glades. There were two vehicles headed westbound. The one in the left lane saw the white vehicle and slowed to avoid it. It appeared that the woman driving the black car did not see it, as perhaps her view was blocked by the vehicle to her left.
The black car “T-boned” into the white commercial vehicle, causing it to roll onto its side. As Mr. Setzer saw it, the white vehicle failed to yield right of way and the black car was not traveling at an excessive speed. Accidents like this can happen out of nowhere, and it can cause not only physical, and emotional harm but financial harm as well. If you find yourself in a car accident, although it might not be what you think of first, you might want to look into getting in touch with someone like Joye Law Firm as they might be able to help you ease the harm an accident can cause.
The intersection of Glades and Ponderosa is about 1.5 miles west of 441:

In the photo below you can see the dent in the side of the white commercial vehicle on its right (top) side.
The black car sustained extensive damage as can be seen in the photos below:
The woman driving the black car was taken by an ambulance soon after we arrived. You can see her on a stretcher in the photo below:
The driver of the white vehicle, marked with “Universal Blinds & Shutters, Inc.,” was also taken by ambulance later on. Here he is on a stretcher. Please note that with both we made an effort not to show their faces in this article.
We are happy to report that neither of the drivers appeared to be critically injured. Both appeared to be conscious and communicating with Fire Rescue workers. In accidents such as the ones in this post it could have ended a lot differently, thankfully it didn’t here. There are many who hesitate when it comes to getting compensation for their accident, unsure what to do next. However it could be helpful for their recovery, helping with hospital bills and providing other types of financial help to those who have been affect by an a car accident. It is important to look into whether or not you can claim on an accident since since there is a time limit on when you can claim. If you would like to find out more information, you might want to read up on the icbc claim time limit as well as other information that might be helpful for your case.
The Fire Rescue crew was active on the scene. We saw them taking care of some kind of fluid spill in the roadway:
As usual you can click on any photos in this article to see a larger version.